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The origins of the great myth of the Twentieth century

            In the years following the end of the Second World War, a movement has developed in the international Jewish community concerning the number of their co- religionists who perished in the brutal hecatomb of that war. In 1948, an official French bureau dealing with war crimes stated that the minimum number of Jewish dead in the Auschwitz camp was 8 million.

            The Soviet Auschwitz Commission stated in the same year that the total of Jewish dead in the camp was 5.5 million and their satellite Polish communist government stated that the official death toll of Jews, again in Auschwitz camp, was now firmly fixed at 4 million.

            This figure, of 4 million Jewish dead in Auschwitz, was again firmly fixed by a September 30, 1989 article in the "Jerusalem Post."

            There was another modification in the American-published Aufbau, a New York Jewish newspaper, of August 3, 1990 that further reduced the number of Auschwitz Jewish victims to 900,000.

            On March 3, 1991, an article appeared in the New York Times which gave a radically reduced figure, based entirely on the complete, wartime official German concentration camp records.

            These records, which had been captured at the headquarters of the camp system at Oranienbaum camp outside of Berlin in April of 1945 by the Soviet Army, were subsequently microfilmed by the then-Soviet archives in Moscow. Prior to glasnost, these records were only made available, according to Russian sources, to Jewish researchers and were forbidden to anyone else for reasons that will shortly become very obvious.

            These records, the completeness and authenticity of which no one disputes, state that the total of all persons who died in the German prison camp system from its inception in 1935 to its collapse in late 1944 and early 1945 were 403,712.

            These official records, though lengthy and very prolix, are in the process of being released for public consumption.

            Every month, without fail, the commanders of each camp and each satellite camp, were required to send an accurate accounting of their respective inmates to the commander of the camps, SS General Richard Glücks at Oranienbaum camp.

            From these records, it is extremely easy to ascertain the number of prisoners in each camp at a given date, their origins, sex and offenses. The death tolls in each camp were also incorporated into these monthly reports.

            All camp inmates were issued numbers when they entered the camp and their names were entered in the camp ledgers. There was no exception to this rule as rations and clothing for the inmates were based entirely upon accurate figures.

            All other camps aside, the figures for the extensive Auschwitz complex reflect the number of inmates who died, who they were and what they died from, be it execution or natural causes.

            Also included in the monthly reports were the lists of inmates who had been received at the camp during the previous thirty day period as well as the inmates who were either released upon completion of sentence or transferred to another camp in the system.

            Since those who speak of millions or at the least, hundreds of thousands, of Jews murdered during the war always refer to these deaths occurring at Auschwitz, it might prove instructive to set forth the official figures for that camp.

            From its inception in mid-1941 to its closing in December, 1944, a total of 109,399 inmates incarcerated in Auschwitz died. Most of the prisoners in that camp were professional criminals, sex offenders, communists and others. The majority of the prisoners were Polish.

            Of this figure, 103,429, died of typhus alone

            The balance of 5,970 either died of natural causes, suicide or execution for such matters as theft, assault on other inmates or guards, escape or attempted escape.

            Of the 109,399 dead, 60,509 were Jews and are so carried on the official death rosters.

            The legend that Auschwitz was a murder camp where millions (or hundreds of thousands) of Jews were gassed and cremated is merely that; a legend that has been enhanced and embellished in furtherance of a chronic and on-going extensive fund- raising enterprise.

            As an example of historical mendacity, let us consider the fate of the Hungarian Jews who were, at the strong request of the Hungarian government, evacuated from that country and sent to Auschwitz camp between May and October of 1944.

            According to Lucy Dawidowicz in her 1975 book, The War Against the Jews, the number of Hungarian Jews transported to Auschwitz camp and murdered between May through October of 1944 was 450,000. A later work by Raul Hilberg entitled The  Destruction of the European Jews published in 1985 gives the total of Hungarian Jews transported to Auschwitz and immediately gassed during the same period as 180,000.

            The official German records, both of the Concentration Camp system and the German State Railways were as follows:

May through October, 1944
May 8548
June 3981
July 6543
Aug 3881
Sept   163
Oct       1
Total number of Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz, May-October 1944:

             These figures are now compared with the same official records showing the number of Hungarian Jews transferred, obviously alive,  from Auschwitz during the same period::  

May 2963
June 5934
July 9630
Aug 1500
Sept 1300
Oct   200
Total number of Hungarian Jews transferred from Auschwitz between May and October, 1944: 21,527

             The number of Hungarian Jews, therefore, remaining in Auschwitz after October, 1944 were 1,607.

            The perpetually penitent German government, mostly under the aegis of the former Chancellor Helmuth Kohl, has paid out over 102,653 billion German marks to the Jewish community throughout the world and has given, officially, 3 billion marks to the State of Israel as “compensation” for Jewish persecutions.

            Although a number of holocaust writers agree that the Russian originals of official German records are completely factual, their only counter-argument has been that there simply must be "secret lists" that, if ever found, would prove the immense numbers of dead that have become part and parcel of their perpetual and highly effective fund- raising campaign.

            Of course no one has ever seen these lists but the convoluted argument runs that since everyone knows that six million Jews were murdered by the Germans, lists of these six million must exist. The fact that there are no such lists in existence and that no researcher of any point of view has been able to discover one page of such lists in no way discourages the creative writers and the equally creative media producers from using a figure that, according to one holocaust scholar is only "symbolic" in nature.

            In attempting to defend their eroding position, these writers have stated that enormous trains full of Jews were driven into the camp grounds at Auschwitz and the occupants quickly gassed and cremated with no records ever kept by the authorities.

            If these writers are aware that it is impossible to prove a negative, they show no signs of following this logical dictum.

