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Subject: Questionable Leadership:  Whose War, Indeed?

Questionable Leadership:  Whose War, Indeed?
By Mark Franklin
March 25, 2003

"But, today I weep for my country. I have watched the events of recent months with a heavy, heavy heart. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper. The image of America has changed. Around the globe, our friends mistrust us, our word is disputed, our intentions are questioned. ... We flaunt our superpower status with arrogance. We treat UN Security Council members like ingrates who offend our princely dignity by lifting their heads from the carpet. Valuable alliances are split. After war has ended, the United States will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America's image around the globe. ... Why can this President not seem to see that America's true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?" Senator Robert Byrd asked this prior to Bush War.

America has now become involved in another bloody and vicious war.  We are told that we are liberating the Iraqi people: "America the beautiful" is freeing the Iraqi people from a vicious dictator so that the people there can live their lives American-style.  While we bring them good whiskey, cigarettes, feminism, mini-skirts, and homosexuality, the evil Iraqi leadership tries to stop us.  But we know what is best for them, and we must share our "freedom."  No one dares to question this freedom here, lest he end up in jail or lose his job.  The rest of the world just does not seem to understand our "honorable" goal and us.

American troops amass - innocent children doing the bidding of their leader.  The troops valiantly stand behind the President of the United States, George W. Bush, ready to follow his every command.  The President cannot be wrong; after all, he is the President. 

Bush proclaims to his troops: "Go to Baghdad, and murder its President!"  The troops go off to follow his command.  We invade a foreign country in a pre-emptive war, a war that Bush - contradicting what was once a U.S. Constitutional law - was given the power to start by Congress.  Nearly the entire world calls us arrogant.  Certainly, they just do not understand; the rest of the world must be too simple to understand our "greater wisdom," we think.

How did this happen?  What in the world is going on?  What are the forces behind this vicious war? 

Patrick Buchanan mentioned some of the forces behind this war in a revealing 8-page article entitled, "Whose War?" that appeared in the magazine "The American Conservative" of March 24, 2003.  Buchanan called these forces surrounding President Bush as the "neoconservatives."  But that name does not do them justice.

At center stage, we see President George W. Bush, our Supreme Leader in this war.  His war credentials seem quite good initially:  He is President.  He had been trained as a pilot back during Viet Nam.  But that is where his war credentials end.  He was asked to take a drug test while in the armed services in 1972 and refused.  The website exposed this with copies of the actual records online:

"Instead of being arrested for failure to appear when ordered, Bush disappeared from duty until the Viet Nam war ended, apparently using political influence to duck into civilian duties. At that time, documents show that he reappeared and was assigned to punishment duty in Denver." 

He apparently never served the punishment there either, again using his father's political influence to later gain an honorable discharge without having served his full-term of service. reveals this bit of Bush's background:

"He did not volunteer for service in Vietnam; in fact, he failed to report for duty in his Air National Guard Unit and skipped off to Alabama to work on a political campaign."

Bush went to Harvard, where he scored mediocre grades of Cs.  About a year ago, the highly popular Russian magazine Arguments and Facts' website, under the title "George Bush: [A] Real Cowboy," suggested that Bush's IQ was a little lower than the average person: about 80 compared with the average of 100.  Perhaps, they made the comment as a joke.  Perhaps, they have no real sources to back up such a statement.  Perhaps, they were a bit mean-spirited in this article.  Or perhaps they are right, for Bush's choice of advisors must be questioned and seems to be a most curious assortment of individuals.

There is a vast circle of Zionist Jews surrounding Bush.  And these Zionist Jews are beating the war drums.  Of course, the media like to downplay this, suggesting that it is absurd.  To anyone who openly recognizes this obvious fact, the media often yell and scream at the top of their lungs, "Anti-Semite!"  Those of us who have bothered to look into these claims made by patriotic Americans, who are concerned about where this country is headed, think differently.  Where does the list of Bush's Jewish advisors end, and where does it begin?  

We see the mighty Richard Perle at the helm, beating the war drums hard for his Zionist cohorts.  Perle, the chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, was once reportedly caught by the National Security Agency back in the 1970s passing Classified information to the Israeli Embassy.  This reportedly caused Perle to be expelled from Sen. Henry Jackson's office.  Jews are naught but 2 percent of America's population.  If it was just Perle, we might ignore this.  But the list of the Jewish kabal surrounding Bush is quite lengthy:

