2 Letters on Hitler's Jewish Origins

By Jim Condit Jr



In the two letters below, Jim Condit Jr writes to Paul and Birdman about Hitler and the question of his Jewish blood. Jim has produced a well-recommended video on the subject. Jim may be contacted at jconditjr@fuse.net

Dear Paul and John --

First, thanks for copying me in here, John.

The point I would make is that the two opposite myths -- 1) that Hitler was a super-Aryan who was the foremost example of a gallant white leader against world Jewry in the 20th century (the neo-nazi view), and 2) Hitler was a walking demon who wanted to kill every Jew in the world --- are equally and absurdly false.

I have gotten much more flack from those on the neo-nazi side of the coin that the other way around so far, probably mainly because my DVD has gotten so little play except in limited form on the internet. The DVD is not professional, but is simply 2 hours and 20 minutes of books, pamphlets, pictures, and documentation, thrown up before a still camera with my commentary.

We put out the DVD so that new researchers would not have to start from scratch on all this material, which was mostly spoon fed to me by a professional man out west who wishes to remain in the background. The website is: www.hitlerdvd.com --- although, even without buying the DVD, I can give anyone a running start to begin researching this side of things (see below).

Here are three realities that I would ask any admirer of Hitler to jump over without tripping:

1. Hitler worked for the Communists in 1919 when the Communists took over Munich for six months. He was the go-between (salesman) between the Communist leaders in Munich and the Jewish and deluded German soldiers in the barracks. This is in the book "Hitler, 1936-1945: Nemesis" -- and Kershaw calls it "unexplainable." This incident is also referred to in the 1953 book, "Prisoner of Ottawa" by the uniquely valuable historian Douglas Reed, about one of Hitler's arch-enemies, Otto Strasser. Strasser relates (about page 147-153, I think) that it was occasionally brought up in the beer halls in the 20s as Hitler was rising to power, 'What was Adolph doing in Munich in 1919?" -- and that those present would shrug their shoulders and change the subject. ---- My take: Hitler was 30 years old then. Only a Jew (in this case 1/4 or 1/2 Jew, with a strong predisposition to harken to his Jewish side) can switch from Communist to Nazism within the space of two years -- and be just as enthusiastic for both sides. Incidentally, Hitler was "mysteriously" let off of any consequences after Munich was freed from the Communists. Strasser was among those who liberated Munich, and he with the other liberators were given a special cross, I think the "Frieborg Cross" or something like that, although I may misremember the name now. Hitler, when he took control of Germany, forbid anyone to wear this cross. (Incidentally, one of the first things my source told me was: when we get done researching, almost all the top Nazis will turn out to be part Jewish; at the time I thought he had to be going off the deep end, now I do not. I assume you've heard of the book, "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers" -- which names a number of high level Nazis who were part Jewish, including General Milch.

Comment: And this is one of the key points: there are MANY things that appear "unexplainable" without the thesis propounded in our DVD. (I have gotten two letters that are so complimentary that I dare not reproduce them lest people think I made them up; of course, that isn't a proof of anything.) Hitler letting the English go at Dunkirk -- there have been very, very, very, very lame excuses put forth for this -- but how can one argue that Hitler was in a stronger position to prevent war with England if he had taken into captivity or wiped out the entire British forces trapped there. Answer: Hitler was backed on his way up by the Clivedon group in England -- a group of Jews who had morphed into British Royalty over the generations. Hitler still had hopes of being accepted into the "in crowd" of world power-brokers, and so he showed his willingness to "play ball" by letting all the trapped Englishmen go. Hess's flight to England? Answer: last ditch attempt to make some deal with the Clivedon group, but Churchill's forces (other Jews and Freemasons) arrest Hess when he's landing. Hess bottled up in Spandau prison for 45 years all alone -- never being allowed to talk to anyone without government supervision -- while, taking one week a month each, the Russians, Americans, British, and French have soldiers guard Spandau prison? Answer: This was a warning to all the others who knew the truth of all the Jewish-Nazi-Zionist collaboration that my source cracked: speak out and you will get the Hess treatment or worse. And on and on. --- The other answers I've heard to explain the above phenomenon remind me of a High School student who has to turn in a paper, and he thinks that if can just get the 500 words done without sounding too stupid -- then at least he "got through it." Being neither in the neo-nazi leaning camp, nor the Jewish camp -- I do not accept such flimsy explanations and move on -- and I hope no one else from this point on will do so either.

