Victims of Jewish censorship groups

By Michael Hoffman II and Hans Schmidt


Date: 8/14/02

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

There are, of course, many people who have succumbed to the seductive temptation to restrict the free speech of others. Yes, there are many culprits in the pro-censorship forces in Canada. However, the most prominent and most vociferous in seeking laws to jail, shut down or impoverish their opponents are organized Jewish groups like the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. And so it is in many other Western countries.

Israel, Barbara Amiel (Mrs. Conrad Black), whines in <bold><underline>Maclean's</underline></bold> (May 27, 2002), has become "the new evil empire." She bemoans widespread criticism of Israel. She concludes: anti-Semitism, that virus is alive and kicking." "It may turn out to be stronger than the new-born state of Israel," she warns.

There's a plaintive note: Why is everybody picking on us? It's a complicated question. Here's a portion of an answer. Look in the mirror, Barbara. You and Western Jews have ferociously marketed yourself as "victims". Yet, in Canada, Jews, despite their alleged victimhood, are the richest ethnic minority and, to be restrained about it, are well represented in prestige jobs in the media, politics and the professions. When you are just about one per cent of the population and obviously privileged, it ill behooves your group to seek to suppress others, as many organized Jewish groups in Canada and elsewhere have done.

If there's a certain resentment, perhaps the vicious pro-censorship actions of many Jewish groups is part of the explanation.

Here's the sorry list of their thought crimes victims.

Paul Fromm




Compiled by Michael A. Hoffman II




Ernst Zundel, who was tried twice in Toronto and imprisoned in Canada

and Germany for publishing the book Did Six Million Really Die? (For an

account of his prosecution cf. the book, The Great Holocaust Trial by

Michael A. Hoffman II. Available from Wiswell Ruffin House for U.S.$14.95).

To contact Mr. Zundel directly write:Samisdat Publications, 206 Carlton

Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L1, Canada.

David Irving, who was imprisoned in Canada and then permanently banned from

that country for writing revisionist history books and giving revisionist

speeches. (He is also banned from entering Australia and Germany).

Jim Keegstra: fired from his teaching post and prosecuted in two Canadian

state show trials for telling his students about the Controversy of Zion.

Revisionist writer Prof. Robert Faurisson, nearly beaten to death by three

Khazars from the terror group "Sons of Memory" because of his writings. (Cf.

The Globe and Mail, Sept. 18, 1989, p. A-5).

Auschwitz forensic researcher Ditlieb Felderer, imprisoned in Sweden because

of his writings.

The Institute for Historical Review, set ablaze in July of 1984; its entire

inventory of revisionist history books destroyed by arson. (Cf. The Nation,

March 20, 1989).

Gerd Hosnik sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in Austria "for denying the

Holocaust"(cf. Jewish Chronicle, May 8, 1992).

Arsenio Hall, a talk-show host, targeted by Rabbi Abraham Cooper for having

as his TV guest, Louis Farrakhan. "We do not believe that an entertainer

hosting an entertainment program should provide Louis Farrakhan a

comfortable, cozy and legitimizing platform" said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of

the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which investigates anti-Semitic activity. Rabbi

Cooper asked television stations not to broadcast the program...- N.Y.

Times, Feb. 27, 1994. Not long after Mr. Hall defied Rabbi Cooper, his

television program was canceled.

Barry Farber of WABC in New York urged a ban on revisionist historians in

all media outlets in a speech the Jewish Telegraph Agency titled, _National

Radio Talk-Show Host Bars Revisionist Historians_. (IHR Newsletter #75, Oct.

1990, p. 6).

Gunter A. Deckert, sentenced to one year in prison for translating into

German a speech given by the American revisionist Fred Leutcher. The

sentence was suspended. (N.Y. Times, Aug. 10, 1994).

Revisionist historian Ernst Nolte banned from speaking at Wolfson College

after having been invited to lecture at the college by its academic policy


Censored: The Story of Kufur Shamma, a play about a Palestinian mans 40 year

search for his family after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Canceled by Joseph

Papp, an impressario of international stature who controlled New York Citys

prestigious Public Theatre. Papp said the cancellation was "not a First

Amendment issue" and that he would present the play as soon as he found an

Israeli play to counter it with. However Papp never allowed The Story of

Kufur Shamma to be produced. Papp told John I. Patches of International

Performing Arts Consultants that "he had come under a great deal of pressure

and that he could not jeopardize his theatre because he needed the support

of the Jewish community." (Cf. Philadelphia Inquirer, June 30, 1989 and the

N.Y. Times, July 15, 1989).

