Zionist Plot to Take Over
the Mexican Presidency

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

George "El Guero" Gutman
Los Angeles, Alta California - September 7, 2004 - (ACN) There is today a well funded Zionist plot to take over "Los Pinos" (Mexican White House). The nation of Mexico, the second largest world producer of oil during the past four months, is today in imminent danger of being taken over by an International Jewish Cabal led by Mexico's former Secretary of Foreign Relations George Gutman. Mr. Gutman, known in Mexico as Jorge Castaneda, and his fellow conspirators are today working full time to control the outcome of the presidential elections of 2006. George Gutman has declared himself an independent candidate to replace President Vicente Fox Quesada when Fox's term of office expires in two years.

The first unmistakable sign of the Zionist plot came one month after the WTC/Pentagon terrorist attacks on 9-11-01 when, on Wednesday October 10, two Israelis were arrested inside the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro (Mexican Congress) in Mexico City with handguns, grenades and explosives. One of the Israelis, Saur Ben Zvi, was holding a "fake passport" and the other, Sal Guersson Smecke, was a Colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces and a presumed MOSSAD agent.

Two Israeli terrorists are escorted out of the Mexican Congress
The Zionist plot to blow up the Mexican Congress was foiled through sheer luck and it briefly made "headlines" on the news networks of Mexico. The major news story, however, suddenly died and nothing on the incident was ever heard again. The two Israelis were soon released through high level interventions of the Israeli Embassy in Mexico City and the then Jewish Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations George Gutman who is now a candidate for the presidency of Mexico. One can only imagine the political ramifications in Mexico if the Israeli agents had been successful in their terrorist mission. Was this attempt to blow up the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro part of a much bigger plan? Was the mission's principal goal to help propel George Gutman into the Mexican presidency?

President Vicente Fox with Mexican JewsTo help answer these and other relevant questions, it is necessary to review some recent Mexican presidential history. The electoral victory of President Vicente Fox in 2000 was, as informed Mexicans know, engineered by George Gutman himself through his Grupo San Angel. The powerful and extremely influential "Think Tank" Grupo San Angel was founded by George Gutman in 1994 and it regularly met at his home to plot the demise of the ruling Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI political party) that had held the presidency for 72 years. The membership of Grupo San Angel consisted of wealthy Mexican Jews, the academic "intelligentsia", powerful union bosses, industrialists and a host of up and coming members of the Mexican political class.

The stereotypical malinchista Esther Elba Gordillo
The half brother of George Gutman, the Venezuelan Jew Andrés Rosenthal Gutman was a member of Grupo San Angel as well as Vicente Fox and his now wife and present "First Lady" Marta Sahagún. Another member was the much hated leader of the country's largest union "Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación" (SNTE) and accused assassin Elba Esther Gordillo. Elba Esther Gordillo is the stereotypical "malinchista". As the present Congressional Secretary of the PRI, she has betrayed her own party and has endorsed George Gutman for president of Mexico in 2006. Elba Esther Gordillo has come out publically that one of her greatest heroines is the Jewess Madeline Albright.

Mexican Jewish Mogul Lino KorrodiAnother member of the Grupo San Angel was the Mexican Jew Lino Korrodi. Lino Korrodi was the National Finance Manager for the Vicente Fox presidential campaign and funneler of U.S. Zionist funds to the campaign. Lino Korrodi engineered a very sophisticated scheme to funnel vast amounts of funds from U.S Zionist interests to the "Alianza por el Cambio" (Alliance for Change) and "Amigos de Fox" (Friends of Fox) campaign organizations. The scheme involved Zionist political action committees to make deposits in U.S. banks that included, among others, Citibank of New York and US/Mexico border banks such as the Laredo National Bank and the Bank of West El Paso. Lino Korrodi was the intermediary between Vicente Fox and George Gutman's vast Jewish connections in Wall Street and New York City.

It can be argued that the election of Vicente Fox was a mere first step in a final Zionist assault on the Mexican presidency. The money from U.S. Zionist interests had strings attached. In return, Fox appointed a large number of Mexican Jews to top cabinet level government positions. One of these appointments created major problems for President Fox. It was the appointment of George Gutman (aka Jorge Castaneda) as Secretary of Foreign Relations. George Gutman sabotaged Mexico's foreign relations and destroyed, on behalf of the USA, Mexico's historical friendly relations with Cuba. At one point, the majority of the Mexican Congress demanded his resignation after being accused of "entreguismo" or of "selling out" to U.S. interests and he was finally ousted.

La Voz de Aztlan believes that Zionists have already created the economic and political conditions for a takeover of the Mexican presidency in 2006. On October, 2003 a high level symposium in Mexico took place. The symposium titled, "Mexico-Israel: Political Perspectives" was sponsored by the Friends of Tel Aviv University, Bank Leumi and the Central Committee of the Jewish Community of Mexico. Shlomo Ben Ami, Israel`s former Foreign Minister; and George Gutman, Mexicos former Foreign Minister, participated. One of the subjects of discussion was the infiltration of the Mexican federal government.

Though George Gutman is presently trailing other Mexican candidates for president, persistent fears exist that the Zionist may perpetrate a sinister event to change the situation. Zionists have a wretched reputation of staging terrorist events which they then use to their political advantage. The attempted terrorist attack on the Mexican Congress on October 10, 2001 is just one example. They also have no aversion to carry out political assassinations to eliminate potential adversaries.

George Gutman would be a disaster for Mexico. The fact that he chose New York City to first announce his candidacy for the presidency of Mexico speaks volumes of who this character really is. As a professor at New York University, he has too much loyalty to US Jewry and Israel and his ultimate purpose is to get his hands on PEMEX for the Zionists. Why does this man not speak about Mexico's huge debilitating interest payments on the huge external debt it has to pay Jewish bankers?

His proposal to turn Baja California into a huge gambling casino also unveils this man's thinking. If this ever came to pass, Mexico would have a difficult time keeping the Russian Jewish Mafia at bay. Ensenada would be like Havana, Cuba before Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz cleaned it up.

His first campaign stunt also says a lot of what he really thinks of the indigenous people of Mexico. In July, Gutman went on a caravan to visit a number of Mexican states. He called his personal bus in the caravan "El Gueromovil" and calls himself "El Guero". "El Guero" in Spanish means "the blonde one". Most real Mexicans are not "guero" but have brown, tan or olive complexions.

Mexicans must keep a very close eye on George "El Guero" Gutman. Between now and the Mexican presidential elections of 2006, his every move must be watched. Mexico can not afford to ever give this "tipo" any chance to attain political power again.