2. In the Rakovsky Interrogation (the book, "Red Symphony"), Rakovsky explains that a representative of the Warburgs of New York gave Hitler the equivalent of $100 million in 1929. Otto Strasser mentions to Douglas Reed that all the other contenders for leading the Nazi party woke up one morning in 1929 to find themselves overwhelmed by Hitler's money. In "Who Financed Hitler" James Poole says at one point that in the campaign which Hitler waged after 1929 for chancellor (I think) -- that the Nazi Party had unlimited money (Clinton had unlimited money in 1996, Bush in 2000 -- I know because I was on the outskirts of the Buchanan campaign, which was battling with real people donations, not unlimited bankster loans created at will.) In Anthony Sutton's important books such as "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler", he covers Hitler's funding, and in chapter 10 covers the book, "Hitler's Secret Backers" which was written by a Sydney Warburg in 1933, and quickly taken off the market with the Dutch printer's allegedly killed. This is one of those items the neo-Nazis would look to gaff at --- except for one of those little details of history: Von Papen's memoirs, which came out in 1953, list "Hitler's Secret Backers" as the best account of how Hitler was funded to power. Comment: The fact that top Jews put so much money in Hitler's hands without checks and balances (Hitler turned on them as Rakovsky explains) is strong indication that Hitler was "one of them."

3. It was a government report from Austria that concluded Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild. This is in the book "The Last of the Hitler's" by David Gardner -- part of his interview with Paul Zahn about the blackmail letter from Hitler's nephew to Hitler about the rumored Jewish Grandfather is here:


Wm Patrick Hitler tells of his uncle's meeting with him over this issue. Hitler prancing about the room, gesturing, crying (paraphrase), "you're going to ruin everything --- I have don't everything I could to hide my family background. I am not a familiar being, I am just from the folk," Now, Paul, Birdman --- do YOU fanatically hide your family background? No. Neither do I.

Once this government report by Dolfuss was made public, the Nazis went after Dolfuss, killed him, and then Hitler marched into Austria and destroyed all the burial grounds around his home. As my source said: "When we find someone destroying information, we usually call him: guilty. Brigitte Hamann in her book, "Hitler's Vienna" talks about the small papers in Germany that began ridiculing Hitler's rise to power in these terms: how can this Austrian be the lead anti-Semite when he himself is part Jewish? And she mentions the cookbook unearthed in Hebrew by a Rosa Hitler. And don't forget the rule of thumb, not infallible, that any name that ends in "r" is probably Jewish. (Hamann, like all establishment historians, tries to skip over all of this like it doesn't matter; she tries to debunk the " banker Frankenberger was his grandfather" story, and I now believe that the Frankenburger story was concocted to throw people off the Rothschild link.) I have not been able to verify it -- but some claim that, according to Austrian state records, which supposedly were very meticulous, Hitler's grandmother, Schniklgruber, was signed in as a maid for the Rothschild's during the period where Hitler's dad was conceived. My source says that he believes that Hitler's mother Klara's family, the Polzl family, will prove to be part Jewish also. Pictures of Klara Polzl can be found on google image search.

NOW --- I am mixing evidence in with anecdotal and circumstantial evidence here -- but when you look at the whole picture, then it becomes clear that this thesis answers everything -- leaves nothing hanging out that we must say: "I don't understand."

One other item: the term NAZI is not a contraction of National Socialism, which would be NASI; one person observed that NAZI is the end of AzkeNAZI, one of the two main branches of modern Judaism.

As my source said: "We use to think that all socialism was Jewish except National Socialism; now we know that all socialism is Jewish.