Mariette Paschoud banned from teaching history in Switzerland after she

expressed doubts about the existence of Nazi homicidal gas chambers in World

War Two. Paschoud had been a lecturer in history at the Gymnase de la Cite

in Lausanne. She had previously served as a captain in the Swiss Army and as

a Swiss Military Judge. (N.Y. Times, Dec. 7, 1986, p. 15).

Revisionist publisher Pierre Guillaume and revisionist historian Henri

Roques were barred from Switzerland for three years for holding a

revisionist news conference in Geneva. (N.Y. Times, Dec. 7, 1986, p. 15).

Israelis support censorship. The most recent (Israeli) opinion poll shows

substantial majorities favor censorship for reasons of...image

preservation...This propensity includes a willingness to accept censorship

in order to preserve Israels image...In the Israeli-Diaspora Institute poll,

fully 63 percent of the respondents agreed that reports or pictures

depicting (Israeli) soldiers mistreating residents of the territories should

be banned because they harm Israels image. (Canadian Jewish News, March 15,

1990, p. 8).

T-shirt ban: Jewish groups are applauding a decision by the Scarborough

board of education that a student may not wear a T-shirt in school

emblazoned with a flag of Palestine along with the words, "We Fight for Our

Right". (Canadian Jewish News, July 26, 1990, p. 28).

Revisionist Video store raided by Canadian police: History Buff Video of

Hamilton was raided by the special Hate Crimes Unit, Project H, of the

Ontario Provincial Police. Police had been told that proprietor Jerry

Neumann was selling anti-Jewish videos. Videos were confiscated in the raid.

(Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 23, 1989, p. 7).

Bernard Notin, senior lecturer at Frances Lyon University was suspended from

teaching for one year and fined the equivalent of U.S.$4,000 for publishing

an article in the universitys sociological journal claiming gas chambers

were a figment of popular imagination. A Paris court found Notin guilty of

causing "needless pain to...the Jewish community." (Canadian Jewish News,

July 26, 1990, p. 16).

Alain Guionnet, was sentenced in France to nine months in jail and fined the

equivalent of U.S.$13,500 for the crime of editing a revisionist history

magazine. (Jewish Press, July 20, 1990, p. 1).

All books by the childrens author Roald Dahl have been banned from a Toronto

bookstore. The store, which is called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

has banned Dahl books due to the late authors statement that the Israelis

slaughtered 22,000 Lebanese civilians during the Israeli air force

bombardment of Beirut in 1982. (Bookstore Bans Works of Anti-Semitic Author,

Canadian Jewish News, July 12, 1990, p. 2). Meanwhile Michele Landsberg,

author of Michelle Landsbergs Guide to Childrens Books, has announced that

she has detected in the Roald Dahl story, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate

Factory a sadistic reference to Auschwitz. Landsberg, who calls Dahl "a

monstrous personality," has "excoriated the book Willie Wonka and the

Chocolate Factory for a scene in which the misbehaving child is sent to an

incinerator. "This is an Auschwitz image", Landsberg said." (Canadian Jewish

News, Dec. 20, 1990, p. 18).

A U.S. Judge banned a book by Victor Ostrovsky which gives an account of the

murders committed by the Israeli Mossad secret police, after the government

of Israel sought a ban on the book in America. N.Y. State Supreme Court

Judge Michael Dontzin ordered St. Martins Press to stop the publication. The

book, By Way of Deception:A Devastating Insiders Portrait of the Mossad was

also banned by a Canadian judge who issued a gag order forbidding Ostrovsky

from discussing his book. The author was in hiding, in fear for his life,

after having been visited by two senior Mossad officers who told Ostrovsky

"it would be for his own good" if he withdrew the book. They also told him,

"money would be no object" if he decided to stop publication of the book. A

spokesman for the Israeli consulate, Yuval Rotem, confirmed that Israel was

seeking to suppress the book. A leading First Amendment lawyer said that

this was the first time that any foreign state had sought or obtained a

prior restraint against the publication of a book in the U.S. (N.Y. Times,

Sept. 13, 1990).

