Why Did Pres. Bush Declare War On Eve Of Jewish Purim Holiday?

Pres. Bush went on national TV on Monday, March 14, at 8pm, to give Saddam Hussein, "48 hours to get out of town!" (This is an old Wild West cowboy term Bush favors.)

In reality, it was a declaration of war on Iraq. It is very interesting that March 14 was the "Eve of Purim". At that hour Jews throughout the nation met in their Synagogues to celebrate the defeat of Haman in Biblical times. Haman ruled over Persia, (Iraq-Iran of today). Saddam Hussein has been called by the Jews as "the Haman of today."

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports that shouts of joy went up in the Synagogues throughout the nation as word of Bush's war speech reached them.
James Besser in the article here clearly states that; "The Haman that we see today is in the form of Saddam." 

Iraq Was The Enemy Of Israel - Not America

Military experts have stated pubicly that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were in no way, shape or form, any kind of threat to America. However, Saddam has long been considered by the Jews as their enemy. When Bush made his speech of March 14, he stated that the defeat of Saddam would reduce the threat of terror to Israel. 

Here lies the answer as to why we went to war against Iraq
. Saddam Hussein gave over $35 million to the parents, wives and children of Palestinians who have died fighting to liberate their country from the brutal Jewish occupation.

Was it just a mere coincidence that George Bush declared war on Purim??? We say NO - because there are 364 other days of the year he could easily have chosen. Even the hour of his declaration coincided with the Jews' Eve of Purim celebrations in the Synagogues!
Bush remembers the close vote in Florida in which the Jews voted 90 % for Gore/Lieberman. He wants the Jewish bloc vote in 2004 and believes that the war will gain their favor!.

Important Note: The Jews consider the Book of Esther as the most important in the Old Testament. It depicts the Jews conniving to bring about the downfall of Haman. He is hanged along with his seven sons and 70,000 followers.


Photos of Jewish Purim celebrations are difficult to find. This 1988 photo shows Rabbi Ivan Mauer hanging in effigy, Yasser Arafat and the late Syrian Pres. Assad. Can you imagine any Christian ceremony hanging people?

Bush visits Israel's defenses on Golan Heights - land belonging to Syria.

(NOTE: 1988 article - Saddam Hussein was named "Haman".)

Purim Party: The director of United Nations affairs for B'nai B'rith, Harris Schoenberg, is naming Saddam Hussein the 15th annual Haman of the Year. Mr. Schoenberg said Saddam beat out such figures as Timothy McVeigh, Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, Algerian terrorists and Muhi al-Din Sharif, "the new mad bomber of Hamas." (Saddam also got the distinction in 1990).

Purim Explained - From "Jewish Press"
The Ten Sons Of Haman

QUESTION: 1) Why the ten sons of Haman hung with their father on the same gallows?
2) The listing of the ten names of the sons of Haman has three Hebrew letters. What does that indicate?

A Reader ANSWER: The Yalkut Me'Am Loez (pg. 183) states: Haman's ten sons led the Hamanite attack and were therefore among the first to be killed. While the other dead were allowed to remain at the site where they were killed, Haman's sons were removed so they could be hung up as an example (to those who murder and who oppose the king).

Esther appealed to the king, "I request that Haman's sons be hanged upon the same gallows on which Haman was hanged. You yourself left his body hanging, and now it would be fitting to hang his sons next to him" (Megillat Setarim).

(NOTE:) Bush war announcement made during Purim celebration.
Purim On The Hill

Washington - They had the usual hamantaschen and "accelerated" Megillah reading at the annual Purim celebration here sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch.

But the celebratory mood on the Hill was interrupted Monday at 8 p.m. when President George W. Bush announced the 48-hour ultimatum to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on national television.

Some 200 congressional staffers, lobbyists and other Capitol Hill types attended the event, along with Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-Manhattan) and Brad Sherman (D-Calif.).

"The celebration was especially vivid this year due to the practical dimensions of Haman that we see today in the form of Saddam said Rabbi Levi Shemtov, who heads the Lubavitch Washington office. "So the booing was particularly emphatic."
James D. Besser

Purim An Expression Of Jewish Fanaticism


(Gush Etzion, Israel) - The Gulf War ended on Purim 1991. It then resumed on the night after Shushan Purim, 12 years later. B"H, we in Israel are prepared, and the perceived risks to the security of Israel pale in comparison with the situation 12 years ago. 

Nevertheless, it is in times like these, when we are again faced with a national threat, that we must assess our personal relationship with our national identity.
Purim is a time of gratitude (hakarat hatov). The Megillah broaches the concept of hester panim.
Now is the time to identify with the Jewish people, and Israel is the vehicle which currently propels Jewish history. We must recognize that, today our national experience is defined through the events that occur in Israel.

If the Jews in Israel suffer, then the Jewish people throughout the world suffer. Whether it means praying for Israel, financially supporting Israel, visiting Israel, learning in Israel, sending your children to Israel, volunteering for the Israel Defense Forces, or making aliyah.
We, Israel, the Jewish people, are at a war with enemies who want to destroy us. We cannot ever abandon Israel or our Jewish brethren.


Note below: 

Bowling pins are named "Haman" in sick display of hate.
A children's Purim service, featuring mime Sasha Nanus, will be held at the Reform Temple of Forest Hills, 71-11 112th St., on Sunday, March 16 at 10 a.m. A Purim carnival will follow, featuring bowling (with "Haman pins"), prizes and hamantaschen. On Monday, March 17, Nanus will act out the Megillah during services at 7 p.m. All are invited to come in costume. Gnoggers (noisemakers) will be provided, and hamantaschen will be served.

Why The Book Of Esther Is Favored
The Old Testament "Book of Esther" is the favorite of the Jews. Esther turns King Ahasueros against Haman who is arrested. Haman is said to be an enemy of the Jews and is therefore hanged along with his 10 sons. Also, 70,000 of Haman's followers are rounded up and killed. The Jews calibrate this mass slaughter each year during their feast of Purim.

Every year Orthodox Jews choose an "enemy" and declare him to be a Haman. During Purim, Jewish children make "Haman cookies" and gleefully break off the arms, legs and then gobble them down. The adults will make effigies of a present-day "Haman" and hang him during the festival.

Gentiles are not allowed to attend these gruesome ceremonies. However, on this page is one taken in 1975. It. shows the celebrants hanging Yasser Arafat and the late Syrian Pres. Assail. Note also, the Jewish notice of March. 13, 1998 that Saddam Hussein was named "Haman of the Year." This year they were finally able to destroy their old enemy, Saddam Hussein, and celebrated his fate in the Synagogues on March 14, Purim Day, which just so happened to coincide with George Bush's declaration of war on Iraq!


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