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From: Henry Ayre
Jews in Control of Iraq Scuttle U.S. Interests

 by  William Forrest 
From "SS"
October 20, 2004

 The Jews have betrayed every country in which they
 have ever been allowed to live. That they are
 high-ranking and "honored members" of the American
 political machine has not changed their treasonous
 ways in the least.

 One example of this is the Jew-orchestrated
 blunders that have been a part of the Iraq War.
The  Jews of the U.S. Media Monopoly have screamed
for war  against the Iraqi threat to Israel but instead
of  telling the truth -- which is against Jewish ethics
 -- they have lied to the American people and have
 screamed for a war against "terrorism" which just
 happens by coincidence to be a war against the
 enemies of Israel. And to placate his Jewish
 supporters, President Bush hired a Jew to lead Iraq.
The Jew and dual-loyalist, L. Paul "the Jew" Bremer,
was given the job as the U.S. overseer of Iraq as the top
 policy-maker of the Coalition Provisional Authority
 (CPA). Rather than do a job that would be beneficial
 to the interests of the United States, this Jew did
 everything that would make the job of the U.S. more
 difficult while helping Israel destroy another Muslim
 enemy. Jew Paul Bremer claims to be an American but
 he is  actually a Jew who is only loyal to Israel.

 Since 1992, the Jew-controlled United States has been
 using  psychological warfare operations against Iraq to
 convince the regular Iraqi soldiers that if war came
 that they could still keep their jobs and feed their
 families. By using leaflets dropped from planes,
 covert radio broadcasts, secret meetings with Iraqi
 officers and in U.S. public statements, the U.S.
 Government pledged this guarantee.

 The method worked wonderfully because as war came
  to Iraq, the Iraqi soldiers dropped their arms and ran
 away. Many lives were saved. But it is the policy of
 Jewism that all non-Jews should be killed as much as
 possible and their property seized by the Jews. This
 Talmudic teaching is ingrained into every Jew from
 childhood through adulthood. They all believe it.

 And so, when Jew, L. Paul Bremer, had the opportunity
 to be a good American and to do the duty that he had
 promised to do, he chose instead to be a good Jew and
 to screw the United States for the advancement of
 Israel. One of his first orders as the U.S. overseer
 of Iraq was to go against the promises made by the
 United States to the Iraqis and to disband the Iraqi
 army. Of course, what could be the only outcome of
removing all authority from a people who had known
 nothing but authoritarian rule? Yes, of course, chaos!
 And when there is chaos, the Jews are more easily
 able to steal and pilfer without detection. As the
 streets of the cities of Iraq were filled with
 looting hoards of hungry people, the Mossad was able
 to steal the antiquities from the museums of Iraq and
 to destroy the holy books of the Muslims.

 And by disbanding the Iraqi army, Bremer the Jew,
 was able to  make the U.S. success in Iraq less possible
 since the  Iraqi soldiers that Bremer has dismissed were
 the  very ones to be relied upon by the American military
 commanders for securing Iraq's borders and keeping
 order. American commanders had gone into Iraq
 planning their war strategy that included calling up
 some of the 400,000 strong Iraqi army to help with
 the transition. But the Jewish treason of L. Paul
 Bremer dashed these plans. American military leaders
 then found that they did not have enough American
 troops for the job at hand and began calling up the
 Reserves and the National Guard.

 And because the Iraqi army was no longer available to
 keep order and because these same soldiers no longer
 had the income to feed their families, they joined in
 the general looting and guerilla combat that built up
 against the American occupiers. The Jew Bremer's
 excuse that he disbanded the Iraqi army to win the
 support of the majority Shiite Muslims and minority
 Kurds is the usual Jew lie. In fact, the vast  majority
of the Iraqi army was Shiite Muslim  conscripts.
 Jew-Bremer also destroyed the entire civil service of
 Iraq by purging tens of thousands of Baath Party
 officials, further leading to chaos and confusion.
 And to make sure that chaos would reach its highest
 levels, he failed to stop the looting and lawlessness
 that followed the war. Of course, with no military
 power and no police power left to quell the rioting,
 there was nothing that he could do but throw up his
 hands in disgust and wonder with loud "Oy Veh's"
 why  everything was not going as planned.
At an October 4  speech in Virginia, Bremer said, "We
paid a big price  for not stopping the looting because it
 established  an atmosphere of lawlessness." Notice how
 he uses the  word "we". This is a standard ploy of all Jews,
 to  cause troubles and then to deflect the blame from
 themselves. With this simple word, L. Paul Bremer
 avoids the blame for his decisions, decisions that he
 alone was responsible for making. He now claims that
 all of the chaos is the fault of "we" Americans. And
 L. Paul Bremer certainly claims that he is a loyal
American, after all he uses the word, "we", doesn't

 The Jews are like blood-sucking fleas that make their
 bite and then scamper away into the hairs of the dog,
 away from the snapping teeth of the poor dog that is
 biting at the wound. L. Paul Bremer is such a flea
 and he hides his betrayal by saying "We, we Americans
 are responsible for what we have done in Iraq." Now
 then, isn't that a lot of people responsible for the
 state of affairs in Iraq? Isn't that a lot of people
 to hide behind? But in this statement that lays the
 blame on all Americans, where is that treacherous
 flea, L. Paul Bremer, hiding?

LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES!  9-11 was an Israeli-backed spanking on our
collective American bottom! A Boeing 757 DIDN'T pierce through six walls of the
Pentagon (impossible + no aircraft debris), a late model cruise missile did the job;
the Twin Towers DIDN'T collapse due to heat (impossible), demolition charges
did the job;  there were NO Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically);
and the Zionists/Judeo-Christians now in control of the United States are traitors
to the U.S. Constitution... as well as being mass murderers.This has been a Zionist
WAG THE DOG operation from the start, deadly serious for our elected leaders
WHO KNOW WHO'S GUILTY, and an Arabian Nights charade for Mom and Pop
in Littletown, U.S.A.! It's an info war! Forward this to the world!