Two days after the government of Israel sought to ban Victor Ostrovskys

book, By Way of Deception, the offices of his Canadian publisher were

burglarized and ransacked. "The burglars concentrated on files pertaining to

foreign rights, information about employees and the executive who was

responsible for bringing the book to us," said Angel Guerra, a spokesman for

the Toronto-based Stoddart Publishing Co. Canadian police confirmed Guerras

account. (Village Voice, Oct. 2, 1990, p. 35).

A novel based on the life of William Joyce, a radio broadcaster who worked

for the Nazis during World War Two, was seized by British police and banned

as obscene by a British court. The book, Lord Horror, written by David

Britton, was declared "likely to deprave and corrupt" under section three of

Britains Obscene Publications Act. Copies of the book have been ordered

destroyed by Judge Derrick Fairclough. The author said he saw Joyce, whose

nickname was Lord Haw Haw, as a "Bertie Wooster type." The court ruled the

book anti-Semitic. (Sunday Telegraph, Sept. 8, 1991).

School-teacher Malcolm Ross was ordered removed from his teaching position

immediately by a human rights board of inquiry. Inquiry chairman Brian

Bruce, a University of New Brunswick law professor, said that Ross may be

appointed to a non-teaching position. Ross was dismissed from his teaching

post for writing books alleging the existence of a Zionist conspiracy. No

evidence was presented that he had ever taught such views in his classroom.

(Ross Ordered Removed as Teacher, Canadian Jewish News, Sept. 5, 1991, p.


Book sellers license revoked: The mayor of a town in New Brunswick, Canada

has revoked a vending license issued to a woman selling copies of books

authored by school-teacher Malcolm Ross. Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside

received numerous complaints from people opposed to the sale of the books.

The mayor said the license was revoked because sale of books authored by

Ross, "posed a threat to public peace and safety." (Canadian Jewish News,

Aug. 15, 1991, p. 5).

80 year old Jane Birdwood of London, England was sentenced to a three month

suspended jail term and fined the equivalent of U.S.$1,000 for publishing a

book critical of the Talmud, a collection of writings sacred to the

Pharisees. The book Birdwood printed, The Longest Hatred was seized from her

flat by British police and destroyed. This was Birdwoods second prosecution

for violating Britains Public Order Act by publishing dissident literature.

The Home Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Baker, has banned Fred Leutcher, author of a

report that claims there were no homicidal gas chambers at the Nazi death

camps, from entering Britain. Mr. Baker said he had decided to keep Mr.

Leutcher out because his "deeply repugnant views" were "an offense to

British Jews and his presence here would not be conducive to the public

good." (Jewish Chronicle, Oct. 4, 1991). Leutcher was subsequently arrested

by British police in the course of giving a lecture at a hall in Britain.

The Canadian Waterloo County Board of Education has banned the teaching of

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare after Jewish parents

complained the play contained unsympathetic portrayals of Jewish characters.

Mona Zenter, a Kitchener parent, leads the drive against the teaching of The

Merchant of Venice. Zenter heads a lobby group, Citizens Against Bigotry.

Complaints were also received about the book Oliver Twist by Charles

Dickens. (Canadian Jewish News, Jan. 31, 1991, p. 33).

Censored: The New Lexicon Websters Dictionary of the English Language (2nd

Encyclopedic edition). The entry on Pontius Pilate is to be "revised." It

had previously read, "He gave Christ up to the Jews to be crucified, in

order to conciliate the Sanhedrin, though possibly against his own desire."

In response to concerns expressed by Jewish groups, Bernard Cayne,

vice-president and editorial director for the dictionary, told the Khazars

"We will be revising the entry Pontius Pilate to remove the objections you

pointed out." (Canadian Jewish News, May 25, 1989, p. 20).

Rabbis Ban Childrens Cartoon From American TV: The animated New Testament, a

series produced by the Christian Family Entertainment Network was banned

from the airwaves by three television stations, acceding to the demands of

rabbis at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Rabbi Marvin Hier and Rabbi Abraham

Cooper of the center said the videos about the life of Christ, "reinforce

negative and dangerous stereotypes about the Jewish people..." They "asked

television stations to stop carrying the half-hour >infomercial,<< a

commercial presented as a program with excerpts from the videos and

interviews with parents and young viewers...Television stations in Los

Angeles, Minneapolis and San Diego have stopped showing the current

commercial broadcast, Wiesenthal Center officials said." (N.Y. Times, Sept.

