Israeli Torture & US Hypocrisy

By David Duke


David Duke calls for end to U.S. Israeli Aid after torture death of Palestinian by Israeli police

New Orleans, Louisiana, February 3, 2000 ... National Organization for European American Rights President and Louisiana Republican official, David Duke, is calling on members of Congress to withhold all foreign aid to Israel, after the torture death of Lafi al-Rajabi, 20, who died January 14, after being tortured.

Israel is the only nation in the world that has officially permitted the torture of political prisoners. (The Israel legal system has allowed torture during interrogation) "The U.S. State Department wouldn't give U.S. taxpayer's money to any other country in the world that officially permitted torture, but when Israel routinely torturers Palestinians, not one government department or official speaks out," said Duke. "Where is the outrage from media pundits, the human rights activists, the actors and sports stars? Why are they always silent when it comes to the human rights violations of Israel?"

Duke is calling attention the media's double standard in dealing with Israel. "The American media, which is dominated by Jews, calls those who want to protect our borders, 'Racists,' while supporting Israel, a state that limits immigration only to Jews. They decry European Americans who want to preserve our heritage, but work actively to preserve Jewish heritage. They try to integrate the White an Black races in America, but support Israel which has segregated schools and settlements. This same American media promotes gun control in America, supports the Israeli state, which allows Jews to openly carry Uzis and other machine guns. "

David Duke calls on individual Jews in the media and other areas of public life to speak out against this hypocrisy from the leaders of major Jewish organizations. "I don't believe that all Jews support the Jewish supremacist nation of Israel or xenophobic Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith (ADL) a Jewish hate group. It is time for fair-minded Jews to speak out on these policies and to expose the hypocrisy of Jewish supremacist organizations.

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David Duke is a Former State Representative for Louisiana and is currently the elected chairman for the St. Tammany Parish Republican Party in Louisiana. He is a nationally known civil rights leader working against discrimination and for the rights and heritage of White Americans. David Duke is the author of the nationally acclaimed autobiography entitled "My Awakening: A path to racial understanding."




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