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Inside the New Print Edition of CounterPunch: Labor at the Crossroads

First the Wedding; Now the Wake: Big Labor's New Unity Partnership by JoAnn Wypijewski; Report from Baghdad: How Did the Votes Add Up: by Patrick Cockburn. Tsunamis of Blood: Wolfowitz in Indonesia: by Joseph Nevins; ALSO Alexander Cockburn on Tsunami Aid: How the People Scored. Remember these stories are available exclusively in the print edition of CounterPunch. CounterPunch Online is read by millions of viewers each month! But remember, we are funded solely by the subscribers to the print edition of CounterPunch. Please support this website by buying a subscription to our newsletter, which contains fresh material you won't find anywhere else, or by making a donation for the online edition. Remember contributions are tax-deductible. Click here to make a donation. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now!

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Wars of the Laptop Bombers


Today's Stories

February 17, 2005

Saul Landau
An Interview with Cuban VP Ricardo Alarcon: "The US Tramples the Laws It Wrote"

February 16, 2005

Robert Fisk
Lebanon: a Battlefield for the Wars of Others

Kevin Zeese
Creating a Real Ownership Society: Share the Wealth; Protect Retirement

Gary Leupp
Meanwhile, in Nepal...

Ron Jacobs
Why the Iranian Opposition Should Not Trust the Bush Administration

Jessica Leight
Oil-Flush Chavez Begins to Strut His Stuff

Greg Moses
Houston, You've Got a Problem: Documenting Voting Irregularities in Texas

Mark Engler
The Last Porto Alegre

Jack McCarthy
Where's the Outrage About Pat? Buchanan Does a Churchill

Bill Christison
US Foreign Policy Dangerously Slanted Toward Israel

Website of the Day
The World is Melting: a Photo Survey by Gary Braasch


February 15, 2005

CounterPunch News Service
Dean a "Safe" Moderate, Says NYT Citing CounterPunch

Robert Fisk
The Killing of Mr. Lebanon

Uri Avnery
"Sharm-al-Sheikh, We Have Come Back Again"

Stan Cox
Fighting Big Pharma in Little Digwal

Mickey Z.
Radio Active North of the Border: an Interview with Chris Cook

Dave Zirin
Bashing Bush: Jose Canseco Comes Clean

Nadia Martinez
Ending World Poverty? Opening at the World Bank, Apply Now

Lila Rajiva
"Little Eichmanns" and the 'Harijan': the Danger of Magical Thinking in Politics

Paul Craig Roberts
The American Job Sell Out



February 14, 2005

Robert Jensen
Ward Churchill: Right to Speak Out; Right About 9/11

Brian Cloughley
Kuwait's Freedom, Bush-style

Patrick Cockburn
Outcome of the Iraqi Elections: Shortages, Corruption, Guerrilla War

Gary Leupp
Post-election Iraq: What Next?

Michael Donnelly
Sacred Nature: Just Another Commodity?

Dave Lindorff
When Bush Came to My Neighborhood

Elaine Cassel
The Lynne Stewart Verdict


February 12 / 13, 2005

Alexander Cockburn
Ward Churchill's Genes

Saul Landau
Alarcon Speaks: an Interview with the Vice President of Cuba

Paul Craig Roberts
Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself

Patrick Cockburn
Two Years After the Fall of Saddam, the Resistance Controls All Major Roads into Baghdad

John Feffer
Bush v. N. Korea: Round Two

Mickey Z.
Right to Remain Silent; Duty to Speak

Kurt Nimmo
Viva la Cucaracha!

Fred Gardner
Waiting for Raich

Dave Zirin
Fighting the New Republic(ans)

John Chuckman
Hiroshima, Mon Amour

Ben Tripp
A Leftist on the Bush Payroll

Carol Norris
"Buddy, Can You Spare a Dwarf?"

Robert Fisk
No Middle East Peace Without Justice

Frank / Chowkwanyun
Muzzled Activist in an Age of Terror: the Case of Sherman Austin

Mike Whitney
Condi's Euro Tour

Deborah Frisch
A Psychologist's Defense of Ward Churchill

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Reading Khomeini in Colorado

Christine TenBarge
What's So Special About Ward?

