Der Spiegel's exposť of Arolson

By Ingrid Rimland


Date: Monday, February 21, 2000 7:54 PM

It could well be that this might be the most important ZGram I have written since I started doing so on January 1, 1996.

I am announcing that a major stronghold of the Holocaust Lobby is under serious attack and scrutiny - and might well give way to the Forces of Truth awakening all over Europe. I have known about this for some time, but I needed additional information.

The German news weekly, Der Spiegel (Issue # 4, January 24, 2000) has run a scathing article about the little-known, but very important ITS (International Tracing Service) office in Arolson, Germany, a facility created by the Allies. The large complex of 6 buildings in Bad Arolson, between Frankfurt and Kassel, has a 402 member staff and is run by Charles-Claude Biedermann, the Swiss-born, ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) appointed director, who testified for the government in the Zundel Trial of 1988.

The German government finances the Arolson operation with DM 26 million a year, ***but has no control over it***. The German Interior Ministry has for years been troubled by the Arolson albatross, inherited because of its vassal status from the Allies.

The ministry has "responsibility without authority" in that disgusting deal. Those who pay the piper are not allowed call the tune. They have to pay for the upkeep of the buildings and the staff, but the victorious Allies in a 10-state "triumphirate" - to which strangely, or not so strangely, Israel belongs - are calling the tune, and the Germans have only one voice.

Now listen to this: Stored at the ITS in Arolson are 47 million (!) pieces of individual information concerning 17 million former inmates of German concentration camps, as well as forced laborers employed in the war effort. Many of these victims of that unfortunate war are legitimately entitled to restitution and pensions. However, many more were criminals, thieves, crooks, saboteurs, common check forgers, rapists etc.

The ICRC director is blocking access to virtually ***all*** files. The ICRC, by its silence, by acquiescence, has let these criminals become "victims of Nazism" in the public perception - "heroes", in fact, by letting the lie stand that anybody ever in a German concentration camp was persecuted only for their "race" and not for their criminal deeds.

***Arolson houses, in fact, the Secret of the Holocaust!***

Chances are that the ICRC leadership has known the real reason and purpose of German concentration camps since 1939 - but most definitely since their delegates' visits to these German concentration camps, including Auschwitz, in the early 1940s. The Red Cross even published reports about being unable to verify rumors of "gas chambers" in Auschwitz as late as 1944 - even after ground inspections by their delegates in Auschwitz.

Biedermann's testimony in the 1988 Zundel trial - on-line at the Zundelsite at <> - is illustrative of the ICRC's slippery, guilty complicity. According to Der Spiegel, 98% of the evidence held at Arolson has been ruled inaccessible to researchers, historians, and scholars by the Arolson authorities.

This was not always so. Researchers like Dr. Faurisson of France unearthed vitally important, though only partial and incomplete information until the late 1970s about numbers of victims in German camps etc. This had the potential of toppling the Holocaust House of Cards even then. It is probably no coincidence that the ICRC clamped down and shut the facility virtually off to probing outsiders about the time of the First International Revisionist Conference put on by the Institute for Historical Review in 1979.

Biedermann was fully aware of the time bomb he was sitting on - at least by the time he testified in Toronto. Fearful of the consequences of his allowing too many probing eyes and minds access to the informational dynamite in his care, and by protecting former German concentration camp inmates guilty of horrendous crimes, he has adopted an inhuman bureaucratic process, which denies legitimate former force laborers access to their own files to get a certificate stating the time period in which they worked in Germany during the war, so they can make a pension or settlement claim.

450,000 unprocessed requests have piled up in the last decades in this ICRC-run Arolson facility. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of little people have been waiting, some as long as 9 years, for confirmation of their time spent in German camps or work places. Sadly, many have been deprived of information of their missing relatives and of legitimate pensions or settlements and have died - while the ICRC delays and delays.

Why? Because the heads of Arolson, in conjunction with the International Committee of the Red Cross leadership, have bowed to the dictates of Allied governments and their Holocaust lobbies - for these people ***know that competent researchers, using correlated, computerized files, could blow the global Holocaust deception to smithereens in a matter of days***.

