Here's some information provided by Ole from Denmark on Nazis and Jews:


Ok, maybe I'm caught up in my own line of thought. I'll try to clarify one of my main view points. The list might help with that:   "The jewish infiltration, influence and dominance of the German Nazi Party"  

Adolf Hitler: his father was almost certainly a bastard son of the jew Frankenberg. Hitler's born out of wedlock half brother, Alois, convicted for bigamy and thievery, clearly showed jewish traits deriving from the common grandfather Frankenberg. Hitler might also be a Rothschild bastard, see following and judge by yourself:  

Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich: the son of Bruno Heydrich, actually Suess. This knowledge was actively suppressed by the nazis. The full jew Suess looked a lot like the lead character of the naxi propaganda film "Suess the Jew", shown all over the Reich during the war. Reinhard's mother was a half jewish actress. He was discharged from the navy after insulting a girl he had knocked up. he was the one to forge the documents "proving" that Ernst Roehm was plotting against Hitler.   Roehm, commander of 4 million SA troups, mostly battle veterans, was loyal to the original nazi party line of abolishing interest. A step harking back to the times of the Knights Templar. The abolishment of Usury, a jewish speciality, was considered true christian policy then, but Rome crushed the templars and the usury free zone. Ernst Roehm also went for the moderate jewish policy, of only limiting their dominance of the media, entertainment, industry, law and medicine, intellectual life and only expulison of the recently settled eastern jews. The murder of Roehm meant killing the moderate revolutionary wing, and the almost total control of he nazi party by jewish mongrels. Heydrich had a brother who was denied membership in a students' union, because of his jewish mannerisms.   Reinhard, meaning approx. "pure" or "pureheart" qua "Lionheart", was a name taken on by the Goldmanns according to names researcher Kessler.

Heinrich Himmler had a jewish grandmother, an Italian fruit stand merchant.  

Herman Goering's wife's maiden name, Sonneman, derived from the hebrew Simson.  

Hans Frank, Hitler's attorney, wa son of a jewish lawyer from Bamburg. In 1933 he announced: "The jewish question can only be solved by establishing a jewish State"  

Dr. Joseph Goebbels,prime nazi propagandist, was of spanish jewish stock, called Rabbi in the school. His jewish mother in law, Friedlander, lived in his household until the end of the war.  

Alfred Rosenberg, baltic jew, totlay infatuated with a jewish redhead.  

Lanz von Liebenfels, dumped for lewd conduct from priest school, son of the jewess Hopfenreich, published the anti semitic ariosophic magazine "Ostara" in Vienna, a great inspiration for the young Hitler. Lanz said: "we grant the jews full right to a state in Palestine"     

Ribbentrop and Chaim Weizmann were drinking buddies. Weizmann was the jewish spokesman to have Judea declare war on germany in 1933.   Hitler took over the "Peoples Observer" in 1920 with economic help from Trebitsch Lincoln/Moses Pinkeles hungarian jew. when he died in 1943, Rosenberg wrote the obituary in the "Observer". In a beerhall in Munich Hitler and Lincoln agreed that "anti semitism can only be of value in jewish hands"   

Adolf Eichmann a catholic jew, born near Haifa in Egypt, spoke hebrew, yiddish and german, came as a child to Solingen, then Linz, Austria. Kessler documents there were no Eichmanns before the early century.

There was close co-operation between Heydrich's gestapo, and jewish hagana in Palestine.One jewish collaborator in berlin, Schkolnik and behind him future prime minister of Israel, Levi Eschkol, told the german magazine "Spiegel"in 1965, that "in the beginning of Hitlers' regime I stayed within for awhile."

Faivel Polkes, Polish jew and leader of Hagana. met with Eichamnn in Berlin 1937. he got this written affirmation by Eichmann "A body, representing jews in Germany, will exert pressure on those leaving Germany to only emigrate to Palestine. Such a policy is in the interest of Germany and will be executed by the gestapo. Polkes invited Eichmann to Palestine. 2nd october 1937, Eichmann as editor of the "Berlin Daily" stepped down from the ship "Romania" in Haifa. After coming home he reported: "people of jewish national circles are very excited about the radical german policy towards jews, because this has increased jewish population in Palestine manyfold. In a short time they will be the majority among arabs."          

Julius Streicher published the "Stuermer" anti semitic gutter rag, full of jewish ritual murder and sexual crimes. It was the only admitted porn mag. in the third Reich, spewing out perverted filth from 1923-1945. Filthy drawings that gave sensitive souls nightmares were drawn by the jew Jonas Wolk alias Fritz Brandt. Streicher was to be hanged in Nuremberg 1946, but he was either strangled or had his throat slit kosher style. When asked for his name he answered "you know it" and went to the scaffold with a "heil Hitler" and "purim fest 1946. Observers called the ghastly execution "Scariest of the night". Two german workers in the crematorium were pledged to silence. The box was marked "Abraham Goldberg" for him it was indeed.   Of 500.000 German jews, 300.000 emigrated before the war, mostly to Palestine.   Takes one to know one i guess?    

The nazis rescued the Rebbe Faivel Schneerson out of Warszaw, who is tied in with the blackest of talmudism and ritual murder.


Hennecke Kardel's book, "Hitler, Founder of Israel", is full of goodies. Heydrich was a 3/4 jew no less, the one Hitler saw a potential heir in. Heydrich concocted a plot of forgeries to miscredit leading USSR personel, and paranoid "Uncle Joe" ate it hook and sink, a devious plot, worthy of those people who brought us the Holocaust. Heydrich was in charge of the sonder kommandos on the east front, that would kill red commissars on sight. Today we know, thanks to revisionists, that those murders were grossly exagerated after the war.

