Hitler as Jewish Operative

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The “Holocaust” was engineered by Jewish brains, planned by Jewish strategists, financed by Jewish money, and implemented by part-Jewish leaders, of which Hitler was almost surely one.

After Hitler was given what today would equal hundreds of millions of dollars (see “The Prisoner of Ottawa” by Douglas Reed, 1953; “Red Symphony” a transcribed interrogation of Rothschild agent Christian Rakovsky, 1938; “Who Financed Hitler” by James Poole; and “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Anthony Sutton – he began to carry out his end of the bargain.

After Hitler received this overwhelming funding, he did attract donations from tens of thousands of every day Germans, but that was because he was leading them out of the Jewish-engineered Versailles Treaty, which was designed to humiliate the German people and stampede them to embrace Communism (which strategy failed).

What was Hitler’s end of the bargain? As the hard to find 1940 pamphlet “Hitler’s Policy is A Jewish Policy” by a Swede and a Brit pointed out: Hitler had become the first leader to transplant Jewish Talmudic racial laws onto Gentile soil in the Nuremburg Laws. This pamphlet accused Hitler of being the most potent agent of Jewish policy on the world stage at that time.

We are now told that these racial laws were “demanded” by the German people, which is false. They were demanded by the Rothschild-Jews who financed Hitler up the line in return for his rounding up of as many Jews as possible, throwing them in camps, and then letting the designated ones head down to Palestine in anticipation of the 1948 takeover. (See “Holocaust Victims Accuse” by Rabbi Schonfeld, available at jewsnotzionists.org – which tells of the Jewish policemen who rounded up orthodox and Sephardic Jews and turned them over to Hitler).

IBM landed in Germany in March 1933 – the month Hitler was elected to power – and helped him begin cataloging every Jew in Germany on IBM punch cards. Because Germans demanded this? No. Because the Rothschild faction demanded this. They had lost control of the everyday Jewish person who was integrating into European society, at least economically, and they were trying to regain control, in order to get enough Jews down to Palestine to make the 1948 takeover possible. (See “IBM and the Holocaust” – but you have to read between the lines, as the author-actor-storyteller Edwin Black tries to misdirect your attention as to why IBM was in Germany at that time – but the facts are there.)

At the same time, March 1933, F.D. Roosevelt was elected in the USA, and he closed the US to Jews emigrating – cooperating with the Rothschild plan. Hitler screams anti-Semitism, rounds up the everyday Jews, Roosevelt closes US borders as best he can, -- and as Hitler let Jews out of Germany between 1933 and 1941, most had no choice but to go to Palestine. (See “The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany, 1933 to 1941” by Klaus Polkehn, 1976, Institute for Palestine Studies.) Klaus Polkein tells of the first ship leaving Germany filled with Jews going to Palestine, captained by a Nazi officer, and flying both the swastika flag AND a Star of David flag from the same mast. (!) Nazism. Zionism. Zionism. Nazism. . . .

Then there was the Transfer Agreement, where Hitler cooperated in helping to fund the Zionists in Palestine by letting them be the middle man for German made goods, creating tens of millions in profit. (See “The Transfer Agreement” by Edwin Black, and “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators” by Lenni Brenner, online at CODOH.)

Then there was the Yiddish speaking Adolph Eichmann, who made many trips to see the Zionists in Palestine, and helped set up training camps in Hitler-occupied territories to help train the Irgun, or the terrorist strike force that eventually drove the British from Palestine and led the way in the 1948 invasion of Palestine.

Then there was the trial inspired by the elderly Hungarian Jewish gentleman, Martin Greenwald in 1953 in Israel, in which Ben Gurion’s Secretary of State was shown to be in total cooperation with the Nazis during WW II and that he was involved making deals which left some Jews in camps while bringing others to Palestine. (See “Perfidy”, 1961, by Hollywood screen writer and Irgun supporter, Ben Hecht, screenwriter for “From Here to Eternity” and assistant to David O’Selznick on “Gone with the Wind.”) This high level Israeli official was eventually forced to resign because of the trial, and was “shot by a mugger in a dark alley” a few weeks after the trial concluded circa 1953. This trial made big news in Israel at the time, but no where else.

And the recent books “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” by Bryan Rigg and “Special Treatment: the Untold Story of Hitler’s Third Race” by Alan Abrams prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hitler never had any intention of “killing every Jew in the world” or in Europe, as the Hollywood fabricators want you to believe.

Finally, an Austrian government investigation ordered by the Austian Catholic Leader Dolfuss circa 1933 concluded that Hitler was the grandson of one of the Rothschild bankers. Dolfuss was assassinated by the Nazis in 1935. (See “The Last of the Hitlers” by David Gardner, although I believe his chapter, “Was Hitler Part Jewish?” was sabotaged by the publisher. However, you can read the text of Gardner’s interview on CNN with Paul Zahn here:


In it Gardner relates how Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, was given the equivalent of a quarter of a million dollars by Hitler after threatening to go public with the family rumor that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. This interview parallels an interview I have on tape from FOX cable news conducted by Judith Regan. The book “Hitler’s Vienna” by Brigitte Hamann further relates that many small papers in Germany in 1933 -- as Hitler came to power -- challenged Hitler’s credentials to be an anti-Semite, since he himself was part Jewish, the papers said. One paper uncovered a cook book in Yiddish by a Rosalie Hitler. (!)

Most biographers of Hitler nervously pass over his lineage while frowning on the “discredited rumor” that Hitler was the grandson of the Jewish banker Frankenberger, in whose house his grandmother was also reportedly a maid for a while.