            In a thoroughly mendacious attempt to prove the case of secret lists and mystery death trains, such writers as Danuta Czech have quite cheerfully produced highly embellished examples of a number of copies of official records left behind when the SS evacuated the camp in December of 1945.

            What Czech has done is to take an official report on the number of prisoners arriving at Auschwitz on a certain date, claim that they were all Jews and that most of them were immediately gassed.

            She has supplied hundreds of such examples, all of which have been deliberately  altered and only one will suffice.

            On August 23, 1943, Czech speaks of a "RSHA" (Gestapo) transport arriving at the camp with "2,000 Jews" on board.

            These transports consisted of railroad trains utilizing small boxcars as prisoner transport.

            Czech states that 441 men and 591 women were given inmate numbers (and lists them) while the remaining 1,000 Jews were "killed in the gas chambers."

            The official record shows that at least part of this story is true. The transport and inmate admission records of that day show the origin of the train and the number of cars and prisoners involved.

            It would have been totally impossible to fit an extra 1,000 human beings into the cars of that specific transport without first compacting them into very small parcels and if this were the case, there would have been no need to kill them later.

            The official records for that date also indicate that the new arrivals came from the labor camp at Kolo and that only twenty one of them were Jews.

            This 850 page book, written by a member of the Auschwitz Museum staff, is filled with such nonsense and studded with other entries that show, very clearly, the enormous death toll inflicted not by the SS but by typhus.

            There is one incident of massacre, mainly of sick and elderly Jews, in Auschwitz that is entirely and sadly true.

            Nearly 10,000 of these prisoners were machine gunned and beaten to death by the guards before the Soviet army arrived in early 1945.

            Blood was said to be running out the doors in heavy streams by the Russian military who witnessed the scene.

            Unfortunately for Czech and the legion of other creative writers, the guards were not members of the dread SS but locally-recruited Polish policemen who remained behind long after the Germans had evacuated the camp to the west.

            One argument often heard on the part of the holocaust theory promoters is that of the 300,000 Jewish residents of the Polish capital of Warsaw, almost none have ever been accounted for after the German invasion in September of 1939.

            These numbers have been repeatedly cited in at attempt to refute revisionist writers whom their counterparts scornfully refer to as "Holocaust Deniers."

            In 1995, Arkady Vaksberg,  a Russian Jew, attorney and co-founder of Moscow's "Literary Gazette" gave an account of these Polish Jews in his book, "Stalin Against the Jews" published by Doubleday.

            Vaksberg goes into some detail about the fate of the Warsaw Jews. He states that these Jews attempted to flee into what they foolishly thought would be the safety of Stalin's Russia only to be shot down by Stalin's border guards or seized and put into the Soviet Gulags from which few ever returned.. Vaksberg speaks of "hundreds of thousands" of such individuals.

            Far from being gassed or shot by the advancing Germans, they were either murdered at once by the Soviet border guards (acting on Stalin's specific orders) or murdered later in his death camps.

            The official German records are augmented and complimented by the official British intelligence intercepts of radio reports sent from Auschwitz to Oranienbaum between early 1942 and February of 1943, a period in which many Jews were purported to be gassed.

            In the official British intelligence reports, published in 1980 one can read,

            "The returns from Auschwitz, the largest of the camps with 20,000 prisoners, mentioned illness as the main cause of death, but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassing."

            One of the enduring Auschwitz fictive legends deals with the subject of enormous gas chambers and crematoriums which were constructed solely to murder and dispose of  Jewish prisoners.

            When typhus entered the camp in 1942, the death tolls rose rapidly and were the object of great concern to the leaders of the camp system. Auschwitz was a huge labor camp and many German firms had contracted with the SS for what was essentially slave labor for their factories constructed in the vicinity.

            The loss of valuable workers was of such concern to Berlin that immediate antiseptic measures were instituted at all camps, given that many infected prisoners were transferred from one camp to another.

            Typhus is spread in humans by the head louse and a great influx of lousy Soviet prisoners of war, after June of 1941, brought the disease with them.

            All inmates entering the camp had to be stripped, issued clean camp clothing, have their heads shaven and be showered using medicated soap.

            The clothing was put into small rooms and deloused by using Zyklon B, a cyanide preparation widely used in the German military for disinfecting. A through post-war check by forensic personnel of the areas now designated as the Auschwitz gas chambers indicates that cyanide gas was never used in these areas. The actual delousing areas were so small that even at best, they might have held twenty five humans at a time. This would mean that the gassing must have begun somewhere in the latter years of the nineteenth century and, in theory at least, still be in progress into the twenty first.

            The genuine tragedy of the uprooting and deportation of Europe's Jews has been long overshadowed by the thoroughly fictional creations of latter day fund raisers who have scrambled up onto the bodies of their co-religionists solely for the purpose of political advantage and monetary gain.

            So important has the mythic number of six millions of slaughtered Jews become to those who rely on it to bolster their fiscal demands, that its creators have applied tremendous social, political and economic pressure to maintain it.

            Although the United States has freedom of speech, no individual regardless of their probity or accuracy, is given any kind of public credence should they question this sum.

            In point of fact, any such questioner runs the risk of being shrilly attacked in a complaisant print media as being either a practicing Nazi or a deluded lunatic.

            In other countries, such as Canada, France, Spain and most especially, Germany, to bring this enormous figure into even the slightest question is to invite immediate legal retaliation.

            To question or to deny the accuracy of this figure, as well as attendant questioning of a planned, state-ordered massacre of all the Jews of Europe by the government of the Third Reich , is to invite hysteric prosecution accompanied by a dismal and shrill chorus of wailings from the cadre of professional mourners into whose coffers their rewards flow.

            During the Middle Ages, so-called alchemists expended a great deal of their time and the money of others attempting to turn lead into gold.

            Now, it appears that others have found a most successful, and highly profitable, way to turn blood into gold.