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Subject: Nationalist/Populist Leader Huey Long Assasinated By Alien With An Agenda

Louisiana Senator Huey Long  
Assassinated at the age of 42
Shot In The State Capital Building In 1935
Baton Rouge
Dr Karl Jacob Weiss Was The Assassin
Huey Long's Sworn Enemy
Arch War Criminal And Jewish Suremacist Roosevelt
Just Another Zionist Assassination
Long was assassinated because he was one of the most charismatic leaders of the 1930s, and he was going to run for president. He could have easily defeated Roosevelt, and would have put International Jewry back 200 years.
Louisiana History
Louisiana, because of the Mississippi, was the gateway to the south, and Jewish traders arrived as early as 1730.
The great Jewish migration of the1880s swamped the country, and they quickly took control. In1913 they had passed the Federal Reserve Act, started Wall Street, the ADL, took us into WW1, collapsed the economy in 1929.
They installed Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt.
Who Was Huey Long?
Huey “Kingfish” Long, was governor of Louisiana in 1928, who became a U.S. Senator in 1932, and assassinated in1935. As Senator, Long supported Roosevelt in the beginning but eventually became aware of the depression was a result of deliberate Federal Reserve policy. He recognized the real beneficiaries of the depression were certain sectors who were buying stocks, bonds real estate and American businesses hand over fist.
August 1935 Long Announces His Presidential Campaign
The wealth was being transferred from working Americans to these select few. Long proposed the "Share Our Wealth" program which said that no individual family could hold more than $ 5 mil in wealth and receive more than $ 1 mil in annual income.
Roosevelt Saw An Enemy
Huey Long, an accomplished orator and statesman, had pointed out many of the fallacies of Roosevelt and the New Deal  (Jew Deal), and many people were starting to listen. Roosevelt had become alarmed at Huey Long, as the Great Depression threatened to catapult Long into the Presidency.
FDR had actually made some threats, and in March of 1935 Long made a broadcast and had it put in the congressional record.
Roosevelt's Controllers
He was controlled by a group of Jewish advisors, who were ultimately controlled by the Rothschilds. Names like Baruch, Oppenheimer, Loeb, Morganthau, Frankfurter.
They weren't going to let some 'Firebrand Southerner' become president at this critical juncture.
The assassination  
On Sunday, September 8, 1935, Huey Long was at the capital building in Baton Rouge. He was attending a session called by Judge Benjamin Pavy, one of Long's political enemies. As Long walked down a corridor, a Dr. Carl Weiss ( Pavy’s son in law ) walked up to him and shot him in the abdomen.
His body guards shot the Jewish doctor over thirty times.
He Was Shot In The Capital
Long was shot, and collapsed in a stairwell. He was muttering - "Why did he shoot me?"
Rushed To Hospital
He was brought to Lady of The Lake hospital.
Doctor Vidrine
Huey Long's wound was not life threatening, but the bullet hit a kidney, and that caused blood poison. Two surgeons were arriving from New Orleans, when Dr Authur Vidrine, a Jewish physician declared that he would have to perform emergency surgery before they had a chance to arrive.
When the two surgeons arrived they were appalled at Vidrine's obvious and calculatingly incompetent job. They openly stated he was an accomplice.
Louisiana's Greatest Governor
His state tax system basically used the wealthy to pay for Louisiana schools. Long took Louisiana's illiteracy rate from 22%, and brought it down to 5%.  The road system went from 300 miles to 3200 miles of paved roads.
His Presidential Promises
He would restrict the Federal Reserve, redistribute the wealth by taxing wealthy individuals and corporations.
The Historical Aftermath
Today, Huey Long is portrayed as a corrupt philandering womanizer. There is even an attempt to rewrite the assassination by a F Morris Grevenberg, who claims that Weiss got in an argument with Long, and Long's bodyguards shot an innocent Jew.
The 1936 Election Was Historically Monumental
The country was in the depths of the depression, and they would be given two choices for President. Roosevelt was a wealthy aristocratic Jew, and a borderline communist. On the other hand, Huey Long was a gifted self made man, who came from a poor background, had Louisiana's success story as credentials, and was a superb orator. Audio
If Long would have won, there would have been no WW-2, and communism would have been contained. The illicit gains from the 1929 depression would have been redistributed.
Huey Long had to be killed.
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