In 1941, Hitler was shortchanged by the Rothschild’s after his invasion of Poland, conducted simultaneously with an invasion of east Poland by Stalin. When the western papers berated him, but were silent on Stalin, Hitler knew he was in trouble, and he sent Rudolph Hess to fly to England to try and find out what was going on, and to try and patch things up with the Clivedon group, a group of Jews who had bought their way into British Royalty.

Churchill arrested Hess as he landed, thus thwarting the mission. Hess was then kept all alone in Spandau prison (which was made for 300 prisoners!) for 44 years after World War II, until 1989. Each month the USA, Russia, Britian, and France took one week each, during which their respective soldier teams guarded and marched around Spandau Prison. This was a warning to anybody else who might speak out about all I am telling you here --- to stay quiet or they would get the Hess treatment or worse.

And then the hot war broke out between the super criminals Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and FDR, -- and 38 million everyday Europeans ended up dead. The Communists Jews, many of whom died in the camps in the waning days of he War, were so mad at the Nazi half-Jews, that many were hung at Nuremburg, including Hitler’s half-Jewish lawyer, Hans Frank. Frank wrote a final testament, “In the Face of the Gallows” in which he related that Hitler was part Jewish, as his research circa 1935 confirmed.

Frank related how he was sent to Hitler’s birthplace, Braunau on the Inn, to find out for the Fuhrer himself what investigators could find out. Hitler sent his troops to bulldoze all the graveyards in that area, and seize any relevant birth records in 1938 when he marched into Austria. As one observer said, “When we find someone under suspicion destroying evidence, we usually call him: GUILTY!”

Socialist Jew Henneck Kardel in “Adolph Hitler: Founder of Modern Israel” claims Hitler is an Austrian Jew (half). David Irving relates in his book “Hitler’s War” that Hitler wouldn’t let anyone see him naked, not even medical personnel. (A circumcised man in pre-WW II Germany would stand out as Jewish?)

from many sources one can verify that Hitler not only had a half-Jewish lawyer throughout the Third Reich, but a Jewish Doctor (Dr. Bloch) since childhood and through much of the Third Reich, a Jewish cook, a part Jewish head of the SS (Reinhard Heydrich). Come on – I must stop now. But I hope your curiosity is piqued, at least.

While Hitler presided over the death of anywhere from quite a few to perhaps over a million or more communist leaning Jews -- after the real in-fighting began, -- the everyday German, Pole, Jew, Austrian, etc. was no more responsible for a Holocaust than you or I are responsible that 250,000 US troops are over in Iraq in February 2003, waiting to pounce on a defenseless Iraqi population, half of whose citizens are under 15 years old.

Most Jews and others in the concentration camps were killed by being worked to death or dying of typhus or starvation as Germany ran out of food and medicine.

The story of millions killed in the “gas chambers’ is so preposterous that no professional Jewish organization can even define how one worked, or draw one with all its parts. Professor Robert Faurrison of France has challenged them to do so since 1974, with no response!

At http://www.codoh.com/dcvideo.html you can find the video of the young Jewish investigator David Cole at Auschwitz circa 1993 interviewing the caretakers of the alleged gas chamber camp. This video is also available to download and watch online at:


No one can watch the Cole video and still believe in gas chambers at Auschwitz. Indeed, the sign out front has been changed from 4 million victims to 1 million victims in just the last few years. (David Cole did a Phil Donahue Show with Bradley Smith sometime in the mid-1990s, if anyone wants to hunt it down.)

The “gassings’ are a Hollywood elaborated invention. Oh yeah, in 1919 the New York Times carried at least one article that 6 million Jews had been killed in World War I – I guess they were just practicing. Mark Weber of the IHR has an article showing how preposterous the figure of “6 million” Jews killed in Hitler’s Germany are.

All of which may explain why neither Churchill, nor Eisenhower, nor any other participant in World War II who wrote a book, ever mentioned anything about “the Holocaust” in their books.

The Hollywood version of “The Holocaust” really got rolling with the 1977 TV movie – “The Holocaust.” After that, circa 1981, Holocaust “studies” were pushed in public schools all over the nation, using mostly works of fiction as their basis – no kidding! And now the hapless kids in public high schools, and maybe many “Catholic” high schools, don’t hear about anything else but “slavery” and “The Holocaust.”

The tall tales have gotten so out of hand that the book “The Holocaust Industry” by Professor Norman Finkelstein has tried to reel some of them in, and the book roundly condemns professional Zionist opportunists who have tried to profit on the suffering of those who did die in World War II camps. Finkelstein relates that his mother said, “If all those who claim to be survivors are – who did Hitler kill?”

The book “Schindler’s List” on which the Stephen Spielberg movie was based, -- is categorized as fiction in the book itself. No kidding. At least the editions up until the movie came out were so classified. I haven’t seen a recent edition since this became an issue.

Don’t fall for the collective guilt. This is not to denigrate, dismiss, or take lightly the death of even one Jewish person, or any other innocent person. Not at all, I condemn the killing of every innocent person in World War II or any other time. But historical truth is now at stake as the professional Zionists crank up the attempt to throw a perpetual guilt trip on all non-Jews – in order to extract perpetual tribute payments and to shut up all criticism. Pavlov and Freud (both Jews) did much work to verify how easy it was to manipulate people once a guilt trip has been saddled on them.

Now that we see through the trumped up guilt-for-gentiles-forever game, and realize now that whatever “Holocaust” evidence there is – is now OUR evidence to use against the top Judmas Ruling Elite who engineered the rounding up of the Jews through Hitler, -- we can now look at the current Zionist Jewish leaders for the super criminals they are.

--www.votefraud.com/Jim Condit Jr




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