Subj: ADV 4-17-98: What Makes Madeleine Run?
Date: 4/17/99 12:00:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (American Dissident Voices)
To: (National Alliance)

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 17, 1999

What Makes Madeleine Run?
by Dr. William Pierce

Sometimes I feel at a loss for words. For example, when I see something
which is manifestly very evil or very dangerous or very foolish being
done by the American government -- something which is done in plain
sight where everyone else can see it just as well as I can -- and nearly
everyone else acts as if everything is normal, that there's nothing to
worry about. It's like a house is on fire on a busy street, burning
brightly in the middle of the day, and hundreds of people are walking
by, paying no attention at all to the fire, and I begin yelling, "Fire!
Fire! Look, there's a fire!" People would look at me as if I were a

This is the way I feel about the war against Serbia. Bill Clinton and
the manifestly evil group of Jewish advisors and assistants around him
are murdering Serbian men, women, and children in Yugoslavia every day.
They are murdering our fellow Europeans. They are murdering our fellow
Whites, and they are doing it in our name. Madeleine Albright and James
Rubin, William Cohen, Sandy Berger, Richard Holbrooke -- Jews all -- are
appearing on television every night and telling us that we must continue
killing Serbs until they surrender. We must stop Slobodan Milosevic's
aggression against Kosovo, they tell us. We must bomb the Serbs until
Milosevic surrenders. And hardly anyone questions this nonsense. That
is, hardly anyone in Washington questions it. Certainly no one in the
media questions it. Demonstrators around the world throw bricks and
firebombs at American embassies, but the politicians in Washington and
the media treat these protestors as a sort of irrelevant sideshow, and
the murder of Serbs continues.

And most of the American public goes on about its business as if nothing
is happening. They continue watching their ball games on TV and shopping
in the malls, while the government they elected murders their kinsmen in
Europe. It doesn't really bother them. Now, perhaps they don't
understand that the people around Clinton who are waging this undeclared
war are evil. Perhaps that's too deep a moral issue for them to get
into. Perhaps they don't even know that the Clinton gang are all Jews.
Perhaps they've been too busy watching their ball games to notice that.
But we have to assume that a substantial portion of them are bright
enough to understand that the government's whole rationale for this war
is a pack of lies; it's nonsense. Slobodan Milosevic is called a
"fascist dictator." Actually, Milosevic is a socialist. He used to be a
communist. And he is the democratically elected president of Yugoslavia.
He is accused of "aggression" for putting down an Albanian rebel army of
terrorists and guerrillas in Serbia's Kosovo province. If a Mexican
rebel army tried to take Texas or Arizona or California away from the
United States, and the U.S. government sent in the Army to put down the
rebellion, should that be called "aggression"?

I've said this before, but I'll say it again: the only aggression taking
place in Yugoslavia now is the unprovoked bombing of that sovereign
nation by an outside force, namely, the United States and its
collaborators. What the United States is doing to Yugoslavia fits
exactly what the word "aggression" means and always has meant, both in
common usage and in international law. And the effort of the Yugoslav
government to put down a revolt by Albanian rebels is not aggression.
Now, maybe the couch potatoes can't figure that out, but there are
hundreds of thousands of Americans who can, and that includes every
politician in Washington and every media boss, and it also includes
thousands of business leaders, academic leaders, and cultural leaders.
Why are they not speaking out against the aggression against Yugoslavia?
Why aren't they displaying their outrage, their horror, their
disagreement with what the Clinton government is doing? Why aren't the
politicians in the Congress speaking out? They impeached Clinton for his
perjury, but what he is doing now against Yugoslavia is a thousand times
more criminal, and they do nothing.

