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May 7, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

A fellow Revisionist sent me a raw essay which I have been reworking with
the help of some Revisionist input from other sources - ". . . if Adolf
Hitler could speak to us today, here is what he would say . . . " Take it
to heart and ponder it - there are cardinal points to this phantom:

I, Adolf Hitler, have been accused of monstrous mendacity. The accusations
state, in essence, that I fibbed to make territorial acquisitions in
Central and Eastern Europe. These territorial acquisitions largely
involved lands historically German, pioneered by Germans hundreds of years
ago, taken from Germany by deceit and broken promises, or simply annexation
and brute force, after the First World War.

If I exaggerated German claims to these areas, I certainly did not claim,
like the Jews, that Palestine had been an uninhabited wasteland ever since
the destruction of the Jewish Temple.

My absorbtion of rump Czechoslovakia has been roundly denounced. Yet in
October 1938 and March 1939 I was greeted there by madly cheering throngs.
I do not recall that Arthur Balfour was greeted by cheering Arabs in the
early 1920s.

My word has been deemed worthless. Yet I adhered to the terms of the
Anglo-Saxon Naval Treaty I voluntarily negotiated with England, possessing
at war's outbreak fewer ships than I was allowed to have by the terms of
that treaty.

I did not initiate the bombing of civilians in England and did not even
retaliate until forced to by seven English bombing raids on non-combatants
in Berlin and other German cities. This is not my opinion; it is firmly
established fact as documented by some of your own English historians.

My peace overtures to England through Rudolf Hess in the Spring of 1941
have been denounced as fraudulent. Yet I held my hand in France and
Belgium and allowed the entrapped English Army at Dunkirk to escape.

It is not I who have sealed the records on my peace efforts from public
view for the last 50 years. That has been done by the English State
Secrets Act. Why?

My invasion of Soviet Russia was labeled an unconscionable act of duplicity
and aggression. Yet Russian historians have now admitted, based on
documents from their own declassified archives, that Joseph Stalin was
prepared to attack Europe in the summer of 1941. Would I have sinned less,
had I allowed Stalin's 200 divisions Red Army, poised at our border, to
strike at the European heartland, and my fatherland, first?

I have been denounced as a robber because I confiscated Jewish assets. I
did not, however, steal beautiful Arab homes, many of them centuries old,
in Lidda and Ramle and drive families of many generations out into the hot,
inhospitable desert.

I have been accused of crimes unique in the history of humanity. But I did
not betray England and France after World War I with a broken armistice and
a punitive peace treaty. I did not separate millions of Germans from their
homeland and violate their right of self-determination so callously
promised by President Wilson to a naive, war-weary German leadership.

I did not create a crazy patchwork of artificial states, one of which, in
former Yugoslavia, is now, in 1999, being used as a testing ground for
NATO bombers and weapons systems.

My alleged extermination of six million Jews has been charged by the same
Jewish permeated Western press which glorified and covered up for the
Jewish-controlled Communist murder machine in Soviet Russia and Eastern
Europe for almost a century. My soldiers did not drive 14 million
civilians out of their ancestral homelands in Eastern Europe with the
blessing of England and the U.S.A., as did the Red Army. My soldiers were
not responsible for the genocidal mass raping in Europe, 1945-1948. My
Wehrmacht did not stage Operation Keelhaul in which 1-5 million
anti-Communist refugees from Soviet Russia were returned to Stalinist
Russia for imprisonment in Siberia or execution by firing squad.

Neither did my soldiers murder through starvation and exposure to the
elements more than one million P.O.W.s as did your general, Dwight David
Eisenhower, on the Rhine River Meadow Camps in 1945. If you doubt my
assertion, consult "Other Losses" by James Bacque with its foreword
endorsing the kill total by the senior historian of the American Army.

The German Army under my command has been accused of starving to death
millions of Russian P.O.W.s. My critics forget that Joseph Stalin and his
Red Army were deliberately destroying all foodstocks and agriculture in
their "scorched earth" retreat.

They forget that Germany, under my command, averted mass starvation in
occupied Greece by allowing mass delivery of food parcels by the
International Red Cross, as well as food shipments from the neighboring
countries. I allowed regular mail and food parcel deliveries from the Red
Cross to the concentration camps where I was supposedly "gassing" people.

I would have allowed similar food delivery in Western Europe except that it
was vetoed by the British. These are the same British who starved many
hundreds of thousands of German women and children and Europeans during
their World War I and post-armistice naval blockade.

I have been labeled a master of black propaganda. Yet I was not running
the English BSC (British Security Coordination) black-and-gray falsehood
and propaganda operation from the 38th Floor of Rockefeller Center in New
York in 1939-1944. I was not creating false maps of alleged Nazi invasion
plans of America, Mexico or the Western hemisphere like your president did,
or infiltrating the U.S. Press through the German-American Bund, nor
corrupting U.S. senators with English-supplied whores.