I do not agree that Hitler was "one of us" -- if by "one of us" you mean either a white European Christian, or simply a white European who puts racial pride first. This is not to nullify in any way Hitler's Germanic side or Germanic traits. I could go on and on -- and that's what I do in the DVD -- but the above should give at least a few leads on why a growing number are interested in this area of research. I am still up in the air on Hitler's exact frame of mind -- but I believe the answer is that, like many part Jews, he was a double-minded man who shifted from one position to another without warning.

My essay on the Rakovsky Interrogation, which deals with other subjects also, is here:



Jim Condit Jr.


Thank you for your courteous and very intelligent response. Incidentally, if you are not 100% happy with the DVD purchase -- just email me and I will send your money back and you can keep the DVD. My purpose was not to sell the DVD. I am copying in Birdman because I recognize him as an intelligent sifter of evidence. My responses are below behind five stars (*****).

One point you made below is that you had not heard of some of this information. This is why I put out the video -- because my source was hoping someone would -- and I thought his research had unearthed much research that needed to be seen. I also was persuaded by his documentation. Let me tell you that I am 50% Irish, 25% Italian, 12.5 Welsh or Scotch, and 12.5 German. However, my Irish side is dominant, with a undertone of Italian. Words like "blarney" and "County Kildare" seem very natural and "at home" with me -- while "mama mia" and "ciao" do not.

I bring this up because I have never felt any attraction to Hitler's speeches. They seem to me more like over the top performances. In fact, with this research, it seemed to become clear: Hitler acted at times as if he were trying too hard. He also said some strange things like -- to a large mass rally: (paraphrase) It is providential that you have found us, and we have found you." Is this the language that an American leader would say to an American audience? Or a German leader to a German audience?

Admittedly, these observations or impressions are not proof -- but I get the feeling at time that I am fighting a heavy emotional investment in those who are determined to defend Hitler at all costs. I sometimes feel that he has become the hero -- the gold standard -- for those defending him. There is something in me that has always felt I was in the middle of a "con" when dealing in things "Hitler" -- from more sides than one. Anyway here are my response behind five stars (*****) for easy reference.

-----Original Message----- From: Paul Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 9:37 PM To: 'Jim Condit Jr.' Cc: john@thebirdman.org Subject: RE: Hitler

Thanks for your detailed response Mr. Condit, and also to Mr. Bryant for passng the email on.

First of all, I do see Hitler as a gallant white leader but I do not consider myself a neo-nazi (as you categorized all people with my view)

***** I'm not sure that I characterized all people with your view that way, but did identify the two camps that I feel this research torpedoes. I should have put in a qualification though. *****

You state 'almost all the top Nazis will turn out to be part-Jewish'. but back it up with one book.

***** Some of this is covered in the video, and I'm not saying this is established yet. But, I believe there is credible evidence that Hitler, Heydrich (SS), Himmler, Gregor Strasser, etc. were part Jewish. Also, these charges swirl around Eva Braun. I talked to a woman with a degree originally from Poland -- when I brought this subject up, she volunteered out of the blue that it was common knowledge that Eva Braun was part Jewish. Not proof, I admit, but major energy is expended by the Jews to cover the partial Jewish ancestry of many of their front men. Despite charges and informed observations, it wasn't until 1991 that a major Jewish newspaper (name escapes, but it was carried in Criminal Politics magazine and I saw the article myself) -- that Lenin was 1/4 Jewish on his grandfather's side --- and, of course, Lenin -- like my Irish side -- showed a strong partiality to his Jewish portion, as for some reason is often the case. Bill Maher, the comedian, for instance, is half Irish and half Jewish -- but the only way you'd ever know he was Irish is that he says so -- his mind is 100% Jewish. BUT -- when time goes by, the Jews eventually brag about what they have done. *****

Where did Hitler find all these part-Jewish people? Was it a society for half-breeds? No Full-Jews or Full-Aryans allowed. This is pretty poor evidence though I would not be at all surprised anyway because Hitler did not have the irrational hatred of Jews he is known for, which is why Jewish soldiers from WWI went relatively unmolested during WWII.