5, 1991).

Danish-based Publisher Sought for Prosecution in Germany: Associated Press,

Nov. 2, 1994. KOLLUND, Denmark -- In his haven across the Flensborg fiord

from Germany, Thies Christophersen has been quietly publishing magazines and

books for years denying that the Holocaust ever happened...Protesters

(communists-Ed.) have staged at least two violent rallies (riots-Ed.) to

demand that Denmark tighten its liberal press freedoms law, a backlash that

has put the government in the position of defending the right of Nazis to

speak out. Christophersen came to Denmark to avoid charges

(imprisonment-Ed.) in Germany in 1986. Denmark has turned down Germany's

requests to extradite Christophersen because he holds a Danish residency

permit. His work is protected by Denmark's press law. In recent years,

Christophersen has held meetings with leading European right-wing figures.

The Copenhagen newspaper Det Fri Aktuelt said Christophersen printed the

neo-Nazi publication Liberty Bell for distribution in the United States.

Christophersen prints a quarterly called Die Bauernschaft, which means "The

Peasantry," in German. Under the name Nordwind publishing, he has produced

his own book, The Auschwitz Lie, and other publications denying that Germany

exterminated millions of Jews during World War II. The Danish government has

been reluctant to take harsh action. Legislators have promised to review the

law on racism, but stress that freedom of speech is sacrosanct in Denmark.

Germany repeatedly has asked its northern neighbor to tighten its

legislation, saying neo-Nazis produce hate propaganda in Denmark and then

export it to Germany and other countries. Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal

appealed to Danish consciences... "These neo-Nazis do things which are

against the Danish peoples sentiments," Wiesenthal told Danish news media.

The following documentation was provided by World War Two German army

veteran Hans Schmidt and is excerpted from Mr. Schmidts GANPACBrief No. 145

(Nov. 1994). [To subscribe to GANPAC for 12 issues, send U.S.$50. Contact:

GANPAC, P.O. Box 11124, Pensacola, Florida 32524].

Former German Wehrmacht General Otto-Ernst Remer sentenced to 22 months in

prison for questioning WWII accusations against the Germans in his

publication, Remer-Depesche. As a result, the sickly 82-year old sought

political asylum in Spain, where he is currently living.

Germar Rudolf, a young German chemist, formerly with the prestigious

Max-Planck-lnstitute, came to doubt the "gas chamber" claims, and on his own

went to Auschwitz to take samples of the insides of the alleged gas

chambers, and also of known fumigation chambers for clothes. The results of

his research was devastating for the missionaries of the new Holocaust

religion. Therefore, the "heretic" Rudolf was made to pay the price. He lost

his job, his chance to complete his doctorate, and is now under indictment

for "defamation."

Erhard Kemper, a German agricultural expert, and freelance journalist,

attacks the lies upon which the West German state is founded, one of which

is the Holocaust claim. He is currently in jail (for an as yet indeterminate

time) for his numerous transgressions.

Thies Christophersen is also an agricultural expert and a publisher. During

WW II he was stationed near the Auschwitz concentration camp, and employed

concentration camp inmates on his research farm. Decades ago he wrote a book

claiming that, had gas chambers existed at Auschwitz, he would have known

about them. For this he is under indictment. Before trial, he fled to

political exile in Denmark, where he is still living today. Christophersen

is willing to stand trial in Germany if the system there allows him to

select and present expert witnesses of his choosing. So far German courts

have not had the courage to allow such witnesses.

Dr. Wilhelm Staglich was an anti-aircraft officer stationed at Auschwitz. He

wrote a book (DER AUSCHWITZ MYTHOS) denying that mass murder on the claimed

scale could have taken place there, or that homicidal gas chambers were

used. A former judge and the holder of an earned doctorate, he was

nevertheless persecuted for his beliefs and, using a law signed by Hitler,

"they" eventually took away his doctorate because he was telling the truth

as he saw it. His book was prohibited, all unsold copies were burned and

even the printing plates were destroyed by order of the court.