Ron Jacobs
Curtis Mayfield's Train to Jordan

Dr. Susan Block
Chemistry of Love: a Valentine's Greeting

Poets' Basement
Louise, Smith-Ferri, Ford and Albert

Website of the Weekend
Free Sherman




February 11, 20055

Manuel Garcia, Jr
The Eight Percent War

Kurt Nimmo
Ann Coulter's Racism: Where's Geronimo When You Really Need Him?

Dave Lindorff
Guckert or Gannon? The Perfect Plant; He Fit Right In

Larry Birns
War is Peace; Slavery is Freedom: Democracy According to Elliott Abrams

Bill Quigley
Twenty Questions: a Social Justice Quiz

Tom Barry
Bush's State of Delusion

Jennifer Van Bergen
Lynne Stewart's Conviction Hurts Us All



February 10, 2005

Dave Lindorff
What Academic Freedom?

Christopher Brauchli
The Love of Slaughter: From Rwanda to Iraq

Patrick Cockburn
In Baghdad, It's Easy to Get Killed

Nicole Colson
Have the Democrats Surrendered on Abortion Rights?

Suzan Mazur
More on the Assassination of Lumumba from Mr. Garsin of Kinshasha

Michael Donnelly
Salvaging an Opposition

Mike Stark
Driving Ossie Davis: "Give Them a Little Truth, a Little Hope"

Greg Moses
Taking Jesus Back from the Hijackers

Website of the Day
The Missionary Positions



February 9, 2005

Jeffrey St. Clair
Duck and Cover Redux: Bunker Busters and City Levellers

Mickey Z.
What Ward Churchill Didn't Say

John Ross
Hecho en Mexico: the Iraqi Election

Tom Barry
Ambassador of Lies: Elliott Abrams, the Neocon's Neocon

Conn Hallinan
The Coup in Nepal: Nursing the Pinion

Patrick Cockburn
Sistani's Vision for Iraq: Cricket is Fine, But Chess is "Absolutely Forbidden"

Steen Sohn
Danish PM Says It's OK for Israel to Violate UN Resolutions

Tim Wise
Reflections on Empire and Uppity Indians

Website of the Day
Support Antiwar.com



February 8, 2005

Patrick Cockburn
Shia/Kurd Coalition to Dominate New Iraqi Govt.: "It's an Electoral Pact, Not a Party"

Brian Cloughley
Out of the Mouths of Generals: "It's Fun to Shoot Some People"

Steve Breyman
Against the Selfishness of the "Ownership Society"

Harry Browne
"Don't Get on that Plane!": Soldiers Seek Asylum in Ireland

Doug Giebel
"We Love Free Speech in America": the People, the President and Ward Churchill

Nate Collins
The Censorship of Ward Churchill and Dancehall Reggae: It's the Same Beast

Dave Lindorff
It's Time for a Labor-Oriented Newspaper

David Smith-Ferri
Sanctions and the Health Crisis in Iraq



February 7, 2005

Paul Craig Roberts
Bush's War on Jobs

Carolyn Baker
The New McCarthyism on Campus: Churchill and the Attack on Higher Ed

Joshua Frank
Marc Cooper's Hit List: First Mumia; Now Ward Churchill

Mickey Z.
Warning: More Hate Speech from W. Churchill

Patrick Cockburn
The Kidnapping Gangs of Iraq

Mike Whitney
Tom Friedman: Scribe for New Age Imperialism

Stacie Jonas
Pinochet: Fit to be Tried

Dave Zirin
A Miserable Super Sunday: Clinton, Bush and the FBI

Tariq Ali
Imperial Delusions





February 5 / 6, 2005

Alexander Cockburn
Ward Churchill and the Mad Dogs

Kurt Nimmo
A Ward Churchill Kind of Day

Joshua Frank
Liberals Trash Ward Churchill

P. Sainath
Mumbai's Man-Made Tsunami

Patrick Cockburn
Sistani's Triumph; Allawi's Bust

Laura Carlsen
Bush, Rice and Latin America

Dave Lindorff
How the NYT Killed the Bush Bulge Story

Pamela Olson
West Bank Story

Behzad Yaghmaian
The Future of Sudanese Refugees in the West

Saul Landau / Farrah Hassen
A Threatened UN in King George's Court

Roger Burbach
World Social Forum: a Tale of Two Presidents

Robert Fisk
History by Laptop

David Swanson
James Forman and the Liberal-Labor Syndrome

Justin E.H. Smith
Gay Marriage: a Report from Canada

Cacie Hart
The "State" of the Union: More War and a Ban on Love

Ron Jacobs
Chairman Bob Avakian: a Revolutionary Life

Mickey Z.
Viewing America from the Outside

Ben Tripp
Republican Heroes: a New Breed of Good Guy

Ben Sonnenberg
France at the End of the Devil's Decade: Renoir's Rules of the Game