***** Well, this is a good question, but possibly answered by the fact that Jewish feeling people are attracted to other Jewish feeling people. It's no conspiracy -- it's the legitimate part of racialism. Just like you rarely find a house on Christmas gathering that is not all black or all white folks (except for the new mixed family phenomenon) -- and there is nothing wrong with this. I don't think I mentioned in last email the book by Alan Abrams: "Special Treatment: The Untold Story of Hitler's Third Race." This is a book about Hitler saving THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of half Jews, or mixed marriages of Jews and Germans by declaring them Aryan. The author himself seems to be confused about it all, as at one point he declares that if it weren't for Hitler's exemptions for the mischlinge (mixed breed Jews) that there would have hardly been any Jews left. My source for this info and thesis believes that Hitler believed that the natural super race was the German people led by German-Jewish brains. There might even be some truth to this -- if the dominant leaders amongst the Jews didn't have such a predilection for evil and exploitation of others, which is historically beyond question, but which is another subject, and I'd say one with a theologically dimension -- but that's another subject for another time. The book that goes into this the most is Kardel's "Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel" referenced by John in the first email in this series -- but that book, while voluminous, is mostly anecdotal without irrefutable references. There is another book, "Bevor Hitler Kam" or, in English, "Before Hitler Came" by Deitrich Bronder. Bronder was a Jewish German school teacher who published this book in 1964 in Germany. It was quickly forced off the market. It is still not in English, but there are two people working on it for me. It alleged by, I believe, the late Nord Davis that this book talks about the top Nazis being part Jewish -- and how everything had been prepared for someone like Hitler since the days of Bismarck. I have no way of verifying this until the book is translated. I gave a copy of this book (Xerox form, which is all I have) to Germar Rudolph, who now is one of the world's most famous political prisoners. Rudolph told me it was a very learned book, and I believe he quoted from it in some of his journals -- however, when I asked him if it claimed that top Nazis were part Jewish, he dodged the question. I don't know if he hadn't read the whole thing, or what. *****

This does not for a second change the super-aryan leader (as you put it) view I have formed of him. Hitler let the English go at Dunkirk because he respected and did not want war with them, He knew that if he butchered hundreds of thousands of British in a blood-bath there would never be peace (his ultimate goal) with Britain.

***** My impression was always that they were cornered --- would not a massive surrender have been possible? Things could have gotten a bit messy if some of the English resisted, but it seems this would have been more logical from a war strategy.

In my view, that is not a lame excuse but a very sensible one.

***** From a war strategy point of view -- in the middle of a hot war -- I would say it is unheard of in the annals of human history. However, I do not rule out the possibility of what this dominant view that you believe is the best explanation. I will also have to say that when I have made that argument in the past, I was usually addressing someone with the Demon-Hitler view of history, and they become quite confused that the murder-thirsty Hitler would have let the English go. So, I will admit, it is not a convincing argument to those who view Hitler as the noble hero of the war. (I call him one of the four super-criminals the banksters helped to power -- although Stalin was accepted by the banksters when Trostky couldn't overthrow him; I've told some people: Hitler can still be your favorite Super Criminal of WW II -- but he was a super criminal." *****

I find your view of Hitler 'Playing ball with a group of English Jews and letting the soldiers go' more lame than mine.

***** It was more than just the Clivedon group -- it was the entire world power system -- he realized that he was looking more and more like the odd man out, especially after his joint invasion of Poland with Stalin -- when the western press only attacked Hitler the next morning (this is all explained in the Rakovsky Interrogation). And, Hitler was trying to regain his position, by this thesis, as part of the power structure. *****

Do Jews care about non-Jewish soldiers?

***** I'm not saying Hitler was a conventional Ben Gurion or Benji Netanyahu Jew --- just that this "jewish-zionist-nazi" angle -- explains everything. *****

Read through the sections of 'Hitlers War' where Hitler is considering putting operation Sea Lion into place, he is tortured day and night over the decision.

***** Accepted. *****

Hitler also implemented the barter system, to the absolute horror of world Jewry.

