As the person turned the half sheet over this text appeared:

============= Side One, Bottom Half ================

Remember The Holocaust . . . but which Holocaust?

It's safe enough to remember and talk about something we are told happened
60 years ago, in another country, at the hands of a government that no
longer exists.

But what of The Holocaust that occurred in our own country, just six years
ago at the hands of our own government? Is it safe for you to remember, and
talk about, the Waco Holocaust?

Not one of the US military and government employees who assaulted,
tortured, and murdered the Branch Davidians has been indicted. They still
walk free.

Etched on the cornice above the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC
are these words: Equal Justice Under Law. The murderers the Branch
Davidians should be indicted and prosecuted as are other vicious criminals.
How can you disagree? "Equal Justice Under Law." It's the American way.

For more information about America's shame, visit: The Waco Holocaust
Electronic Museum

===============End Side One, Bottom Half ============

Now read what was printed on Side Two of the 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

================== Side 2 ========================

The Great Holocaust Irony

Who Is Afraid of Free Speech and Free Inquiry?

In the past decades, a growing number of people throughout the world, from
historians to scientists to human rights activists, have publicly
questioned the veracity of the classic Holocaust story, to wit: Hitler and
the Third Reich designed and implemented a plan to exterminate the Jews,
built gas chambers for the purpose, and six million Jews died as a result.
What has happened to those who freely inquire about the truth of this
story, and freely communicate their findings? Let us look at the stories of
just a few:

* Australian historian Frederick Toben was arrested in Germany on April
9th, 1999 on charges of "defaming the dead." How did this charge arise?
During a private discussion with two German officials, Dr. Toben was asked
if he believed in the Holocaust story. He responded: "That's what you say."
Dr. Toben was then arrested, apparently because his answer implied
skepticism. Dr. Toben is currently in Mannheim prison in Germany. For more
information: . Won't you write
to the German government and ask that he be released immediately? For names
and address of contacts:

* Canadian human rights activist and holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel has
been charged by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) with spreading
hate. In a shocking ruling, the CHRC said that Mr. Zundel could not use the
truth of his statements as a defense! and (Late news: On April 13, the federal court
of Canada quashed the CHRC "truth is no defense" ruling.)

* Best-selling British historian David Irving's writing career has been
ruined because publishing houses have submitted to pressure and will no
longer publish his books. He is forbidden to enter a number of countries
around the world.
Mr. Irving's crime? For ten years he researched the Hitler and German High
Command archives and found no documentary evidence of the alleged Nazi
extermination plan for the Jews. Then Mr. Irving had the intellectual
integrity to publish, and speak about, his research! Visit Mr. Irving's
website at:

* In Switzerland, Jürgen Graf and Gerhard Förster have been punished with
fines and prison terms for writing or publishing non-orthodox books
concerning the treatment of Jews in WWII.

* In Germany, Germar Rudolf, a chemist trained at the Max Planck Institute,
took samples from the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz to
determine cyanide levels. He concluded that chambers could never have been
used in the manner claimed. Mr. Rudolf submitted his report to more than
300 experts for their critique before he published it. Not one of them
found the smallest error; nonetheless, as a result of his scientific
findings, Germar Rudolf was criminally charged under Germany's repressive
"Holocaust-is-a-dogma" law. He was sentenced to a prison term of 18 months.
The report he wrote has been banned in Germany and ordered destroyed. Many
people connected to its publication have been punished with jail terms
and/or fines. German Rudolf and his young family live in exile. and

* French scholar Robert Faurisson is Europe's leading Holocaust revisionist
scholar. He has been "condemned" three times in both criminal and civil
legal proceedings in France, and physically beaten by thugs. A former
tenured professor at the University of Lyons, he now cannot hold a teaching
position because of his writings. See:

* In Germany, American Carlos W. Porter was sentenced in absentia for
publishing truthful but ludicrous excerpts of the Nuremberg Trial
transcripts as they were reproduced by the Allies. Porter wrote to the
German court:

"I refuse to be deprived of a basic right which belongs to everyone else in
the world as a matter of course: the right to freedom of speech and freedom
of the press. I retract nothing. I regret nothing. I fear nothing . . . If
you fine me, I will not pay it; if you put me in prison, I will go on a
hunger strike . . . I defy your authority and I refuse to comply with any
order to do anything. I am not afraid of you; I fear the future if I do
nothing. That is all." Visit the website of Carlos W. Porter at:


===================== End of Side Two ================

Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action, Inc.

Have you seen the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum? See what they did to
the mothers and children--