It is amazing to spectate on how many people mention Nazi. Every individual may see it differently. My recommendation for them is to start treating Nazi as if it is a Jewish scheme which has nothing with territorial expanding, defending nation, fighting for glory, and resource taking but killing after killing spree.

Believe it or not, I suggest people to do extensive research on full-Jew Freud Sigmund and Vienna, Austria if they want to understand Nazi a little better. More they investigate on this man and the city on Internet, more interesting they become. He possibly, joined by Franklin Roosevelt, Stalin, Winston Churchill, Rothschilds and others, was a part of the global complicity in making Nazi. Plenty of coincidences between Sigmund Freud and Adolf Hitler were detected. They both walked on the same streets in Vienna at the same time (1908 thru 1913). They both went to some cafes, included Central Caf in Vienna , which were attended by some well-known Jews such as Stalin, Rothschild, etc. Hitler and Freud wrote their revolutionary papers within less than half mile of each other in Vienna. They both had vacation homes at Berchtesgaden. They both discussed about Moses. Hitler and Sigmund Freud even contacted indirectly by getting Gestapo to locate Freud's home and fictitiously arrested Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud's daughter. Gestapo was Nazi's secret police which was comparable to FBI. Germany was annexed by Vienna's Austria via Hitler's upside-down invasion.

It was Princess Marie Bonaparte who helped Sigmund Freud evacuating from Jew-driven Nazi occupied Austria and gave him a mansion in England. Possibly, Princess Marie Bonaparte was related to Charles Joseph Bonaparte who founded FBI. Charles Joseph Bonaparte was a grandson of Jrme Bonaparte (the youngest brother of the Napoleon Bonaparte - "French emperor Napoleon I"). Princess Marie Bonaparte was Napoleon Bonaparte's great-grand-niece. Anti-gentile Adolf Hitler's Russia invasion in winter was parallel to anti-gentile Napoleon I's Russian invasion in winter, because those invasions meant to reduce gentile and Christian population of both sides by killing and freezing. Napoleon Bonaparte showed his sympathy for Jews, gave Jews special treatment, and restored the dignity of the Rabbis.

Sigmund Freud's letter pal, Albert Einstein, was stupid enough to bring his brother to a court involved in the Nuremberg trial of 1945-46. Joseph Kirschbaum, U.S. investigator, did not know about that. Joseph was the one who brought Albert Einstein to testify about his brother's death. The accused person, Menzel was fortunate enough to find Einstein's brother there. Joseph was so mad at Einstein then.

Cyla Muller, the wife of famed Simon Wiesenthal, fraudulent Nazi hunter, was Sigmund Freud's distant relation. Freud Sigmund's nephew, Edward Bernays, was a Jew-driven propaganda wizard. Freud Sigmund's grandson, Walter Freud, performed surreally magic in WWII starting with jumping from 10,000 feet high, arrived in England in a private plane on VE day, and was assigned to a war crimes investigation unit to bring the manufacturer and suppliers of the Zyklon-B gas to justice. But, why did IG Farben, the main supplier of Zyklon-B gas, continue to stay in business until 2003?

Sigmund Freud was even aware and fascinated about Heinrich Schliemann's work. Heinrich Schliemann discovered the swastika symbol (Nazi's symbol) during his exploration in Troy. Heinrich Schliemann consulted with two Sanskrit scholars, Emile Burnouf and Max Mller who both introduced Aryan theory that was entirely nothing with Germany. In archaeological meaning, Aryan was related to Iran, not Germany. Someone connected Troy to Iran because Iran was once a great Persia where Troy stood in. Germany wasn't part of the Persia Empire. If we write Iran backwards, it becomes Nari. Then we replaces r with z. Now it is Nazi. It was Reza Shah Pahlavi who renamed Persian Empire to Iran in 1936. Reza Shah Pahlavi visited a synagogue and became the first Iranian king since Cyrus the Great to show deference to the Jews.

I can't write about Sigmund Freud and Vienna any farther because it is becoming a book but suggest that you should use Internet as a tool to scrutinize on Nazi, Freud Sigmund, and Vienna a little better. Nazi has so many secrets waiting to be discovered, such as Sigmund Freud's close friend, Carl Jung who became president of the Nazi-dominated International General Medical Society for Psychotherapy prior to World War II.


I think that I know that what does Nazi flag represent. I suspect that the Nazi flag depicts atheistic Jews' mission to destroy the world mysticism. It starts with destroying the global swastika's mythical reputation for good luck by pushing the gullible gentiles into a war to die for and fight against this symbol. On the Nazi flag, it looks like as if the world's good-luck symbol (swastika) is turned upside down and waiting to be drowned or covered by the engulfing red blood. Don't we notice that the upside-down black swastika on the white circle is surrounded by the sea of red blood? It could be Jews' secret and anti-life plot to terribly humiliate and offend the world by giving it a demonstration that the good-luck swastika could be turned upside down and be screwed up, as if nothing would happen. This Nazi flag does not represent Germany at all, but serves as a symbol for Jews. Millions of Germans were unfortunately framed and exploited as evil people by shrewd Jews and their astonishingly powerful global propaganda campaigns. Jews, the religion killers, only wanted to bury the swastika because it was associating with world religions, mysticism, superstition, and myth. So, it makes sense that the Nazi flag is just another Jewish symbol after Star of David. The Tunisia flag looks very similar to the Nazi flag. Coincidently, Tunisia was the only Arab country which was occupied by Jew-controlled Nazi during WWII.