Holocaust Numbers Revisited
By: Staff Writer Edward Toner

This is a part of a thread in Arianna Huffington's discussion group. A poster was challenging my revisionist views:

By Ejt (Ejt) on Tuesday, October 5, 1999 - 07:41 am:

I got interested in this subject years ago. When West Germany agreed to compensate victims of the holocaust, survivors started coming out of the woodwork. I asked the German Information Center for the number of surviving Jews who made claims for restitution, or "Wiedergutmaching". They sent me a pamphlet called FOCUS ON, dated May 1985. The number was 4,393,365. This number represents a bare minimum, since the head of a household survivor makes one claim, for his entire family. No record could be found for the number of dependents that also survived.

The ADL put out an anthology called THE HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE for the purpose of teaching holocaust to NJ HS students. A large table called "Estimated Number of Jews Killed in the Final Solution". It gives the "Estimated pre-final solution population", 1938 for each nation in Europe, and next to it is another column called "Estimated Jewish Population Annihilated". The difference of course is trhe number of survivors. In Eastern Europe and the USSR, the survivors number 2,522,000. (East Germany did not offer restitution to survivors in Eastern Europe, as W. Germany did.)

By adding this number to the survivors in the West, a sum of the survivors is 6,915,365. How many Jews were there in the areas occupied by the Natzi's before the war? The ADL lists 8,861,800. Subtracting, we get 1,946,165 as the maximum number of Jews who died of all causes in occupied territory from 1938 to 1945.

ejt is of course Edward J. Toner Jr.
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