Hi John!   Just a brief subjective comment to your commentary essay "Lets get small". Yes, i think you look good with a beard too :-) I see nothing to argue about in it.   A few additional bits on the "zionazi theme", which i find is quite "big" :   The nazis resident "mystic" was Erik Jan Hanussen (1889-1933), hypnotist, atrologer, and expert on mass hypnosis, who, according to Strasser, taught Hitler from the early twenties and on. Hanussen looked more "crazy" than Rudolf Steiner ever did.  Hanussen joined the nazi party in 1931, in late 1932 he predicted Hitlers rise to power on jan. 30, 1933. The month follwing after Hitlers rise to power, Hanussen predicted a great fire. The following evening the Reichstag was in flames! 6 weeks later Hanussen was kidnapped and murdered in the woods outside Berlin, allegedly by the police chief of Berlin. Hanussen pretended to be from a line of danish noblemen (name sounds much more norwegian than danish actually). He was born as Herschel Steinschneider in Vienna. Another yid shapeshifter.   Comment: Im pretty sure the nazis didnt torch the Reichstag. But they were waiting for a "sign", probably primed by Hanussen and that was IT. The "link" was then "sewered".   Sefton Delmer points out that the nazis didnt do it, but the "Pullers of Strings" certainly could be behind it!   Dr. Hans Josef Maria Globke, the author of the nazis racist Nueremberg laws, but usually only called a "commentator" thereoff, rose to a high position in post war west germany, and had a decisive influence on its shaping.

C. W. Porter sez Sefton Delmer was a jew.
A Berlin jew, that goes with Hitler on his private airplane, during the "Adolf Hitler Superstar" tours, then becomes a master of british black propaganda, and one of the masterminds of the holohoax.
So he was a shape shifting yid

Hitler was being poisoned by Dr. Morell's (a jew) speedball concoctions. Dr. Brandt (a german), warned Hitler against these treatments, which encurred him Hitlers wrath, and was close to being executed. He spent the last part of the war in a KZ camp, and was then hanged at Nueremberg. Morell, basically a ruthless quack, selling useless lice powder to the eastern front soldiers and so on, and former runner of a venereal clinic, made millions and got away with them, since he had been an "underground fighter".    I mentioned Nahum Goldmanns 1915 statements, and he is not just an anybody, because it proves the yids pre stated interest in fanning the flames of germanic agression.   The Schneerson Rebbe Schaechter family is interesting because it is connected with ritual murders of the worst kind.  Faivel Schneerson was rescued from the Warschau ghetto by the nazis and brought to the US, and the Lubavitcher philosophy is one of the most blatant undisguised "black" mosaic ones.  "Amalek must be destroyed", meaning ANY opposition to jewish supremacy is to be ruthlessly and mercilessly crushed. "Jews are made of an entirely different material than other beings, making them infinitely more worth in the eyes of G-d, than anything else". and so on.   Modern jewish shapeshifters: The former bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl, from 1982 and forward, after leaving the post, a large financial scandal involving him was discovered, is said to be really "Henoch Kohn". The jewish author Jakov Lind writes in his in 1988 in Germany published book "The Inventor" (Carl Hanser, Muenich) on page 80: "The great grand father of the present kanzler still wrote his name with an "n" instead of an "l", and was a landlord in Buczaz. I have proof, documents. A whole library of proofs in the vault of the national bank of Vaduz". Helmut Kohl is said to be a member of the B'nai B'rith Lodge (jews only), and associated with such as the Bilderbergers, Rockefellers and so on. Another link: At the mosaic cemetery of Vienna is the family grave of the Heilmann-Kohns, mostly inscribed with hebrew letters, and the names of Helmuts grand parents, Sara and Salomon  Kohn. Galician/polish khazarian jews, that went over Prague to Vienna, then to Ludwigshafen, where Helmut was born in 1930. Helmut received an order from the B'nai B'rith in Muenich 1996.    Work in progress: Im working on something, implying that the yids are using highly secret esoteric knowledge consciously to their own ends. This knowledge is officially suppressed, but secretly used. The Babylonic mysteries and the "Platonic" kalender figures in this, and Goldmann is one of those who is leaking some of the bits.   Ole