Nazism Was a Jewish Operation

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Recently we posted information sent by Ole from Denmark indicating that many high-ranking nazis were Jewish. Now we have independent confirmation from a Jewish website, the Jewish Virtual Library,

that this is indeed the case. Unfortunately, much of the information is poorly documented, but the site seems professional and 'in the Jewish interest', so we would have to wonder why a Jewish site would wish to claim so many nazis as their own unless it were simply in the interest of truth.

Here are the top nazis (or persons playing major roles in the nazi regime) whose names we recognize that the JVL lists:

Adolf Hitler
Karl Doenitz
Dietrick Eckart
Adolf Eichman
Hans Frank
Wilhelm Frick
Wilhelm Frisch
Walter Funk
Joseph Goebbels
Hermann Goering
Heinz Guderian
Rudolf Hess
Reinhard Heydrich
Heinrich Himmler
Rudolf Hoss
Alfred Jodl
Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Wilhelm Keitl
Ilse Koch
Josef Mengele
Erich Priebke
Erich Raeder
Leni Riefenstahl
Ernst Rohm
Erwin Rommel
Alfred Rosenberg
Hjalmar Schacht
Otto Skorenzy
Albert Speer
Gregor Strasser
Julius Streicher
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Paul von Kleist
Boldur von Schirach
Rudolf von Sebottendorf
Walter von Seydlitz
Paul von Hindenburg
Claus von Stauffenberg
Karl von Stuelpnagel
Helmuth von Moltke
Constantin von Neurath
Franz von Pappen
Ernst von Weizsaeker
Horst Wessel

(There are many other less-recognizable leaders of the nazi regime who are also listed, but which I have not included here because they would not likely be recognized by most readers.)

But this is not the only surprise, for the following persons are also listed as Jews:

Yassir Arafat
Alexander the Great
Count Folke Bernadotte
King Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Pope Benedict XVI (current pope)
Pope Pius XII
Gamal Abdul Nasser
Benito Mussolini
Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
Linda McCartney
Douglas MacArthur
Martin Luther
Oskar Schindler
Bernie Sanders
Anwar Sadat
Condi Rice
Colin Powell
Timur ("Timur the Lame", or Tamerlane)
Joseph Stalin

I have no idea what the likelihood is that these folks are all Jews, but my guess is that, with the Ole material, a lot of them are indeed Jews. And if so, then the obvious question becomes, Could it be that Jews, or THE Jews, are the world's biggest troublemakers?

Other things to check out:

Article " Hitler's Jewish Army" from:

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish
Descent in the German Military
by Bryan Mark Rigg

Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel: Israel in War with Jews
by Hennecke Kardel
This book claims Hitler's personal physician, Morrel, Putzi (?) Hanffstaengel, Prof Haushofer, and Gen Erhard Milch were Jews. "Not a complete list".

Also recommended: 'BEFORE HITLER CAME' by German Jew Dietrich Bronder, 1964, a


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