Helmut Grimm, a German intellectual holding doctorates in both medicine and

jurisprudence, wrote letters about the Holocaust, to high officials and the

judiciary. Recently, while he was absent, a large team of government goons

searched his home without a search warrant, and confiscated nearly

everything movable. He is now in political asylum in Denmark.

Udo Walendy, a German publisher delving critically into matters of history,

has been in constant troubles with German authorities, and has been heavily


Tiudar Rudolph, (age 82) questions all allied accusations against Germany,

and provides proof that some of the allegations are nothing but a

continuation of the war propaganda. Recently, he was jailed.

Joachim Sigerist, a writer and publisher, is currently incarcerated.

Walter Ochensberger, an Austrian citizen and publisher was convicted in

criminal court. Ochensberger fled before he could be jailed. On a sea trip

from a Baltic country to Denmark, the ferry he was on "inexplicably" had to

enter a German harbor. There he was arrested (remember, for a strictly

political offense), and against his protestations and without proper

extradition, sent to Austria, where he is now in prison.

Dr. Max Wahl, a Swiss citizen and publisher, was sentenced by a German court

to pay nearly DM 40,000 (U.S. $25,000) for publicly questioning many of the

allied war claims, among them the Holocaust accusations, and for stating

that Germany's former enemies are using these accusations to blackmail

Germany into still paying tribute (in the form of reparations) to other

countries, and especially to Jews and Israel, a half century after the war's


Gerd Honsik, an Austrian publisher, wrote several books delving into

historical matters, one of them exposing Simon Wiesenthals actions. He was

sentenced to fines and jail, and is currently in exile in Spain.

Andreas Thierry (24) and Adolf Schatzmay (22), received jail sentences of 18

and 15 months by a court in Klagenfurt, Austria, because they had publicly

defended the historical record of the Waffen-SS.

Gert Sudholt, well-known German book publisher, was put in jail for writing

and publishing books and articles about matters that are "verboten" in


Christian Worch, (28), spent three years in jail (1980 to 1983) for the

following: "Volksverhetzung, veffassungsfeindliche Propaganda, Beleidigung

von lebenden und toten Juden! Teilnahme an nicht genehmigten Demonstrationen

etc." (he never advocated violence)," (creating hate; disseminating

propaganda which is directed against the constitution; insulting living and

dead Jews, and participation in illegal demonstrations). Unlike real

criminals, Worch was kept in prison for the entire sentence. Since then (for

more than 10 years) he is on indeterminate parole, and has to report monthly

to a parole officer.

Max Albrechtskirchinger, was fined DM 4,000 (U.S. $2,500) for the following:

He had written a letter to the small magazine of one of the editors

mentioned above, quoting without commentary these sentences from the

testimony of Jewish-German defense witness Josef Burg at the 1988 trial of

Ernst Zundel in Canada: "I am working for the reconciliation of Jews and

Germans. My presence here proves that among thousands of bad Jews there are

some who do not accuse the Germans of the Holocaust. I am convinced that

there was never a German plan to exterminate all the Jews, and no Jews were

killed in gas chambers." The court held that Albrechtskirchinger, by quoting

this Jewish gentleman, proved that he agreed with the testimony and

therefore transgressed against German laws.

Dr. Waldemar Schneider, is a German expert on Oriental culture and religion.

In 1992 he wrote for a German-language newsletter a book review of a

Japanese book that was a bestseller in Japan but had been castigated by the

N.Y. Times for alleged anti-Jewish statements. Soon thereafter, Simon

Wiesenthal, the "Nazi hunter," accused Dr. Schneider in a German court of

"creating hate" and demanded that he be prosecuted.

Jurgen Graf, a young Swiss teacher is very interested in World War II

history. He became fascinated by the Holocaust allegations, and especially

the incongruities. Graf wrote a revisionist book about World War Two. Soon

after publication, he received an official letter from a German court,

signed by a zealot in Mannheim named Staatsanwalt Heiko Klein, announcing

that a criminal investigation had begun, and that he will be compelled to

answer for his writings.

Franz Ruby, (85) was fined $4,000 for publicly stating that Germany should

remain populated mainly by Germans.

Markus Privenau, age 22, placed adhesive stickers commemorating the name of

Rudolf Hess, on a street sign in Germany. He was sentenced to three months


[End GANPAC documentation researched by Hans Schmidt].



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