The Dearth of Jewish War Deaths

By Richard Early - Thanks Ed Toner


My book War, Money and American Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism was attacked in the mail by Name Withheld from the province of Manhattan as being unsubstantiated–among other things ("The Mail," 6/6). That the book has not been read by him is obvious. Freedom of speech is not to be mine as I wrote things he did not like. I will hazard a guess that my documenting the absence of Jews from American wars was being the cause of his hysteria.

A mildly retarded teenager can follow the logic. Both the Encyclopedia Judaica and the Winter 1993 edition of the Jewish Veteran give the number of Jews dying for Imperial Germany in World War I as 12,000 out of a total of over 1,800,000 Germans who died from that war. The 600,000 Jews died for the Kaiser at the rate of 20 per thousand while the rest of the populace, some 57 million, died at a rate of over 31 per thousand.

With records authenticated up to July 1, 1946 the claim was made that 10,500 Jews died in the military service of the United States in World War II with 8000 deaths in combat. The census for the United States of 1940 gave a total population of something over 131,000,000 with almost 13,000,000 of the citizenry of African descent. This leaves 118,000,000 (to include Hispanics) who were judged to be white. Of this number almost 5,000,000 were Jews. Due to severe restrictions on blacks fighting in World War II only 700 blacks died in combat. The total number of dead for America in World War II was 292,000 killed in combat and some 116,000 killed in accidents, training or deaths not regarded as combat related. A guess would be that blacks, because they were not trained for combat arms in significant numbers did not approximate their proportion of the population in training for war. Accordingly the total of number of blacks dying in uniform for the United States during World War II could be reasonably guessed at a maximum of 8000 with over 7000 coming from non-combat deaths. This would leave 400,000 deaths contributed by non-blacks.

Jews, if giving a "fair share", would account for a ratio of 4,975,000 to 118,000,000, or slightly over 4.2 percent of the non-black deaths. This meant they would have had 12,300 battle deaths and a little over 4,550 in non-battle deaths for a total dead of about 16,850. In no manner of adding or manipulating data compiled by Jews did the number of dead come close to that figure.

Somewhat disconcerting to the great myth of World War II as being a war of such noble cause that all would volunteer to fight was that Jews of the Kaiser’s Germany died for him at almost 10 times the rate their American kin did fighting Hitler’s Germany. The New York literati have deemed Germany the most evil country to ever exist. The question must be asked whether if Jews shirked the fight against Hitler, would they ever fight for the United States. Against the Iraq of Saddam Hussein their failure to serve in combat was even worse than during the American Civil War and the Vietnam War. They have come to regard themselves as a privileged class permitted by their God to send others to fight, and, if necessary, die in their place. Death and maiming are to be reserved for the goyim.

Coverage of the movie Pearl Harbor sharply illustrates American hypocrisy and economic ethics. Endings and scenes have been modified so as not to offend Japanese sensibilities or potential profits from Japan. Chinese psychic needs have been forgotten. The Doolittle Raid is presented as mighty America’s answer to upstart Japan. In the days preceding the raid, Chiang Kai-Shek had received reports the Japanese were massing troops at Hangchow in preparation for a march against Chuchow, the intended landing spot for Doolittle’s planes. Chiang objected to the use of the Chuchow airfield as he felt the taking of Chuchow would greatly hinder the supply of his troops and provoke Japanese barbarity where he could not defend himself. FDR placed American domestic considerations above Chinese lives.

After the Doolittle raid the Japanese commander was given orders to prevent the bombing of the Japanese homeland by use of bases in China. The Japanese dispatched troops to the area and started to destroy all military targets. Murder, rape, and plunder became the every day conduct of the attacking Japanese forces. When reports first came, Chiang fired off a bitter cable to Washington: "Japanese troops attacked the coastal areas of China where many of the American flyers had landed. These Japanese troops slaughtered every man, woman and child in those areas–let me repeat–these Japanese troops slaughtered every man, woman and child in those areas, reproducing on a wholesale scale the horrors which the world had seen at Lidice, but about which the people have been uninformed in these instances." Mao’s reaction would have been much the same as Chiang’s.

Chiang did not exaggerate. The American General Claire Chennault in his memoirs outlined the Japanese revenge as they moved troops 200 miles into east China and occupied 20,000 square miles of Chinese territory. Entire villages were burned and all inhabitants shot. Chennault estimated the number of Chinese soldiers and civilians dead at a quarter million.

Norman Cousins of the Saturday Review when writing of the murder of Doolittle flyers by the Japanese noted the reaction of disgust and surprise by the American public. Cousins wondered where the outrage was when the Japanese had done the same type of thing on a much vaster scale some 10 years earlier when the Japanese started burning Chinese villages and had used poison gas against the Chinese. Cousins noted that Americans only hear the thunder when it breaks over our own heads.

The time has long passed when Jews can claim suffering for themselves alone. During the Holocaust, remembered by the American media only for deaths of Jews, some three to four times more Russians died than Jews; and three to six times as many Chinese died as Jews. Famine in Bengal killed 2 to 4 million Indians. Hitler’s coming to power had much to do with Communist-induced famine in the Ukraine when more Ukrainians died than Jews would. The Japan of Emperor Hirohito killed more people and conquered more land than the Germany of Adolf Hitler. The United States supplied Japan with much of its war-making materiel to kill Chinese and only stopped reluctantly. The American intelligentsia have contrived to forget these facts. The Chinese have remembered their suffering even if we have not. The United States did not try Hirohito, the great war criminal. We will pay for this some day.

I will publicly debate my book. I only ask that it be read.

Richard Earley, Springfield, PA



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