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Understanding History better

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This must be said!

Pictures: Feb. 13, 1945, Holocaust of Dresden. In one night the Allies murdered nearly 500.000 German civilians.

Why is everyone silent in view of ALL (and the emphasis is on ALL) Germans having lost it ALL by the end of WWII. Everything that every German owned and paid for, including insurance policies, saving accounts and investments were lost. Tens of thousands of valuable art treasures, of both, medium and high art, were turned into ashes by allied-fire-storms. What was not destroyed, was immediately confiscated by the victors and removed from Germany.

More than 50.000 patents were also "kindly" removed by the victors, giving them a 50-year technical and economical advantage over an exhausted Germany. After the war, every German had to start anew with only 40 Deutsch Marks as start-up money. 40 Deutsch Marks – not 40 million! They had to rebuilt their homes from the rubble and take on the burden of mortgages, when most of them had already paid for their original homes.

They had to take and pay for new insurance policies. During the Bolshevik expulsion of Germans from their home-lands in the East and in the death-camps of the Allies, 10 million innocent men, women and children were massacred. After the war, literally, millions of women and girls were gang-raped and many died in these mass-orgies and depravities.

The following allied premeditated food-shortages annihilated another 5 million civilians and soldiers in tattered uniforms in "liberated" Germany. Hundreds of thousands of German civilians were deported to the Soviet Union after 1945 and ended-up as slave-labour, together with German prisoners of war. However, many ended-up as slave-labour in the Western "democracies" as well. Those, who survived the tortures of the Soviet death-camps, came back as broken human beings to a homeland that was 80 percent in ruins and rubble.

No politician ever demanded restitution for these victims of "crimes against humanity" and their descendants. In the East the Red Hordes had driven 15 million Germans from their homesteads and murdered 3 million of them on their way out. Their possessions were confiscated by Poles, Czechs and Russians. Even the silverware in the kitchen-drawers were stolen – no restitution for those crimes either.

According to the Torah True Jews, THE AMERICAN NETUREI KARTA, FRIENDS OF JERUSALEM, WW II was initiated by the leaders of the Jewish World Congress: "The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress..." (New York Times, Sep. 30, 1997)

The result of WWII, initiated by the World Jewish Congress, was not only the suffering in Auschwitz but the genocide of 15 million Germans. The destruction of Germany and its cities was the aim of Jewish criminals like Ehrenburg, Morgenthau, Kaufman, Lindemann, Eisenhower and many like them. Did Israel, did the Jewish World Congress ever pay a penny to those unfortunate victims of Jewish hate? The answer is emphatically NO. Not one penny. On the contrary, these genocidal murderers have forced their victims to pay for their own suffering and to enrich Jewish Organisations with their labour and ingenuity.

These Jewish institutions continue to demand money, money, money and more money. Money for Jewish insurance-policy-holders, which had already been paid-out in 1939. The same with Jewish bank accounts. Jewish real estates and firms were paid-off under Hitler in hard foreign currency for their possessions. After the war the Germans had to rebuilt Jewish homes and factories destroyed by Lindemann's bombing-raids. After the new German currency was established, in 1947, Israel has since been paid billions of Marks to the Jewish World Congress and other Jewish representatives around the world. The money-flow continues uninterrupted, despite the agreements already fulfilled decades ago.

For Jews in Germany, restitution is being paid for things they never possessed or owned. Israel receives billion-dollar credits from Germany that are never repaid. Products and military weapons of mass-destruction, submarines, nuclear-rockets etc. are manufactured in Germany for Israel. Not forgetting the complete infra-structure of that desert-nation. Since 1945 the Central Counsel of Jews in Germany has an un-written right of veto-interference in German foreign and internal politics.

Ignatz Bubis, the leader of the Jews in Germany,  reiterates constantly that he and his fellow Jews are real Germans, only of the Jewish faith. Why then, are they treated so vastly differently in the compensation payouts than the Germans of the Christian faith? Why is Bubis so quiet about the underprivileged Christian Germans on this question? It appears that it is so much better to be a German of the Jewish faith, than to be a German of the Christian faith, as many observers clearly point out.

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