Who cares about those 450,000 ignored and cheated people - many of them non-Jews? More hundreds of thousands of requests are soon to come in from Eastern European claimants under the latest shake-down arrangement squeezed out of a compliant German vassal regime. They will all demand an answer.

And here's the irony: These "little people", even the "survivor groups" we have come to know so well, have never caught on to why Biedermann and fellow travelers are dragging their feet. Fear has the guilty parties paralyzed - the fear that it will come out that ***the International Committee of the Red Cross has been running interference for the largest crime of extortion - an international con game, in fact***, aided and abetted by their refusal to allow independent researchers in to look at the numbers!

By denying access to this embarrassing treasure trove of pedantic, bureaucratic minutiae - not of extermination but of the use of the inmates' labor for the German war effort - the International Committee of the Red Cross has protected the Holocaust racket that has sickened the world.

Were the Arolson archives opened to impartial investigation, the unsavory past and criminal behavior, documented in impeccable records, of many prominent "victims of Nazism" would be exposed. These people made it big in the Allies' criminal organizations and occupation regimes after the war in Eastern and Western Europe - not to mention those who hightailed it out of Europe to Israel, Australia, Canada and North and South America after their "liberation."

Worse yet, the ICRC has been a party to victimizing the state of Germany by fleecing it for reparations that Germany would never would have had to pay to common criminals for their justified incarceration. The ICRC has compliantly gone along with this politically motivated falsification of the historical record. By not allowing researchers to correlate the statistical information available in these files, the ICRC has allowed history to be falsified by the victors of World War II - to the detriment of the conquered Germans. Charles Biedermann's testimony in the 1988 Zundel trial is clear evidence of this willful blindness, this conspiracy of silence, through control of the all-important personnel files of former inmates of German concentration camps.

Political prisoners, who were only incarcerated for their non-violent expression of thoughts, or for having belonged to some proscribed religious sect, or for some ethnic association, should be promptly and properly compensated before they die. The ICRC is guilty of callously withholding help from needy people in its effort to protect what amounts to criminal activity. These Keepers and Protectors of the Hoax of the 20th Century can, and have, blocked the legitimate use of the files on record at Arolson.

That the ICRC did not long ago throw open those all-important archives to a truth-hungry world will forever damage its reputation. ICRC officials have allowed themselves to become active participants in the ongoing falsification of history to which the ICRC alone holds the evidence - the key.

Now there is mutiny at Arolson!

Der Spiegel reports that the German Labor Union wants Biedermann's dismissal. The workers of Arolson, through their union representatives, are demanding an end to Biedermann's authoritarian leadership style. They claim that fear - the fear to be terminated - stalks the corridors of Arolson. 202 out of 402 employees complained about a poor working climate.

Biedermann, for his part, claims that there is a conspiracy against him because he is a "foreigner." (Any German will smile at that charge, since Swiss, especially German-speaking Swiss, are hardly seen as "foreigners" by Germans!)

It's not going to help, I'm afraid. The local German State Prosecutor has opened a docket in which a female worker complains of sexual harassment by Biedermann during a trip to Poland - even "deprivation of liberty" which comes close to a kidnapping charge. If there is going to be a trial, that ought to bring out some surprising facts of Biedermann's modus operandi!

The ICRC should be booted out of Arolson - and, no doubt, will be booted out, once the German people understand, deep in their gut, what's playing. Criminals who were convicted will be shown to be criminals - not noble, sanctified, near-angelical "victims of Nazism." The German government owes it to the German people and to German history to get to the bottom of this disgusting, callous arrangement and abuse of Human Rights. The excuses by the ICRC apparatchiks do not hold water. They are mere subterfuges and flim-flam to stall and delay the truth from coming out till the last victim has died, uncompensated if need be.

Arolson could solve the numbers-of-victims who really perished in German camps - virtually overnight. This could have been done since 1955, when the International Committee of the Red Cross was first given control over these millions of files and documents - stored on 23 km of shelves in these six large buildings in Germany. The Secret of Arolson cries out to be revealed. The Secret of Arolson is going to be revealed.

You watch - the truth will out! That Der Spiegel ran this expose is highly telling. If Arolson is opened to impartial scrutiny, Revisionism will have brought it about. And once again, Dr. Faurisson was at the forefront of this research - way back in 1977.



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