Poets' Basement
Smith-Ferri, Davies, Collins, & Albert

Website of the Weekend
John Trudell: How to Earn a 17,000 Page FBI File


February 4, 2005

Brian Cloughley
The Army Symphonist: "Sometimes the Only Way to Change the Behavior of Someone Like That is to Kill Them"

Bill Christison
Election Parallels: Vietnam, 1967; Iraq, 2005

Elaine Cassel
Did Zoloft Make Him Do It?

Jacob Levich
Chomsky and the Draft

Kanak Mani Dixit
Return of the Royalists in Nepal

Ron Jacobs
The Downward Spiral in Iraq



February 3, 2005

Ward Churchill
On the Injustice of Getting Smeared: a Campaign of Fabrications and Gross Distortions

Sharon Smith
Resisting Soldiers Need Our Support

Mickey Z.
Leslie Gelb Asks Iraq: Who's Your Daddy?

Mike Whitney
President of Alienation: a Desperate State of the Union

Jenna Orkin
9/11 the Sequel: the Toxic State of Lower Manhattan

Saul Landau
Elections Won't Prevent Civil War in Iraq

Yitzhak Laor
Strange is the Silence

Dave Lindorff
The Assault on Social Security: a New Campaign of Lies



February 2, 2005

David Domke / Kevin Coe
Bush's Brand of Christianity

Noam Chomsky
Iraq After the Elections

M. Shahid Alam
O'Reilly's Fatwah on "Un-American" Professors: FoxNews Puts Me in Its Crosshairs

Richard Oxman
Ringing in 1984 with Ward Churchill and Derrick Jensen

Joshua Frank
The Suckering of Howard Dean

Dave Lindorff
A History Lesson from the NYT

Nina Hartley
Feminists for Porn

Website of the Day
War is a Racket



February 1, 2005

Joshua L. Dratel
The Torture Memos

Patrick Cockburn
New Doubts About Allawi

Robert Fisk
"The Only Decent Food We Get is at Funerals"

Uri Avnery
The Stalemate

Col. Dan Smith
"W" Stands for Withdrawal

Alison Weir
Making America as "Secure" as Israel

Alan Farago
Heaven and Hell in the Everglades

Ray Hanania
Low Voter Turnout of Iraqi Expatriates: Less Than 10% of Qualified Voters

Paul Craig Roberts
American Police State

Website of the Day
Statisticians Refute Official Rationale for Exit Poll Errors




January 31, 2005

Dave Zirin
Mr. Frank's Fatwah: New Republic Writer Calls for Death & Torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff

Robert Fisk
Amid Tragedy, Defiance

Chyng Sun
Gonzales: Chief Prosecutor of Porn?

Greg Moses
The Real Scandals of the Texas Election

Mike Whitney
Cheney at Auschwitz

Ali Tonak
Turkey and the EU: Fantasies and Ultimatums

Patrick Cockburn
A Victory for the Shia

Website of the Day
Voting by the Script: Where Did the 8 Million Voter Turnout Figure Come From?



January 29 / 30, 2005

Manuel Yang / Peter Linebaugh
A Dialogue About Murder in Toledo

Gabriel Kolko
Wilsonian and Neoconservative Myths

Patrick Cockburn
Baghdad: City of Empty Streets

Robert Fisk
This Election Will Change the World, But Not as the US Wanted

Linn Washington, Jr.
Con Job: Bush Pledges on Racism Lack Realism

Bernard Chazelle
Why the Children of Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall

Gary Leupp
"This Kind of Subject Matter": Bush's New Ed Secretary vs. Vermont's Lesbians

JoAnn Wypijewski
The Passion of Paul Shanley

Alexander Cockburn
The Case of Father Jerry

Ron Jacobs
Ballot of the Puppets in Iraq

Brian Cloughley
Smart Bombs; Wrong House: Iraq's Civilian Dead

Fred Gardner
Peron May Split

Sister Dianna Ortiz
Memo to Bush from a Survivor of the Guatemalan Torturers: Stop the Torture!