Franco was a sephardic jew, supported by Balearic jews.

Admiral Canaris of the abwehr was a greek jew. He tried to get a deal with the US against USSR and was willing to get rid of Hitler, and was strangled on a meathook as a traitor.

After Ernst Roehm of the SA, an upright soldier FOR defense AGAINST agression and a supporter of Feders NS party program of abolishing interest was snuffed in 1934, the fact was that ALL who had ANY leverage in the NS leadership had JEWISH BLOOD in them.

Theres many more bits, i cant remember them, I'm sitting in a netcafe. I have read Des Griffin who also has some good bits and views, and a quote from Eustace Mullins comes to my mind, that "most conflicts actually are warring jewish factions". WW2 could be seen as such.


Apart from more Kardel, I'm getting this book Dietrich Bronder's "Before Hitler came". From that book: "In 1921 Hitler bought the anti semitic newspaper "Peoples Observer" from the head of the Thule order, Sebottendorf, for 100.000 marks in cash, of which his friend Trebitsch Lincoln contributed 30.000 mark"

Another bit: Martin Luther, the church revolutionary who betrayed the farmers and caused a wave of witch burning in his wake, wrote "The jews and their Lies". Dr. Goebbels, a dutch jew, seems to be almost qouting it word for word. According to a german theologian i talked with recently, Luther was pissed off at the jews for the following reason: he thought they were going to convert to the christian faith after his reforms, which didn't happen. Maybe they promised him something? Luther's name suggests he is of an old "aristocratic" lineage, going back to Wodan/Odin. My view is, that the catholic church took on the symbolism of the ancient indo european spirituality, expressed f. x. in the gothic cathedrals, that are almost exact analogues to pharaonic egyptian symbolism. Thus, protestantism broke the powerhold of Rome, but also severed the ties to its veiled spiritual heritage, laid out in works as f. x. "The Emerald Tablet" of Hermes Teuth.


If I could get your readership to read Kardel, and debate it, I would feel I would have accomplished a wee bit. It's dynamite, I judge it to be at least 90 percent accurate, and if it's ordered from A1 books in San Diego, they send a stack of papers on zionist crimes along with it. Get it, it's worthwhile!

I'm trying to make some "inroads" concerning the "Holohoax". A few weeks ago I smoked a joint and had a beer with a Pole. I started pointing out that the nazis were blamed and convicted at IMT for the red army's Katyn massacre, which Gorby admitted was a red army doing in 1991. And told him some of Wiesels and others' blatant lies. He couldnt argue against me, but walked out on me and called me a demagogue(?), wouldn't hear anymore about the Holohoax. 60 years af brain wash don't go away in 5 minutes - I attest to that. I'm going to get this to some danish historians in due time, plant some seeds where they might catch hold.

Further bits: Lanz von Liebenfels, jewish mongrel, the publisher of "Ostara" in Vienna, anti semitic magazine that influenced Hitler, acknowledged the right of jews to a state in Palestine. Hans Frank, another semi heeby jeeby, in charge of occupied Poland, acknowledged the right of jews to a state in Palestine. And the list goes on, Eichmann, another yid, acknowledged the right of jews to a state in Palestine. And so on!

Eichmann was a full jew, with a schnauz that stuck out like the key to a synagogue.

Hitler's Dr., Morell, was a jew, filled the Fuehrer with speedballs and other strange concoctions. The snake oil pusher made millions, and got away frank and free, he had been a "resistance fighter", while Dr. Brandt was hanged for his involvement in the euthanasia program (and for telling the fuehrer he was turning into a junkie wreck?)

The pressure was laid on the jews by the nazis to fuck off, but NO ONE wanted them in. Chaim Weizmann, british spokesyid, close drinking buddy of Von Ribbentrop (maybe NOT a yid mongrel, just for variety?), thundered against taking them in. Rabbi Stephen Wise of New York, thundered against taking them in. And so on!

The pressure was laid on the jews to go to "Holyland" and no where else if possible. By the wolves, leaders, and hidden sponsors like Rothschild, who didn't go there themselves.

Madagascar was suggested, but the zion heebies went there and bitched about the climate. Stalin had a reservation made for them. But Palestine/Holyland was always #1, great climate, and as Nahum Goldmann put it: "Palestine was chosen for pragmatic reasons. it is the geopolitical turning point of three continents, and has lots of resources."

Overall conclusion: The rivalry between warring factions/tribes of jews was overruled by the common zionist agenda, that only had few opponents among jews. The western sephardic nazi jews were somewhat less brutal and ruthless, than the eastern khazar/ashkenazim red army brutes. Today in Israel this rivalry continues, and, NO Bob Marley, you ain't "Jah People"!


In a beerhall in Muenich, the early twenties, Hitler has a conversation with Trebitsch-Lincoln, alias Moses Pinkeles, an adventurer, and the first german spy to be a member of the british House of Commons. They agree that jews, especially eastern jews, are horrible people obsessed with material possesions and lack of spirituality. How good to be rid of them, and what better place than sending them back to the desert, to Palestine.

"What do you need Herr Hitler?" Trebitsch slips Hitler 30.000 marks, and from other sources he gets the other 70.000 marks to buy the "Peoples Observer" from Sebottendorf.

Zionism and nazism, two roads, with a common goal!