Paul Wolfowitz, Bush's Jewish Deputy Defense Secretary and campaign advisor; Robert Satloff, U.S. National Security Council Advisor; Dov Zekheim, Under Secretary of Defense and Comptroller; Robert Satloff, U.S. National Security Council Advisor; Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon's Policy Advisor; Elliott Abrams, National Security Council Advisor; Marc Grossman, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs; Richard Haass, Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Director of National Security Programs;  Henry Kissinger, a Pentagon advisor who sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board; James Schlesinger, another Pentagon advisor who also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board; Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative; Mel Sembler, President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States; Israeli citizen Ari Fleischer, the official White House spokesman for th e Bush administration; J oshua Bolten, Bush's Chief Policy Director; Steve Goldsmith, Senior Advisor to the President and domestic policy advisor; Adam Goldman, the White House Special Liaison to the Jewish Community; Joseph Gildenhorn, the Bush Campaign's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community; Christopher Gersten, the former Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition and husband of Labor Secretary Linda Chavez (whose children are being raised Jewish); Daniel Saul Goldin, Head of NASA; Mark Weinberger, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Samuel Bodman, Deputy Secretary of Commerce; Bonnie Cohen, Under Secretary of State for Management; Ruth Davis, the Director of the Foreign Service Institute; Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs; Jay Lefkowitz, General Counsel of the Office of Budget and Management; and David Frum, White House speechwriter.  Added to this list might be Colin Powell, who reportedly speaks Yiddish and whose father is part-Jewis h.  And let's not e ven begin to talk about the Federal Reserve, a Jewish-closed shop.

This circle of Jews has long been advocating America's involvement in the Bush War.  And what do Jews think of Bush?  How do they pay respect to the U.S. President?  Behind his back, many Jews openly mock him; Jews openly brag about how they control U.S. President George W. Bush.  The Australian Jewish News of February 15, 2002, showed a caricature of Bush, depicted as a little wooden puppet pulled by Jewish strings.  According to the IAP, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once even went on public radio on October 3, 2001, and proclaimed:

"We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."

Against this background stand the Jewish Media Barons: Those Jews who overwhelmingly control the media and distort reality.  They are force-feeding American patriots their made-for-Israel lies in the form of daily propaganda.  This is why you seldom here about their vicious nature.  In another article, I described who these people are.  I feel it is worth mentioning again.  If you already read about this, skip ahead a few paragraphs.

Look at the heads of almost all the major news sources:  Gerald Levin is the CEO of CNN, AOL, and Time Warner.  Peter Chernin is president and CEO of the FOX Group.    Sumner Redstone, also known as Murray Rothstein, recently acquired CBS and controls the book publishing companies Simon & Schuster, Scribner, The Free Press, and Pocket Books.  Redstone's Viacom also controls Showtime, MTV, and Nickolodeon, among other TV networks.  Steven Borenstein is CEO of ESPN. Michael Eisner controls Walt Disney, Touchstone Television, Buena Vista Television, and ABC, not to mention dozens of radio stations. Ronald Perleman owns New World Entertainment.  Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, and David Geffen own DreamWorks.  The brothers Samuel and David Newhouse, the children of media baron Samuel Newhouse, control 26 newspapers, 12 television stations, 87 cable TV systems, and about two-dozen popu lar magazines.  Edgar Bronfman Jr., President and CEO of Seagrams, controls MCA and Universal Pictures which recently merged under the name of Universal Studios and controls Interscope Records and PolyGram as well.  Mortimer Zuckerman controls U.S. News & World Report.  Arthur Sulzberger Jr. controls The New York Times, 33 other newspapers, and about a dozen magazines.  Until her recent death, Katherine Meyer Graham controlled Newsweek and the Washington Post.   The same can be said of Canada where Israel Asper controls numerous newspapers and has reportedly fired employees for being critical of Israel.  This list was actually made 3-4 years ago, and may need a little updating.  The names may change, but the Jewish Media Barons' practices and monopoly continue.

Well-known Jewish writer Ben Stein recently wrote a most revealing article about this Jewish control for Entertainment Online.  The title of it is, "Do Jews Run Hollywood?  You bet they do--and what of it?"  Stein begins with a quote by Marlon Brando, who once reportedly stated on Larry King Live,

"Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews--and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering. Because...we have seen...the greaseball, we've seen the Chink, we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we have seen the wily Filipino, we've seen everything but we never saw the kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the [line]."(2)

Brando's point appears to have some merit, as Jews are seldom portrayed in a negative light on television or in the movies.  If anything, Jews are often shown as the victims of unfettered hatred, perhaps to elicit feelings of sympathy among viewers.  In other roles, they are typically chosen as the elite, the comical, the wise, et cetera, ad nauseam.  In fact, the number of times Jews have been portrayed as less than wholesome can probably be added up on one hand (if not one finger).  Concurring with Stein's article, popular Jewish publications in the past have said something similar:

"Jews dominate Hollywood today as they did in the industry's infancy, in the acting, directing and producing departments, Tom Tugend writes in The Jewish Chronicle of London. 'On the whole,' he asserts, 'the Jewish presence in Hollywood is taken as a historic fact of life and few insensitivities are aroused by the number, influence, or character of Jews in the movie industry.' ... Moving over into the realm of the producers and directors, Tugend says the 'majority . . . are Jewish while the Writers Guild is practically a Semitic closed shop with Jews making up 70 to 80 percent of the membership."(3)

Stein, of course, says that all these Jews in the media should be ignored.  It's not a conspiracy, he says.  Jews just decided one day to monopolize the media, spread their propaganda, and charge ridiculous sums for commercials that boost everything up in cost (giving them more money to monopolize other fields).  Stein says that Jews, who are about 2.5 percent of America's population, only make up 60 percent of the media.  What he fails to mention is that they are the media elite; they are Jewish Media Barons, who are in the controlling positions.  (The other 40 percent, who Stein claims are not Jews, are the ones who do the dirty work, and this figure of 40 percent seems a bit large at that.)  Stein argues that Gentiles should ignore all this. 

President Nixon even recognized that Jews control the media, and things have gotten much worse since he was in office.  Of course, this is why Jews tend to portray Nixon in a negative light, trying to write off his comments as being merely "anti-Semitic."  As noted in Leonard Dinnerstein's book Anti-Semitism in America, President Nixon informed,

"[People] have to realize that Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies.  And there is a force we have to take into consideration."

Indeed it is a force that we have to take into consideration.  And it is the same Jewish force that is beating the war drums and telling us lies.

It should not be viewed as mere coincidence that Bush said he was going to take action on the night of March 17, 2003, which was when the Jewish holiday of Purim began, and started the war on March 19, when the Purim holiday ended.  The holiday Purim is best known by the book of Esther in the Bible.  It is a celebration of when in ancient times Jews tricked the non-Jewish King Ahasuerus of Persia (modern-day Iraq) into murdering the Jews' non-Jewish enemies; in today's case, President Bush is the modern-day Ahasuerus and the victims, both Americans and Iraqis.

We are told that we are liberating Iraq.  But the truth of the matter is that while Saddam Hussein may very well be a vicious tyrant, the Iraqi people perceive the American government as much worse.   They look at us with anger due to our incessant support of Israel, whose soldiers regularly murder men, women, and children.  They hear about the scraps of bombs left from Israeli-flown Apache helicopters and F16 Fighters in Palestine with little tags that say "Made in America" on them.

The media spits out lies to us.  The media tell us that "Iraqi soldiers" who are disguised as "civilians" shoot at our troops; the truth is that the Iraqi civilians are really shooting at our troops. It has been said that the American combat-trained soldiers and their equipment are vastly superior to that of Iraq.  This is true.  However, we have 250,000 troops in a society where probably about 16 million people (out of 24 million total people) are hostile to us.  And Hussein has armed all of them with rifles.

The people of Iraq do not care if they live or die.  They are angry.  The U.S. has regularly bombed them for 10 years.  Sanctions imposed against them have resulted in the deaths of approximately 500,000 children.  Their water supplies and purification plants were destroyed during the last war, and no equipment has been allowed to renew them.   Many live in shambles without electricity already from the last war.  When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

Recently, 32 Apache helicopters suffered damage and were pulled back, noted the New York Times of March 24, 2003.  The Iraqis captured one or two of them.  Some of the U.S. troops have been caught, others murdered.

The Iraqi people do not perceive us as "liberating" them from Saddam Hussein; many like him.  Hussein is an admirer of Stalin, and perhaps he bears some similarity to him in one respect: Despite Stalin having been involved in the murder of 40-60 million Russians, most Russians broke down and cried when he died.  And why not?  Stalin had already killed or imprisoned those who disliked him.  Some claim that Hussein has not engaged in mass murders, but that claim is of little importance.  What is important is that he seems to have much support - or we Americans are simply hated more than he is due to our support of Israel and the past Iraqi war and its aftermath.

This is not going to be an easy war, despite some who argue otherwise.  We are the invaders in many of the Iraqis' eyes.  We are bombing their businesses, their homes - maybe even unintentionally for the most part.  They perceive us as bombing their people, and it seems that they are right in many cases, even if by accident.  And perception is what counts.  In the middle of Iraq at night time, can you tell a good Iraqi from a bad one?  If an Iraqi, whose English is as good as your Arabic, approaches American soldiers at night, how will they determine if he is friend or foe?  How can such a war be won? 

Indeed, this war is going to be very difficult.  But more difficult than this war against Iraq is another war that must be won if America is to continue existing: the propaganda war against the Jewish Zionists who are guiding America with a dark hand.

Mark Franklin is the producer of the video "Zionist War Crimes: The Case for the Prosecution."  If you would like to find out about his video, contact

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