Tom Reeves
How Bush Brings Freedom to the World: the Case of Haiti

Fran Quigley
Report: Haiti Now "More Violent and More Inhuman"

Suzan Mazur
"Mr. Garsin from Kinshasa": an Old Hand Weighs In on the Murder of Lumumba

Kurt Nimmo
Condi Rice and the Neocon Plan for the Palestinians

Lenni Brenner
Holocaust History: Beyond the UN's Rhetoric

Gilad Atzmon
The Politics of Auschwitz

Luis Gomez
Power and Autonomy in Bolivia

Mark Gaffney
NASA Searches for a Snowball in Hell: Why Velikovsky Matters

Ben Tripp
Lament of the Mnemonopath

Richard Oxman
Meet the Fuqers

Poets' Basement
Louise, Collins, Shanahan and Albert

Website of the Weekend
Chemical Industry: Deceit and Denial




January 28, 2005

Rachard Itani
Tsunami Aid By the Numbers: the US Really is a Miser

Jensen / Youngblood
Iraq's Non-Election

Patrick Cockburn / Elizabeth Davies
Attacks on Polling Places Leave 13 Dead

Dave Zirin
The Great Donovan McNabb: Proud "Black Quarterback"

Dave Lindorff
Suicide by State Execution?

Karyn Strickler
A Corporate Death Penalty Act?

Jorge Mariscal
Fighting the Poverty Draft



January 27, 2005

Seymour Hersh
We've Been Taken Over By a Cult

Cockburn / Sengupta
The US's Bloodiest Day in Iraq

Dave Lindorff
Juke Box Journalism: Shilling for Bush

Ignacio Chapela / John F. García
The Laws of Nature

Mike Whitney
The Widening Chasm Among Conservatives

Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
Those Liberal Southern Baptists!

Ray McGovern
Reining In Cheney

Russ Wellen
Marginalizing Bin Laden

Christopher Brauchli
The FBI's Carnival of Errors

Website of the Day
Informed Eating





January 26, 2005

Saree Makdisi
An Iron Wall of Colonization: Fantasies and Realities About the Prospects for Middle East Peace

Scott Fleming
In Good Conscience: an Interview with Concientious Objector Aidan Delgado

Dave Lindorff
Filling Saddam's Shoes: the Puppet Regime Return's to Torture

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Salazar and Obama: Two Dismal Debuts

Toni Solo
The US and Latin America: a Not-So-Magical Reality

William James Martin
Condoleezza Rice: Confused About the Middle East

William A. Cook
Bush's Second Inaugural Address: the Lost Ur-Version

Eric Hobsbawm
Delusions About Democracy

Alexander Cockburn
The CIA's New Campus Spies



January 25, 2005

Brian Cloughley
Iraq as Disneyland

Mike Roselle
Satan is My Co-Pilot

Josh Frank / Merlin Chowkwanyun
The War on Civil Liberties

John Chuckman
Freedom on Steroids

Paul Craig Roberts
A Party Without Virtue

Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives

James Petras
The US / Colombia Plot Against Venezuela

Website of the Day
Lowbaggers for the Environment



January 24, 2005

Fred Gardner
Last Monologue in Burbank

Lori Berenson
On the Politicization of My Case

Uri Avnery
King George

January 22 / 23, 2005

Jennifer Van Bergen / Ray Del Papa
Nuclear Incident in Montana

Alexander Cockburn
Prince Harry's Travails

Jeffrey St. Clair
The Company That Runs the Empire: Lockheed and Loaded

Stan Goff
The Spectacle

Saul Landau
Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Gary Leupp
Official Madness and the Coming War on Iran

Fred Gardner
Is GW Getting the Runaround?

Phil Gasper
Clemency Denied: the Politics of Death in California

Stanley Heller
A Kill-Happy Government: Connecticut Chooses Death

Greg Moses
The Heart of Texas: an Inauguration Day Betrayal on Civil Rights

Justin Taylor
The Folk-Histories of John Ross

Daniel Burton-Rose
One China; Many Problems

Elaine Cassel
Try a Little Tyranny: Questions While Watching the Inaugural

Mike Whitney
Failing Upwards: the Rise of Michael Chertoff

Mark L. Berenson
My Daughter Has Been Wrongly Imprisoned

Christopher Brauchli
It Doesn't Compute: a $170 Million Mistake

Gilad Atzmon
Zionism and Other Marginal Thoughts

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Day of the Rats

Mark Donham
The Secret Messages of Rahm Emmanuel

Ben Tripp
Adventures in Online Dating

Walter Brasch
Hollywood's Patriots: Soulless Kooks, Mr. Bush?

