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May 16, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Here you have the poignant and telling summary of one troubled Jew who is
forced by NATO's war in Kosovo to confront the Jewish leadership and come
to grips with their lack of ethics and morality in spite of their facile
platitudes so easily and frequently mouthed.

Another reality check - for yet one more thinking Jewish intellectual!

My only question is: Why did it take so long?

This letter was sent to the Zundelsite via Truth-in-Media
reporting on the Kosovo War:

"An Open Letter to My Jewish Friends"

BOSTON, May 5 - ". . . just as we finished it, we received "an open letter
to my Jewish friends," written by David Mladinov, the Cultural Arts
Director of the Leventhal-Sidman JCC, and Artistic Director of the Jewish
Theatre of New England. Here are some excerpts from it:

"Since the beginning of the attack on Yugoslavia, the American Jewish
Committee and the American Jewish Congress in Boston gave their full
support of the NATO's bombings. It is hard to tell whether their
endorsement is an act of opportunism or ignorance. It is definitely not the
expression of high moral standards they would like us to believe.

I am not familiar with the decision making process of their main offices in
New York. For that reason I will limit my remarks to the actions of their
Boston representatives in this open letter.

I have known Ms. Sheila Decter the Director of the American Jewish Congress
in Boston for more than 20 years. We collaborated on many occasions on the
variety of cultural programs. I cooperated frequently with Lawrence
Lowental, the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee. Together
we introduced the film "The Righteous Enemy." A segment of the documentary
deals with the Italian occupation of the Croatian province of Dalmatia
where my entire family was killed during the Second World War.

As a child of the Holocaust survivors and with my own personal history of
victimization, when at 12, a group of Croatian youths almost killed me and
tried to burn me in a school stove, I am very sensitive to any kind of
religious or racial intolerance. I am opposed to persecution of civilians,
as much as the directors of the American Jewish Congress and the American
Jewish Committee are. Still, I do not hold all Germans or all Croatians
responsible for the fate of my family, or for my personal experience.

Since the beginning of the ethnic fighting in Yugoslavia eight years ago,
both the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee have
taken one sided and partial view of the conflict. The organizations have
distorted the truth, have refused to hear the grievances of the other side,
and have suppressed information they possessed, all in order to support
their preconceived notion of who the innocent victims are, and who the
murderers in the civil war. It might have been easier to sell this black
and white picture to their members, but the picture in no way reflects the
facts. Throughout the conflict militias and paramilitary forces belonging
to all sides have committed atrocities against civilians and other ethnic
groups. To single out only the Serbs, and especially all Serbs is not only
incorrect, but immoral.

I strongly believe that all those responsible for the war crimes should be
brought to justice by impartial international courts, regardless of their
nationality. I also believe that international order should be upheld by
the UN and World Court to prevent the small and weak nations from being
destroyed by either evil or self-righteous empires. I also believe, as
naive as it may sound, that all nations and all conflicts should be judged
by the same standards while ethnic strife should be resolved peacefully,
through negotiations and not ultimatums and bombs.

After reading that the American Jewish Committee was a strong supporter of
the bombings, I called Mr. Lowental. When I asked him why his organization
did not endorse an intervention in Sudan where two million people have been
killed in a civil war, or Rwanda where 600,000 were killed, as compared to
2,000 in Kosovo, Mr. Lowental responded that we (Who are we? Jews?
Americans? NATO?) did not have any strategic interests in Africa.

How about East Timor (250,000 dead) or Sri Lanka (80,000 dead)? No
strategic interests. How about China (1,500.000 dead), Kashmir (300,000) or
Chechnya (250,000 dead)? His answer was that those countries had atomic
weapons. We have been repeatedly given similar explanations by the US media
and the US Government.

This means that our high moral standards apply only if the victims are
Europeans, and if the perceived perpetrators do not have atomic weapons, or
are not the American NATO friends, like Turkey. If that is the case, then
it is understandable that the NATO attacked Yugoslavia.

Mr. Lowental pointed out to me that the American Jewish Committee could not
stand silent while the ethnic cleansing was going on. Why was the Committee
silent when 200,000 Krajina Serbs (out of total of 900,000 ethnically
cleansed Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia) were expelled from Croatia four
years ago? Mr. Lowental could not remember the incident.

Well, let me remind him. While the 150 miles long column of refugees in
tractors and cars was harassed in Croatia, the US government sent a stern
statement to Yugoslavia warning them not to settle the expelled refugees in
several Serbian provinces with large minorities in order not to tilt the
ethnic balance there. We have had a chance to hear many cynical
pronouncements during the civil war in former Yugoslavia, but this one
definitively tops them all. It would be pity for Mr. Lowental's checkered
memory not to remember it, despite the fact that there is nothing the
American Jewish Committee can do about that incident of ethnic cleansing
now. [...]

