Review of James Bacque's Crimes and Mercies

By Ingrid Rimland


November 12, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The bombshell title of this fall seems to be James Bacque's _Crimes and Mercies._ A friend sent me a copy, and I have barely begun reading it, but even after a few pages one gets the sense of a very astute historian who knows how to handle crystal-clear prose.

I recommend this book already as a Christmas gift to family and friends. You get a sense for the serious themes and topics it covers from the reaction of a sweet Internet friend of mine who is one of the most well-informed and articulate Revisionists I know.

Here is my friend's assessment of this book:

"I am currently reading James Bacque's second book, tiled _Crimes and Mercies_, which provides new and hair-raising info (over and above that provided in his _Other Losses_) on the very little known massacres perpetrated by the victorious Allies against the prostrate German nation, after the latter's surrender in 1945.

Curiously, Bacque does not categorize this unimaginable horror as a "holocaust". Yet, his estimate of German victims exceeds by far the well-known mystical figure of 6 million Jewish holocaust victims that is fiercely promoted by Zionists and their sycophants.

In the spirit of the times and in a century replete with holocausts, why should humanity not designate a German Holocaust, especially since it seems to be far more demonstrable - and morally far more reprehensible - than the coercively-proclaimed Jewish one?

Bacque estimates the number of murdered Germans - military and civilian, but for the most part civilian: women, infants and children, as well as the elderly - at a minimum of 9,300,000 and at a maximum of 13,700,000. Imagine: these deaths of innocents occurred *after* the war, in the period 1945-1950, when the German population surrendered itself unconditionally to the tender ministrations of the freedom-and-democracy-loving Allies!

Their numbers exceed by far the German total losses over the entire period of the war! This holocaust rivals in magnitude even the Stalin-operated holocaust-by-hunger of Ukrainians in 1933!

How was this possible? Bacque himself expresses puzzlement as to why and how it could have happened that leading Western democracies, so naturally prone to humanitarian works of mercy in the Christian tradition, should have, in this instance, acted knowingly and with frankly enthusiastic cruelty in the style of one of the greatest mass murderers in history - J.V. Stalin - to perpetrate against the German people unthinkable crimes every bit as heinous as Stalin's.

He observes that, in counterpoint, the victors did not act in the same way against the conquered Japanese enemy. He reports General MacArthur, as Military Governor of Japan, to have demanded of Washington enough food to keep civilians alive: "Give me bread or give me bullets", he asked; and, indeed, Washington gave him bread.

Yet, at the same time, Washington gave the German nation mass starvation and death through the barbarian Morgenthau Plan, a brutal and senseless variance in approach which Bacque is at a loss to explain.

I guess maybe Mr. Bacque does not yet fully appreciate the concept of "Talmudic vengeance".

Fifty years later, this vengeance is apparently not yet at an end. Bacque writes, in his 1997 work:

"A whole nation was maimed in peacetime, but when the events are even mentioned by the German survivors, they are immediately hushed up by their own government.

No one is allowed to dig for the corpses of the murdered prisoners in Germany. The criminals go free. To defend them, lies are told by historians who also defame the injured. Free expression of historical opinion is curbed by legislation that grows ever more stringent as time passes. No denial of history has ever been so successful".

In the context of this tragedy, and due to their inflicting unrelieved persecution upon those attempting to set the record straight through free and open discourse, I see the successive post-war puppet governments of Germany and their minions as an especially contemptible category of subhuman sewer-dweller. I cannot even begin to imagine what judgment of history will, in time, represent just retribution against those who have betrayed and abused so consistently their own nation, their own people, in the service of viciously hostile alien interests. Their actions are a dreadful horror story unto themselves. My heart lies forever with the victims. My children and grandchildren shall know their story.

As to the Holoschlockers in general - do they not qualify to be classed under Bacque's sobriquet of "Deniers of History?". I wonder, why are they not so designated by all humanitarian thinkers of open mind, in opposition to that universal denigration which the Holoschlockers themselves so love to sling, with wanton abandon, at anyone who disagrees with them and their kinky orthodoxy: that of "Holocaust denier"?



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