You know, this is not a question of whether you sympathize more with
Albanians or with Serbs. This is not a question of whether you believe
that Kosovo should remain a part of Serbia or should become a part of
Albania instead. This is a matter of your government in Washington being
out of control and doing atrocious and illegal things that neither the
Constitution of the United States nor the historically expressed will of
the American people gives it the right to do. The Clinton gang is
murdering people wholesale, destroying European cultural treasures,
giving patently spurious excuses for what it is doing, and the
politicians and the media bosses have expressed their virtually
unanimous approval, while most of the American people -- including those
bright enough and knowledgeable enough to understand clearly what's
happening -- remain silent or even express their approval. So why should
I make myself look foolish by shouting, "Fire!"?

Well, the reason that I'm willing to risk looking foolish is that there
are some people besides myself who do care: the people who are
demonstrating with the Serbs in American cities, the people who are
throwing bricks at American embassies around the world. And there are a
lot of other people who are not blind supporters of whatever Clinton and
his Jews do, people who at least are troubled by the murder being
committed in their name by their government, people who would like to
understand. I hope that by speaking out I can help some of them
understand and take a position. And besides, even if no one else cared,
even if no one wanted to understand, speaking out against evil is the
right thing to do. It is what every moral man is obliged to do,
regardless of whether or not it accomplishes anything.

Let's go back and look again at some of the issues involved here. This
business of labeling as "aggression" the internal policies of other
countries that our government doesn't like and then using that as an
excuse to wage undeclared war against the other country really ought to
be troubling to every patriotic American, regardless of his religion or
his politics. The example I gave a minute ago of the Mexicans in Texas
or California outnumbering the White people a few years hence and
declaring that henceforth the state in question will be a part of Mexico
-- or "Aztlan," as they call it -- is not really very farfetched.
Mexican organizations in the United States already are making plans to
do exactly that. Will we approve of the U.S. government putting down
such an attempt to secede, or will we condemn any effort to preserve the
Union as "aggression"?

You know, it really is important to be consistent. It really is
important for the people of a nation to feel that they are right and
just in their actions. And how can we call the effort of the Yugoslav
government to put down a rebellion by Albanians in Kosovo "aggression"
without condemning our own government when it acts similarly in the
future? The couch potatoes -- the people who voted for Clinton -- may
not care about such things, but the rest of us should.

One of the most hypocritical aspects of Clinton's war against Yugoslavia
is the pretense that Belgrade is being bombed for "humanitarian"
reasons, that Americans are killing Serbs to save the lives of
Albanians. You know, what started the conflict in Kosovo a year ago
between Albanian rebels and the Yugoslav government was the covert
arming of the Albanians by the U.S. government. The KLA, or Kosovo
Liberation Army, is really a "contra" army which was financed and
supplied by the Clinton government. Perhaps the Serbs would eventually
have ethnically cleansed Kosovo, or large parts of it anyway, but what
actually brought the conflict in Kosovo to a head last year was the
buildup of the KLA. This KLA buildup to an armed force of 25,000
guerrillas and terrorists forced Milosevic to move against them. It was
when the Serbs began beating the KLA -- and perhaps committing some
atrocities at the same time -- that the Clinton gang began bombing. And
since the bombing began, the Serbs greatly stepped up their efforts
against the KLA -- an entirely reasonable response on the part of the
Serbs -- and at the same time forced Albanians believed to be
sympathetic to the KLA to become refugees. Now the Serbs have destroyed
the KLA, and so the Clinton gang wants to send in U.S. troops to take
the place of the KLA.

Why did the Clinton government provoke trouble in Kosovo in the first
place by arming the KLA? Could it have something to do with Kosovo's
enormous mineral wealth? I don't know the full answer to that yet, but I
do know that the lead, cadmium, zinc, gold, and silver mines in the
northern part of Kosovo make it one of the most valuable pieces of real
estate in the world. And I do know that there wouldn't have been any
major conflict in Kosovo last year if it hadn't been for the arming and
financing of the KLA. And there wouldn't be half a million or so cold
and hungry Albanian refugees today if the Clinton gang hadn't started a
war. So let's cut out the baloney about "humanitarian" bombing.