***** This is true -- and Rakovsky, who is a top Jewish Gentleman Banker type, and confidant of the Rothschild complex, goes into this at length in the Rakovsky interrogation. He says that Hitler and Stalin were both "Bonapartists." My source looked for a long time to figure out what was a "Bonapartist." It meant someone helped up the line by the Jews -- who then turns on them. This was Napoleon -- who, when the Jews turned on him, ended up on the island of Elba, I believe. And, Rakovsky says that both Stalin and Hitler turned on the banksters -- and that at first the banksters were funding Hitler up the line partially because they thought only Hitler and Germany could attack Russia and destabilize Stalin's regime so the Trotskyites -- of which Rakovsky was a part of -- could take over. Stalin had betrayed the banksters when he refused to continue the plan to simply march to the Atlantic and communize Europe. This is what was happening in 1919 when those Jews like Bela Kuhn took over several of the cities in Europe for the Communists. They fully expected the advancing Russian army to arrive shortly. (So it looked at the time like Communism WAS the wave of the future in Europe.) In other European cities the Jews were ready to betray the city to the advancing Communists. The Poles, in a near miracle, fought the Russians enough that at the Vistula River so much confusion reigned that the Russians were able to through off their Communist masters, after which they just marched back to their families in Russia. The Encyclopedia Britannica for 1989 says that the defeat of the Russians at the Vistula river "ended the hopes of the Communists to take over Europe in that generation. The Katyn Forrest massacre of 15,000 or so Polish officers -- was the revenge of the Jews against the sons of the Polish patriots who defeated the Communist army in 1919. With the Russians turning back, all the short lived Communist governments, like in Munich, were then taken back. I do not go into this in the link I gave you yesterday on Rakovsky. ---- But I do go into that Rakovsky next said that Hitler, once in power, became a much bigger problem than Stalin -- that he began issuing his own money. Rakovsky says that this was so dangerous to the banksters that they dared not even attack it in their press for fear other nations would take heed and begin to copy Hitler. ******

***** To continue: I don't think Hitler ever gave any speeches, though, urging other countries to do this. I also don't think he ever publicly complained to the German people about the Transfer Agreement (there is a book of this title by Edwin Black -- try to get the one that isn't missing 40 pages or so). The Transfer Agreement, allegedly necessitated by Samuel Untermeyer's famous call for a boycott of German goods the month Hitler came to power, allowed the Jews in Palestine to buy German goods at wholesale, and like good middle men, mark them up for sale to other countries -- and KEEP THE PROFITS TO PREPARE FOR THE INVASION OF PALESTINE AND THE FOUNDING OF ISRAEL. Sorry, about that, I really don't intend to shout at you, but this is a reason why Kardel says that Israel owes its existence to Hitler as much as anybody else. Anyway, I have challenged anyone to find one speech or Nazi publication where Hitler complains about this to the German people. Some Nazi generals tried to get Hitler to nix this deal in 1938, but Hitler overruled them. I am inclined to think that the Untermeyer Boycott was part of the plan to fund the Irgun in Palestine -- a kind of massive of hoax which Hitler participated in, for reasons not entirely clear unless it be to try and stay in the loop of the world power brokers.

***** To continue: Here is one indication that the Untermeyer boycott was a hoax: in the very month that Hitler came to power, IBM, based in New York City (!), landed in Germany to help Hitler catalog every Jew in Germany by their punch card system. Who was demanding this? The everyday German? Of course, not! It was the Jewish world banksters who wanted to force as many everyday Jews down to Palestine for the planned takeover. Question: Why didn't Untermeyer and the New York Times complain about this vociferously? (It was part of the plan.) The book about this "IBM and the Holocaust" by the same Edwin Black-- is a disinformation spin book -- but the facts are there, you just have to read between the lines. Edwin Black, a Jewish author, should get the Smaltz award of the decade for the audio tapes that come as a companion to the books. Incidentally, Black tries to make Thomas Watson, President of IBM, as the evil genious. Watson got many public awards from Hitler. I have challenged anyone to find any major complaints from the New York Times or any major Jewish Newspapers to this IBM help for Hitler in the 1930s. Didn't this break Untermeyer's boycott? Allegedly supported by almost all major Jewish organizations in America? In New York City --- no Jews were privy to Watson's repeated trips to Nazi Germany after 1933 -- beginning the same month as Untermeyer's call for a boycott of Germany? Anyway, this all becomes too much for me to accept the established version, or should I say two versions, of Hitler history. *****

Can you imagine a first world country doing the same today? The Jews would have the USA dropping bombs on them in no time.