The demonization of the Serbs and Yugoslavia by these two Jewish
organizations extends to the Yugoslav Jews as well. During the sanctions, I
suggested on several occasions that something should be done for the
Yugoslav Jews so they would not feel completely isolated. The suggestion
was met with complete indifference, even hostility. Not a single time did
they speak to Aleksandar Singer, the President of the Jewish Federation in
Belgrade, an Auschwitz survivor who also spent three years in a labor camp
under communism, to find out what his views of the conflict were. Had they
called Mr. Singer recently, they might have discovered that one of the
first bombs dropped over Yugoslavia by the NATO, destroyed the old bridge
in Novi Sad and the Holocaust memorial commemorating killing of 1219
people, 809 of them Jews at the site in 1942. They also might have heard
that Yugoslav Jews feel perfectly safe in Belgrade, as do the other
minorities, except for the NATO bombings. [...]

There is a Jewish saying that one who saves a human life, has saved the
whole world. In contrast, to the humanitarian activities of the JOINT
Distribution Committee, the American Jewish Committee and the American
Jewish Congress have become vocal advocates of bombings and further
killings, without helping anyone. [...]

Considering that prior to the NATO attack on Yugoslavia, there were no
refugees outside of Kosovo, it is clear that it is the bombings that
provoked a horrific outburst of ethnic cleansing by Serbian forces. This in
no way absolves those committing the crimes from their responsibility.

The alliance's lofty pronouncements that it has nothing against Yugoslav

people sound rather hollow in view of the mounting civilian casualties
damaged cities and completely destroyed industry. The ecological disaster
caused by the oil spillage into the Danube from the repeatedly hit
refineries, poisonous fumes released from the chemical plants, use of the
cluster bombs and low grade uranium, will be felt in the area for
generations to come. Is this what we are supposed to support?

It is no coincidence that the countries closest to the conflict, Greece,
Italy, Macedonia and the democratic government of the Yugoslav republic of
Montenegro, all oppose the NATO bombings as counterproductive.... It is
equally understandable that the Yugoslav Jews, along with all other
citizens of Yugoslavia, do not see the NATO action as a fight against
Milosevic, but as a destructive war with an aim to destroy their country
and their very existence. It is hard to fathom the blind arrogance and
callousness of those living 5,000 miles away, with no understanding of the
area, wishing to perpetuate the killings, in order to justify the
disastrous and misguided decision by the US government and its NATO pawns.
Is this what Jewish moral response should be according to the American
Jewish Committee and the Jewish Congress?

It is difficult to believe that only a month has passed since Mr. Lowental
and I introduced to over six hundred people at the JFK Library in Boston
the film "The Righteous Enemy." The documentary tells a story about
courageous Italians, both military men and civilians, who during the Second
World War defied their government in order to save thousands of lives. As
we all know, it is always safer, more opportune and much more profitable to
jump on a bandwagon. I can only wish that the American Jewish Committee and
the American Jewish Congress might have learned something from this
historic example. It is useless to honor the heroic deeds from the past, if
we are, by following the stampede, unwilling to show the same compassion
and concern for all victims of the conflict."

I asked Ernst for his input on this remarkable letter, and here is his reply:

Now if David Mladinow could only apply his criteria to the whole Holocaust
subject! He would really be able to free himself and most of his fellow
Jews from the psychological prison the Holocaust story has brought about!

Don't we all know that the American leadership, along with most of the
American Jewish intellectual and artistic elite, has taken a one-sided and
partial view of the German/"Nazi"--Jewish conflict - not just for 8 years,
as in the Serbian conflict, but for almost 70 years!

If, as David Mladinov points out, the Jewish leadership powers "have
distorted the truth, have refused to hear the grievances of the other side,
and have suppressed information they possessed, in order to support their
preconceived notion of who the innocent victims are and who the murderers
are..." then I must point out that that is exactly what the Jewish
leadership has done to the German nation for 70 years in the so-called
subject of the Holocaust and the underlying issues!

Their suppression of an honest Holocaust debate by draconian
anti-Revisionist legislation, for which they clamored in Germany, France,
Austria, Switzerland and soon Canada, is living proof of this deliberate

Their relentless pursuit and even assassination of people like Francois
Duprat in France, Alex Odeh in America, the near-murder of Dr. Faurisson,
myself, Jürgen Rieger and others for questioning and trying to show the
"other side" of the issue is living proof of a deliberate global policy of
suppression of Holocaust Revisionism for political reasons!

It is surprising that a Jew of Mladinov's sensitivities and intellect
cannot readily see through the Jewish leadership's role in this Holocaust
use and exploitation by his own communities' leaders. Only brainwashing
and constant reinforcement by the media can possibly account for that.

Why can't Mladinov see that Israel's military and civilian leaders, as well
as those of America, Russia, France, England, Poland, Czechoslovakia etc.
should long ago have been tried for their crimes against the Palestinians,
or the others for their crimes against the Germans immediately after World
War II?

They had an instrument in place, even then, in Nuremberg to do ***equal

Instead, they only tried the vanquished! Talmudic situational ethics reign!

Thought for the Day:

"There are 4,000 ethnic groups in the world large enough to form states,
but there are only 181 states in the U.N. - which means there will always
be a chance for the proponents of multi-culturalism to enforce their
liberal "chimera" with guns and bombs, if they win in Yugoslavia."

(Ernst Zündel)

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