The one aspect of Clinton's war against Yugoslavia that cannot be
overemphasized is the Jewish aspect. I know that many people don't like
to hear about that aspect. It frightens them. Even some Serbs don't want
that aspect of the war mentioned. They believe that it is not helpful to
bring "anti-Semitism" into the issue. That's like a team of medical
researchers looking for a cure for syphilis and afraid to mention
spirochetes because they don't want to seem prejudiced against that
particular type of pathogen.

The facts are simple. It's not just that all the members of Clinton's
foreign policy and national defense team happen to be Jews. That's not
a coincidence. As I told you on the air and in print, loudly and
repeatedly, at the time this bunch took their posts, back in December
1996, they took over for the specific purpose of leading America into
another war. And it's no coincidence that every major Jewish
organization is in favor of this war. The Jews talk openly about this in
their own publications. Half the reports coming from the Jewish
Telegraphic Agency during the past three weeks have talked about the
solid Jewish support for the war against Serbia. And that is why all of
the Republican politicians have fallen in line with the Democrats in
backing the war. It's not that they believe in "supporting our boys."
The best way to "support our boys" is to bring them home now and don't
send them out to fight a war unless it is to defend America. No, the
politicians are behind the war because the Jews are, and the politicians
are afraid to buck the Jews. When the Clintonistas began the bombing
more than three weeks ago some of the Republicans in the Congress were
saying, "Whoa! Wait a minute! What have the Serbs done to us? I don't
think we ought to start a war with them." But as soon as they saw that
all of the powerful Jewish organizations were for the war, the
Republicans shut up in a hurry.

And the Jews are behind the war because it does serve their interests:
not our interests, not America's interests, but Jewish interests. The
Jews are all behind a concept they call "the New World Order." They're
in favor of a New World Order in which all power is vested in a shadowy
super-government which everyone in the world must obey -- a
super-government which supersedes all national sovereignties and all
individual rights everywhere -- and which is controlled by . . . guess

By dominating the mass media in the United States at this critical time,
a time when the United States still has the most powerful and
destructive military force in the world as well as the most powerful
economy -- and is nominally headed by a totally corrupt and
irresponsible puppet under their control, a crippled chief executive who
is wholly dependent on his Jewish cabinet and the Jewish media bosses
and will do whatever they tell him without the least concern for the
damage to America -- by dominating the mass media at this time, the Jews
have a window of opportunity. With Clinton as their puppet they can
impose just about any policy they want on the government, and a majority
of the couch potato voters will approve it.

The Jews are wielding unprecedented power now, and not just in the
United States. Only in Russia is there any significant degree of
conscious opposition to them. They are understandably concerned not to
let that Russian opposition get out of control and not to let opposition
to them develop elsewhere, as in Yugoslavia, for example. Their chief
method for preventing opposition is to kill any sense of national or
ethnic consciousness through programs of multiculturalization, through
mixing together of diverse ethnic groups, through preventing any sizable
country from having a homogeneous population. Serbia is resisting
becoming multiculturalized, and so an example is being made of Serbia.
If Serbia can be crushed by the Clinton gang, who else will dare to
oppose them?

Now, that's not the way Madeleine Albright or William Cohen or Sandy
Berger or Richard Holbrooke explains the Clinton government's current
war against Yugoslavia. They will give you more baloney about "saving
lives" and "fighting aggression" and "defending America's interests,"
and "this is what we should have done before Hitler started the Second
World War," et cetera. But that is just a smokescreen to conceal their
own real interests in promoting this war. They are a tricky and
deceitful bunch.

I'll give you an example of just how tricky they can be, just how
brazenly they can lie. Everyone has heard -- over and over and over
again -- how the poor, innocent, defenseless Jews were plundered during
the Second World War: how their bank accounts and their insurance
policies and their art treasures were stolen from them by the wicked
Swiss and the wicked Germans and the wicked French and so on. And
they've been mounting a huge extortion campaign to force Switzerland and
Germany and France and the United States and everyone else to give them
reparations, to compensate them for their lost bank accounts, to give
them back their stolen art works, and so on.

