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Date: 5/1/99 2:10:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (American Dissident Voices)
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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of May 1, 1999

Lies, Murder, and Jews
by Dr. William Pierce

Today, before we begin talking about the murders being committed by our
government overseas, let's note a few things about some murders
committed recently in America. I'm thinking of the murders at Columbine
High School in Littleton, Colorado, last week, in which two students
killed 12 other students and a teacher and then committed suicide. Right
after the shootings rumors of all sorts were flying. The students who
did the shooting were homosexuals who wore black trenchcoats and
belonged to a homosexual gang called "the trenchcoat mafia," according
to one rumor. Another rumor had it that the killers sought out Blacks
and athletes as their victims, and that most of the victims were Blacks.
And it also was said that they were fans of the "shock rock" musician
who uses the name "Marilyn Manson," and that they were acting out some
morbid Marilyn Manson performance. It also was rumored that as many as
25 students had been murdered.

I get most of the raw news that goes into these American Dissident
Voices broadcasts from the Internet, but I also watch the NBC Nightly
News with Tom Brokaw every evening that I can. I watch Brokaw not so
much to learn what's happened in the world during the past 24 hours, but
to learn what the Jewish spin is on what's happened. I'm interested in
knowing what the Jewish party line is. By watching Tom Brokaw mouth his
lines every evening I get some idea of what Brokaw's Jewish boss, Neal
Shapiro, the executive producer of the NBC Nightly News, wants us to
think about the news.

Well, I was out of town on business on the day of the Colorado shootings
and didn't have a chance to see the NBC Nightly News, but on the day
after the shootings, April 21, I watched the news with special interest
to see what spin Shapiro would put on the previous day's high school
murders in Colorado. Tom Brokaw reported directly from Columbine High
School, where he had been busy all day checking out the rumors and
interviewing everyone in sight. So by the time of the evening news
broadcast he knew how many victims there were, who they were, and just
about all the other facts.

Brokaw began his report with the rumors -- or rather, with one rumor:
the rumor that the killers were neo-Nazis who had chosen April 20 for
the shooting because it was Adolf Hitler's 110th birthday, and that they
were targeting Blacks and athletes -- especially Blacks. Then Brokaw
interviewed a parent of one of the victims -- exactly one parent from
among all those of the 12 students and one teacher who had been
murdered. He was the father of a Black student, and he sobbed out the
statement: "My son had two strikes against him from the beginning [sob].
He was Black, and he was an athlete." It really sounded as if he'd been
coached. And the television screen filled with a snapshot of the Black
student who had been killed. No portraits of other victims; no
interviews with other parents. No mention of the homosexual rumors; no
mention of the Marilyn Manson rumors; just neo-Nazis targeting Blacks.
And especially no mention of the fact that only one of the 13 victims
was Black. There were 12 White victims and one Black victim; Tom Brokaw
and his boss knew this; and yet Brokaw's instructions were to make the
viewers of the NBC Nightly News believe the rumor that the shootings
were White-on-Black "hate crimes" by "neo-Nazis."

Oh, yes, and also no mention that one of the killers was a Jew. Although
his father was a Gentile, 17-year-old Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan
Yassenoff, was a synagogue-going, shul-trained Jewess. She attended
Temple Israel. That makes her son a Jew according to Jewish law,
although we would consider him only a half-Jew. But Brokaw and the other
TV reporters never mentioned this. All we heard was that the two killers
were neo-Nazis who liked German music and German insignia.

Now, this sort of deliberate deception happens all the time,
unfortunately. Most Americans believe that the media are biased, but
they don't understand how blatant the bias is. They don't understand how
arrogantly and deliberately they are lied to by the media bosses. The
NBC Nightly News program of April 21 is a good example. Perhaps you saw
it yourself and remember the details I have just described for you. If
you didn't see it, you can order a video cassette of the program and
view it. An outfit called Burrelle's -- that's
B-u-r-r-e-l-l-e-apostrophe-s -- in New Jersey, which is in the business
of recording and selling television news programs, will sell you a copy
of the April 21 edition of NBC Nightly News for a reasonable price.

Now, it's clear enough why they engage in this sort of deception. They
want to make Whites feel guilty. They want to paralyze our will to
resist their "multicultural" policies. They want to morally disarm us. I
talked about the details of this on a number of other programs, and I
bring up the Littleton, Colorado, shootings simply because it is such a
blatant example of this Jewish psychological war against White

And you know, it's a war they're winning. If you listened to any
talk-radio programs after the shootings, you certainly heard Jewish
callers pushing exactly the same party line as Neal Shapiro was pushing
through his mouthpiece Tom Brokaw. "We have to do whatever it takes to
stop these White racist gangs," they were saying. And guilt-stricken
White women were falling into their trap right and left, agreeing
hysterically with them about the big danger from White racist gangs and
how we have to do something drastic soon to stop the racist slaughter,
and, oh, isn't White racism just awful? Outlaw racism. Outlaw guns.
Outlaw free speech.

