Jewish War Criminals Unpunished

By Ingrid Rimland


October 5, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Some time ago I read an article about a Jewish attempt right after the end of World War II to poison 6 million Germans (again, that magic number!) through the water supply in several cities in a retaliatory attempt to "even a score." The plan went awry, but a limited poisoning did take place - the target being a post-war Allied concentration camp, a prisoner-of-war facility for German soldiers captured in the last days of the war.

(Zundelsite: Some of the would-be murderers went on to become Israeli Knesset members of Parliament. They were interviewed in 1968 by the Toronto Star and bragged about their deeds. Their plans to murder Germans are also mentioned in Dr. Michael Bar Zohar's book, "The Avengers" and a TV program on the series, "The Avengers"! )

Now I read in the October 2, 1999 issue of Amerika Woche, a German language paper, that two of the would-be murderers are going to be called to the bars of justice in Germany - at least in a symbolic attempt.

I will translate this article for you.


Title: Revenge: Two Israelis wanted to poison 3000 Germans

Nuremberg (dpa) Almost 55 years after the end of the war, the Nuremberg, Bavaria State Prosecutor's office laid charges against two Holocaust survivors regarding attempted murder of SS soldiers. The two Jews, now 74 and 77 years old, had tried after the end of World War II to poison the men of Hitler's elite.

The Nuremberg judicial authorities affirm media articles in that regard. These charges were triggered after a television program of two journalists who had traced two eye witnesses belonging to the group called "Nakam" translated, "Revenge". Their purpose was to take revenge on their persecutors.

One of these murder attempts took place in 1946 in Nuremberg. Camouflaged as helpers in a bakery, these "Nakam" people laced 3000 loaves of bread with arsenic. The loaves were delivered to a POW camp, where SS and National Socialist Party functionaries were being detained (by the American occupation authorities). The amount of poison was not sufficient. Some experienced intestinal pain, but none of the prisoners died.

(Zündelsite: This information is not correct, but I don't have details about how many actually died)

The two would-be murderers had confessed to their crimes before a camera. This caused the law to kick in. (In German: Dies setzte die Mühlen der Justiz in Gang)

"If someone confessed publicly to attempted murder," the Leading State Prosecutor, Klaus Hubmann, justified his action, "that mandates the 'basis in law' response. That the deed happened more than 50 years ago makes no difference. Just as murder has no statute of limitations, neither does attempted murder."

One of the two Holocaust survivors described this legal step as "ridiculous", according to the Israeli paper "Maariv."

"I think the judicial investigators are stupid," said the 77-year-old survivor Josef Chermetz, queried by the paper. "Perhaps it was wrong of us to make this story public. But we are no longer children. We wanted to make public what we did. I don't acknowledge Germany. I have no intention of traveling there. And the ones charging me cannot travel here." <end>

So once again Israel serves as a safe haven for self-admitted murderers - as in the Solomon Morell case, shown on 60 Minutes five years ago and published by John Sack, a Jewish writer, in his book, "An Eye for an Eye." Morell had murdered over a thousand Germans and Poles in a 1944-46 Polish-Communist torture camp in Silesia, near Breslau, where he was the Commandant. Polish judicial authorities wanted Morell extradited. Israel stalled and stalled - and ultimately refused to extradite this mass murderer. He lives untouched, unrepentant and without fear of prosecution for the vicious murders and cruel tortures he committed - and laughs at the stupid goys' powerlessness, just like Josef Chermetz.

Think about these cases - next time you hear the OSI or Simon Wiesenthal Center go after some German concentration camp guard.


Thought for the Day:

"Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our moral enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German -- wipe them out!"

(Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet propagandist during World War II, as reported in "Ilya Ehrenburg" by his biographer ______ (first name not available) Glaser, p. 111).

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