Still less was I fighting an undeclared naval war in the North Atlantic
attacking German submarines - and then claiming "self-defense" as in the
case of the "Reuben James."

My critics forget their glowing praise of me in the pre-war years in which
I was described as the "savior of Germany". Mr. Churchill, Lloyd George
and many, many others, including Gertrude Stein, praised my achievements to
the sky.

The Jews themselves forget my indispensable contributions of skilled
settlers, goods, and transfer of money and machinery, to the founding of
Israel. They no longer mention my endorsement of their ethnic, nationalist
Zionist ideology, which holds that Germans and Jews should be separated for
the common good of both peoples.

They are silent on my not-so-well-known Zionist training camps in Germany
in which I provided agricultural and carpentry as well as life skills
training for Jews wanting to leave Germany to go to Palestine.

They accuse me of looting Jews, but they do not mention the Transfer or
Ha'avara Agreement they negotiated with me in Berlin in which Jews were
allowed to leave Germany with most of their assets in an orderly fashion.
(See Edwin Black's book, "The Transfer Agreement)

They ignore the achievements of my SS Emigration Office which helped the
Zionist Mossad le Aliyal Bet (Committee for Illegal Immigration) move Jews
through the Balkans into Palestine, in violation of English immigration
quotas, a policy beneficial to Germany and Zionist interests.

They ignore the statements of Israelis themselves that without the enormous
German and Jewish capital invested in Palestine during the 1930s, Israel
could never have been built.

They disregard the enormous favorable treatment and publicity I gave to
Zionist ideology with my controlled press because our interests coincided
at the time. I wanted the Jews out! The Zionists wanted the Jews to go to
Palestine! They no longer show the blue-and-white flag of pre-Israel
flying side by side with the swastika in my, Hitler's, Germany.

My diabolizers claim I killed "six million" Jews in "gas chambers." But
your own scholars, using my captured records, have proved otherwise. My
camp commander records, which were not presented to the Nuremberg Kangaroo
Court, show only several hundred thousand dead in German camps, part of
them Jews, mostly from typhus, malnutrition and ordinary war time causes.
They show no "gassings" or mass murder technology, as you so shrilly and
falsely have claimed for over half a century.

They show, on the contrary, that my policy was to employ Jews as indentured
but paid and conscripted forced labor, not to kill them. My commanders
used Zyklon B to delouse clothing and barracks, thereby saving lives.
Crematory ovens to dispose of the bodies of diseased corpses proves nothing
other than German common sense in the face of an emergency - a desire to
stop the spread of deadly epidemics by all means.

I did not create a Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg and use it to frame a
defeated opponent who fought for six years against overwhelming odds. You

After the war you, the anti-Nazis of the universe, "discovered" the Soviet
menace. That it was I, Adolf Hitler, who warned you of that menace, you
forgot. That I sacrificed the flower of Germany's manhood and the treasure
of my nation to fight this evil empire, the murderous Soviet Union, to the
gates of Stalingrad and Moscow, you forgot.

You forgot, too, all the needless English and American deaths, which could
have been avoided if you had joined with me in struggle against the real
enemy of mankind. Instead, you made him your ally.

Your crowning folly I leave for the last. For fifty postwar years, you -
the English and American people - have fallen increasingly under the sway
of the common enemy about whom I, and my scholars, warned you before and
even during the war.

Your social structures have been revolutionized by Jewish-Marxist
influences. Your borders have been opened by this same pernicious
influence to millions of aliens. Your women have been turned against you
by shrieking Jewish feminists. Your youth learn the sickening Steven
Spielberg version of history instead of the hard historical facts I have
laid out for you so lucidly - which you so self-destructively ignored.

Now your politicians worship the Zionist state to the detriment of the
United States. The American flag, once the symbol of freedom and integrity
around the world, is now hated both by the European victims of US sponsored
Keelhaul and the planned ethnic cleansing of the Kaufman and Morgenthau
Plans, as well as the Arab victims of U.S. financed Zionist aggression. In
this, you resemble the moribound and almost defunct English, who paid the
price of their "Palestine Problem" of 1921 - 1948.

It was never necessary, dear Americans, to become National Socialists. It
was only necessary that you honor the traditional wisdom of your ancestors
and stay out of quarrels which never concerned you. You failed to heed the
advice of your own Founding Fathers - and now you parade the results of
your ignorance before an ever more disgusted world.

You visit your Holocaust Memorial Museums, learn the fake lessons of the
"gas chambers", pursue your "bomb-the-world morality" and patriotically
wave the American flag as if induced by a trance, even as you repeal the
First Amendment for honest historical research.

Thought for the Day:

"Soon it will all be over (but) for the arranging of the fig leaves. And on
every important principle, NATO and the United States will have lost."

(Article on Kosovo by Jeff Jacoby, in the Boston Globe,
May 6, 1999)

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