Yes, the Jews know exactly what they're doing. But one really can't
blame them. That's the sort of thing Jews always have done. It's in
their genes. What's really disappointing and disturbing is the feminine
response of our people to these Jewish lies. What's disappointing is our

Anyway, while we're on the subject, let me remind you what the real
reason is for this latest school massacre. You remember, we discussed
this phenomenon of schoolyard killings more than a year ago. I predicted
that we would see many more of them, because the social pathology that
causes them is becoming worse. In a word, that pathology is alienation.
Multiculturalism results in alienation. Always. You destroy a kid's
sense of rootedness, his sense of belonging to a natural community; you
rob him of his sense of identity, his sense of kinship with the people
around him, and you'll have a frustrated kid. That's true even of Jewish
kids, such as Dylan Klebold. You take away a kid's sense of
responsibility to his biological community, and you're likely to have
trouble. You're likely to have anti-social behavior.

If on top of that you destroy his respect for authority, you're
practically guaranteed trouble. And so let me ask you: who in recent
memory has done more than anyone else, by his own behavior, to destroy
the respect of young Americans for authority? I'll give you a clue: he
lives in Washington, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Finally, we should note the effect of television on young people.
Without going into a long-winded explanation, I'll simply point out that
it blurs their sense of reality. You watch television four or five hours
a day from the time you're able to talk, and by the time you're 17
you've seen at least 10,000 people shot to death or otherwise killed. In
the real world, before television, you might see three or four real
deaths while growing up, and you would have a much better appreciation
for the reality of death -- and of life -- than the kid raised on
television does. You wouldn't be quite so likely to confuse game-playing
for real life.

Of course, multiculturalism is a religion these days: it is the
Politically Correct religion. And its adherents tend to like Mr. Clinton
and also to see television as a benign influence. So no one in public
life is likely to place the blame for the growing plague of school
massacres the way I did. They look only for Politically Correct
explanations -- or at least, for explanations which are not Politically

Actually, most people are that way, to a greater or lesser extent. They
don't want to have unpopular opinions. They don't want to be subjected
to criticism or ridicule. They want to go with the flow. They want to be
popular. They want to be like everyone else and think like everyone
else. That's the lemming factor. That's the way people are, and there's
not much we can do about that. But the problem of schoolyard killings is
real, and as I predicted quite a while ago, it's becoming worse. So it
is important for at least some of us to understand what is causing the
problem. So I'll say it again: the fundamental causes of schoolyard
shootings are alienation, resulting primarily from the
multiculturalization of our society; loss of respect for authority; and
an altered sense of reality which is the consequence of being raised on
television. That doesn't mean that everyone who is alienated will become
a killer or that everyone who watches television four hours a day will
lose his ability to distinguish between reality and make believe. But it
does mean that as alienation and the influence of television increase in
the population, schoolyard killings and other destructive behavior will
continue to become more common.

This also means that there is no quick and simple solution to the
problem of school violence. In the long run, alienation can be reduced
only by a radical restructuring of our society. As our society is going
now, alienation will only become worse. Just because the problem is
difficult doesn't mean that we have to ignore it, however; it doesn't
mean that there's nothing we can do. One of the most important things
for us to do now is to be aware of the lies that are being told about
school violence and to help others become aware. I told you about the
lies Tom Brokaw told on the NBC Nightly News the day after the shooting
in Littleton, Colorado. What it's especially important to understand is
that this isn't just a case of media bias, of Tom Brokaw giving a bit of
a slant to the news because of his own political ideas. This is a case
of cold-blooded, planned deception. When Tom Brokaw reported the news on
April 21, he and his bosses at NBC knew who the victims were, yet they
decided to tell us the lie that the killings were based on hatred for
non-Whites. They deliberately created the false impression for their
viewers that most of the victims were Black, when in fact only one was.
They knew that one of the killers was a Jew, yet they deliberately told
us that the killers were "neo-Nazis" and "White supremacists."

Since April 21, of course, most of the facts have leaked out to the
public. Perceptive people already have learned the things I've just told
you: the race of the victims, the Jewishness of one of the killers. But
many elements in the mass media are continuing to talk about the
shootings as being racially motivated and about the shooters as being
"neo-Nazis" -- and that's what the lemmings still are absorbing. It's
hard to overcome first impressions, and the media bosses, clever
propagandists that they are, understand that quite well.

The killers apparently were Marilyn Manson fans and also liked to use
some of the jargon of the Third Reich. So of course, Tom Brokaw and the
rest of the media spokesmen have been saturating us with the claim that
the two teenagers were "neo-Nazis," when in fact one of them was a Jew
and there is no evidence at all to indicate that they had the least
interest in the ideology or politics of National Socialism. On the other
hand, after the first wave of rumors subsided there has been almost no
further mention of Marilyn Manson. Could that be because Marilyn Manson
is under contract to Jewish media boss Gerald Levin, who runs Warner
Brothers, among other things?