***** Yes, and Rakovsky about says the same thing. However, Hitler took them off guard. Problem: Hitler was taught about money by a guy named Rosenburg who was a Russian, or I should say, from Russia -- as my source says he was clearly a Khazar Russian Jew; I have not yet been able to verify this. My source says that the guy who was in jail with Hitler and helped him write Mein Kampf was also a Jew, but I can't remember the name right now. *****

Reason for Hess being locked up and guarded for 45 years?

True, he obviously had something to say that the Jews and British didn't want heard. That was obviously to the keep the general public from being aware that Hitler wanted peace with Britain

***** This does not seem to me to be a sufficient reason for the theatrics of keeping one man in a prison made for 300, and having four countries rotate soldiers who march around the prison all year long for 45 years. Besides --- doesn't everyone know that Hitler wanted peace with Britain -- from the Dunkirk episode? Furthermore, how effective would Hess speaking up for Germany have been with Americans or British commoners? I would say not effective in the least. No, it seems to me this was not done for the public -- this was done for those who knew a much greater secret -- the Nazi-Zionist-Jewish connection -- one that had successfully set up Israel (leaving the participants' intentions aside here) -- and one that was in the middle of continuing to pull further hoaxes and tricks on the world all through the cold war and even up to now, witness the middle east and the World War III scenario being prepared. (The Nazi nor the Communist faction use that name anyone, but they still roll on as witness what's happening at the top of US Finance and the Office of Homeland Security.) By the way, my source believes that all of the celebrated "Nazi Hunting" was also to keep those who knew these secrets on the run. What is your explanation for why Eichmann was kept in a soundproof cage during his trial in Israel in 1961? I say it was to make sure they could cut him off at any time. Kardel says Eichmann was a full blooded Jew. Did you know Eichmann spoke Yiddish? That he made numerous trips to Palestine over the Transfer Agreement, but primarily to allow the training of the Irgun (the Zionist first line military strike force used against the British and Palestine) in Nazi held territories? That the American Jewish Committee brags in a pamphlet we show on the video from 1938 that they had to educate Mussolini about certain things, such as allowing the Irgun to train in Italian territory? All these things cannot be brushed aside.) *****

and it was actually their own sad bunch of leaders that instigated and perpetuated the bloodbath of WWII. Don't underestimate the power of this revelation. This is not a 'flimsy' excuse but appears self-evident.

***** As long as the everyday people accepted that Pearl Harbor was a senseless act of Japanese aggression, and that Hitler started WW II by invading Poland, then there was no danger of any mass wake up. Again, the last person that would have been believed is one of Hitler's top aides. He would have been given no publicity, or, more likely killed in his cell a al Slobodan Milosovich. No, the theatrics around Hess had to be a really, really big secret that was a warning to a lot of important people. *****

'The fact that top Jews put so much money in Hitler's hands without checks and balances (Hitler turned on them as Rakovsky explains) is strong indication that Hitler was "one of them"'

To suggest that Hitler turned on the Jews is also quite strange. When did this turnabout occur?

***** After he got the equivalent of $100 million in 1929, got into power, and started issuing his own money. The banksters aren't known for handing that type of money out to just anybody. *****

While he was sitting in a prison cell he was making it very clear that he wanted the Jews out of Europe. Any Jew that was shocked must have been blind or stupid.