One of these poor, innocent, dispossessed Jews, forced to flee from
Czechoslovakia in 1939 when the Germans took over, is the chief
warmonger in the Clinton government, Madeleine Albright. We all have
read sympathetic accounts in the controlled media of how her family was
forced to flee from Prague when she was a child because they were Jews.
And she has been at the forefront of those demanding reparations for the
Jews. She is always ready to use the power of her office as secretary of
state to pressure the Swiss government or a bank in France or an
insurance company in Italy to cough up whatever the Jews are demanding
in reparations.

Madeleine Albright also is the most bloodthirsty and aggressive Jew on
the Jewish team running America's foreign policy and military forces.
She is the vicious Jewess who has publicly justified the deaths of more
than half a million Iraqi children caused by the Clinton government's
bombing and embargo against Iraq. Before the bombing of Yugoslavia
started last month she was frothing at the mouth in her eagerness to
begin killing Serbs because they would not obey orders. She says that
she is doing it for humanitarian reasons and to halt Serb aggression
against Kosovo: aggression against one of their own provinces. And as
for humanitarianism, this Jewess hasn't a humanitarian bone in her body.
She cares no more for Albanians than she does for Iraqis. But she does
like to start wars. She is the one who, more than anyone else in the
Clinton government, has been itching to send ground troops into Serbia
to kill Serbs more effectively than the cruise missiles can.

Now let me tell you about this great humanitarian and victim of the
Nazis, this great Jewish heroine demanding reparations for her fellow
Jews. Her family fled from Prague in 1939, but they came back in 1945,
when she was eight years old. They took over the home in Prague of a
German family who had been forced to flee from the Reds at the end of
the war. Madeleine Albright's family moved into the home at 11 Hradsanke
Street in Prague of Karl Nebrich, a wealthy German industrialist. The
Nebrich family had been obliged to leave behind all of their works of
art, expensive furniture, and other wealth. Albright's family simply
appropriated it, and when they later left Czechoslovakia for greener
pastures, they took all of the Nebrich family's belongings with them.
They took the antique furniture; they took the linens and the tapestries
and the chandeliers; they took the silverware; they took the paintings
off the walls, including a Tintoretto and other priceless works by Old
Masters -- millions of dollars worth of the Nebrich family's personal
property altogether. A daughter of Karl Nebrich, Doris Renner,
complained to the Sunday Times in London last month that Albright's
family stole "even the nails from the wall."

It took the descendants of Karl Nebrich half a century to track down the
thieves and begin seeking the return of their property. Finally, in
1996, they discovered that the American secretary of state, Madeleine
Albright, had their family's stolen property. Nebrich's heirs have been
trying to get it back ever since, but Albright has been stonewalling
them. In February 1997 Philip Harmer, Karl Nebrich's great grandson,
sent Albright a list of his family's stolen paintings and asked for
their return. In a letter to Albright, Harmer wrote, and I quote: "You
lived in our flat as an eight-year-old child, and I am sure you will
remember some of the paintings on the attached list." Albright had a
State Department lawyer brush him off and tell him to seek restitution
from the Czech government. Harmer told the Sunday Times last month: "I
cannot believe the American secretary of state enjoys eating with my
family's silver. These things must be handed over to my family."

Well, Mr Harmer, don't count on it. Not as long as it can be kept out of
the American media. Although London's Sunday Times carried the whole
story in its March 28 edition, the controlled media in the United States
have shown a singular lack of interest in the matter.

Anyway, that's Madeleine Albright, the head of Clinton's Jewish assault
team against Serbia. She is the type of person running Clinton's
government, while he drops his trousers for female interns and
secretaries. She is just one of the reasons why no American can believe
what this government tells us about its war against Yugoslavia or any
other important matter.
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