I'm reminded of the schoolyard killings in Jonesboro, Arkansas, last
year, in which four students and a teacher were murdered -- all of them
White, incidentally. One of the killers, 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson,
had recently succumbed to the multicultural influence of gangsta' rap, a
type of Black music which glorifies pimping and drug dealing and
drive-by shootings and other forms of Black criminality. His English
teacher, Debbie Pelley, testified before a Congressional committee in
Washington after the killings that a few months before the massacre
young Johnson had become obsessed with gangsta' rap. He would play the
music on the school bus and even try to listen to it in class, his
teacher said. His favorite rapper was Tupac Shakur, who himself was
killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. His English teacher told the
Congressional committee that she had seen Mitchell Johnson's behavior
change after he began listening to the gangsta' rap. And yet Debbie
Pelley's testimony was never mentioned by the mainstream Jewish media.
Instead we heard the same sort of Politically Correct explanations for
the Jonesboro murders that we are hearing for the Littleton, Colorado,
murders. Again, perhaps the reason the media chose not to mention the
testimony of Mitchell Johnson's English teacher about the effect of
gangsta' rap on him was that the boy's favorite rapper, Tupac Shakur,
was under contract to Interscope Records, a label owned by the Jewish
media conglomerate MCA, which had been headed by Lew Wasserman, one of
Bill Clinton's biggest financial supporters.

Anyway, that's the way it goes. The mass media bosses give us the news
which fits, and they ignore the news which doesn't fit. More than that,
they consciously and deliberately lie, when it suits their purpose, as
in the case of the NBC Nightly News broadcast I cited a minute ago.

And you know, this cold-blooded, calculated, deliberate lying by the
news media isn't restricted to schoolyard shootings. We're being lied to
massively and deliberately by the Jewish media about the war against
Yugoslavia, for example. The Jewish media deliberately concocted the
story that Serb soldiers were engaging in the mass rape of Muslim women
and then cutting their throats. The media have portrayed the Albanians
as harmless, inoffensive, peace-loving people and the Serbs as
bloodthirsty monsters. The media bosses have sat down, made a deliberate
plan for the lies they would tell, and now they're telling them. They
want to turn American public opinion against the Serbs and Slobodan
Milosevic, and they're lying in order to do that.

The facts are leaking out, of course. The perceptive observer can learn
that the Albanians were committing atrocities against the Serbs long
before this current crisis in Kosovo developed. The perceptive observer
can learn that the Kosovo Liberation Army is more like a mafia
organization than an army of patriotic freedom fighters, but Tom Brokaw
and the rest of the controlled media will never tell you that. They tell
us only what suits their purpose. And that's all that the mass of the
American voters, the lemmings, ever will know.

The cover of Newsweek magazine two weeks ago had a picture of Slobodan
Milosevic on it with the legend in big letters: "The Face of Evil."
Really. They could more honestly have put Madeleine Albright's face on
the cover with that legend. But that wouldn't suit their purpose, which
is to demonize Milosevic, demonize the Serbs, portray the Albanians as
innocent victims, and build public support for Albright's murderous war
to beat Serbia into submission to the New World Order.

You know, it often has been said that in war, the first casualty is
truth. Governments justify their lies in wartime in terms of the need to
mislead the enemy and build patriotic fervor for an all-out effort to
win the war. In the war against Yugoslavia the Clinton government
certainly can't claim patriotism as an excuse for its lies, because it
already has abjured patriotism as a motive; it already has told us that
this is not a war to defend American national interests. And in this war
the enemy the government and the media are trying to deceive with their
lies is us, the American people. We are the enemy. They certainly aren't
fooling the Serbs.

This does make a problem for those of us who are more interested in
knowing the truth than in being Politically Correct. I mean, we know
that the Jewish media over here lie to us massively on just about
everything. But it's probably safe to assume that the Russian media and
the Serb media also lie. The Russians are claiming now that more than 40
U.S. warplanes have been shot down over Serbia. The Jewish media over
here are claiming that only one U.S. warplane, an F-117, has been shot
down. How do we determine the truth? I've been a little suspicious about
the Jewish claim of only one U.S. plane downed by the Serbs, because the
A-10s the Americans are using now for attacking Serb armor are a lot
easier to shoot down than an F-117; they fly lower and slower. But Tom
Brokaw and the other spokesmen for the Jewish media over here are
claiming no losses. I simply don't believe it. But I really don't know
what the truth is. When I find out, I certainly will tell you.

Meanwhile, don't count on learning the truth from Tom Brokaw or any
other spokesmen for the Jewish media bosses. As long as Madeleine
Albright is able to keep running around from one country to another with
her big checkbook in hand, writing out bribes to keep the politicians in
the little NATO countries in line, promising her kinsman Primakov that
if he keeps the Russians out of it the IMF loans will keep coming, the
killing in Europe will go on, and the lying about it over here will

About all that decent people everywhere can hope for is that the Serbs
will make good use of one of their submarines and take out a U.S.
aircraft carrier in the Adriatic, or that they will get enough modern
anti-aircraft missiles from somewhere to make the continued bombing of
Belgrade prohibitively expensive for Albright and her Jewish crew.

And you know, that's a terrible thing for me to have to say. If this war
were being fought to defend America, I could never say that. But when
America's armed forces are being used by the enemies of the American
people as a mercenary force to commit mass murder in Europe, that is how
I and many other patriotic Americans feel.

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