****** That's not the amazing thing -- the amazing thing is that the top Jews knews about these passages -- but still funded him! *****

You also suggest that Hitler switched from Communism to Nazism. He didn't switch from communism to Nazism, he created Nazism,

***** While I don't have the reference in my mind, Hitler did not create Nazism. He shot up like a meteor in the ranks because of his speaking ability. The founders of the movement (don't be shocked to hear that I'm going to assert that this was a Jewish inspired movement) expected him to just be the front man speaker. Why do you think he killed so many of those who had risen through the ranks with him in the night of the long knives? *****

there is a difference. You also state that he was just as enthusiastic for both sides. Can you direct me to one single existing document that suggests that Hitler was enthusiastic for Communism?

***** I overspoke here --- but in 1919 he must have been just as enthusiastic for Communism if he was the go-between from the Communist leaders to the soldiers in the barracks who had to be motivated. I think Hitler was in large part opportunist. By one account, in the last days of the war he said, "The German people were not worthy of me" --- a strange statement from a Germanic man --- an understandable statement from a Judeo-German who looked at himself as above the everyday German. *****

Are you also saying that Hitler used a Z instead of an S for the National Socialist acronym to secretly show people that he was really a jew? That sounds really wacky and way out to me.

***** I don't know what the reason was, I just not that NAZI is not a contraction from National Socialism in German. There was Joseph of Nasi in the 16th century -- whose claim to fame was trying to get Jews back to Palestine, and who helped a leader in Crete to power in return for staging limited persecutions of the Jews so he could rally them to leave Crete and go to Palestine (Joseph of Nasi, the book, is available from the inter-library loan system). There is a Jewish actress from Russia who came to Hollywood in the circa 1920 and used the name Nazimore. I don't know for sure what this means, but I would like a clear explanation as to why NAZI and not NASI was used. Germar Rudolph drew a blank when I asked him about this, as if he were thinking about it for the first time -- but he did agree that NAZI was not the contraction for National Socialism in German. *****

When reading books on WWII and Hitler I also take the most note of information presented by people who do not have an axe to grind.

***** Are there such books? Everybody has to have a metaphysics, even if they are not aware of the word "metaphysics." Most of my evidence comes from books that are admitting these uncomfortable facts, but trying to explain them away in clearly inadequate ways. I felt that my source had finally come up with a thesis that explained them all. Of course, the amazing thing, is that many of these facts and circumstances were hidden from almost everyone for many, many, many years after WW II. *****

Quite a few of the books that you have quoted can't fit that bill. Are you telling me that there aren't many books out there on the subject that are not complete nonsense from start to finish?

***** I don't know about that -- but I would think most of them would fall into the category of hysterical Jewish anti-Hitlerism (I would say, in most cases, adopted as a posture by the Jewish authors, and not as their real behind-the-scenes belief). *****

If we're going to go into conjecture and personal feelings then do we doubt the authenticity of Hitler's war record? People who are 'double minded and shift from one position to another' rarely have the fanatical determination shown in his years in the trenches. People that are just after power by any means possible usually hide in the background waiting to cut someones throat.

***** First of all, I am not saying that Hitler was a total opportunist, or that he might not have been brave -- many Jews in the Irgun were very brave. However, my source has documented that at least one of Hitler's two World War I medals -- was obtained for him by a Jewish officer above him. He makes the point that Jews awarding undeserved medals to other Jews is as old as modern warfare. I can't recall the name of the officer now, but I think it's in the tape. My source was unable to verify yet that the other officer who applied for Hitler's other medal was also Jewish -- but he things that he will eventually find the documentation on him also. *****

Yes, I have left quite a few of your points unanswered, this is because I have not even heard of some of these things and can not comment but to a certain extent I find the idea of Hitler being in league with the Jews a painful one and I admit that might sway my thinking.

Having said all this, I am not one to rubbish peoples ideas without reading their material so I will go to your site and order your video. I'll let you know what I think.

***** Well, that is a very reasonable and humble (in the best sense) and admirable position. I have taken several hours over two nights to answer these emails because I would very much like to be given new information that may shed a different light on some of these things, if such exists. *****

Thanks again for your response

***** Any future comments or documentation that you or anyone else has, I am most interested in. Jim Condit Jr.*****



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