Poets' Basement
Wuest, Landau, Ford, Albert & Drum



January 21, 2005

Dave Lindorff
A Great American Journalist:
John L. Hess (1917-2005)

Sharon Smith
The Anti-War Movement and the Iraqi Resistance

Don Santina
Baseball, Racism and Steroid Hysteria

Ron Jacobs
Locked Out and Pissed Off: Protesting the Bush Inauguration

Kurt Nimmo
The Problem with Mike Ruppert

Don Monkerud
Once They Were Cults: Bush's Faith-Based Social Services

Alan Farago
Swimming Home from the Galapagos

Derek Seidman
An Interview with Army Medic and Anti-War Activist Patrick Resta




January 20, 2005

Paul Craig Roberts
Dying for Sycophants

William Cook
The Bush Inauguration: A Mock Epic Fertility Rite

Joshua Frank
The Democrats and Iran: Look Who's Backing Bush's Next

Eric Ruder
Why Andres Raya Snapped: Another Casualty of Bush's War

Mike Whitney
Coronation in a Garrison State

Robert Jensen
A Citizens Oath of Office

Peter Rost
Bush Report on Drug Imports: Good Data, Bad Conclusions

David Underhill
Is It Torture Yet?: the Eclectic Fool Aid Torture Test

James Reiss
Adieu, Colin Powell: Pea Soup in Foggy Bottom

CounterPunch Staff
Voices from Abu Ghraib: the Injured Party




January 19, 2005

Marta Russell
Social Security Privatization & Disability: 8 Million at Risk

Mike Ferner
Marines Stretching Movement: Protesting Urban Warfare in Toledo

Nancy Oden
The Nuremberg Principles, Iraq and Torture

Tony Paterson
A Catalogue of British Abuses in Iraq

Dave Lindorff
Bush's Divide-and-Conquer Plan to Destroy Social Security

Doug Giebel
BS and CBS: When 60 Minutes Helped Promote WMD Fantasies

Alexander Cockburn
Will Bush Quit Iraq?




January 18, 2005

Paul Craig Roberts
How Americans Were Seduced by War: Empire and Militant Christianity

Jennifer Van Bergen
Federal Judge: Abu Ghraib Abuses Result of Decision to Ignore Geneva Conventions

Douglas Lummis
It's a No Brainer; Send Graner: a Rap for Our Time

Ron Jacobs
Syria Back in the Crosshairs?

Seth DeLong
Enter the Dragon: Will Washington Tolerate a Venezuelan-Chinese Oil Pact?

Lance Selfa
Stolen Election?: Most Democrats Didn't Even Bother to Inquire

Paul D. Johnson
Mystery Meat: a Right-to-Know About Food Origins

Elisa Salasin
An Open Letter to Jenna Bush, Future Teacher



January 17, 2005

Heather Gray
Misconceptions About King's Methods for Social Change

Robert Fisk
Hotel Room Journalism: the US Press in Iraq

Dave Lindorff
What the NYT Death Chart Omitted: Civilians Slaughtered by US Military

Jason Leopold
Sam Bodman's Smokestacks: Bush's Choice for Energy Czar is One of Texas's Worst Polluters

Gary Leupp
A Message from the Iraqi Resistance

Douglas Valentine
An Act of State? the Execution of Martin Luther King

Harvey Arden
Welcome to Leavenworth: My First Encounter with Leonard Peltier

Greg Moses
King and the Christian Left: Where Lip Service is Not an Option


January 15 / 16, 2005

James Petras
The Kidnapping of a Revolutionary

Robert Fisk
Flying Carpet Airlines: My Return to Baghdad

Ron Jacobs
Unfit for Military Service

Brian Cloughley
Smack Daddies of the Hindu Kush: Afghanistan's Drug Bonanza

Fred Gardner
The Allowable-Quantity Expert

Dr. Susan Block
The Counter-Inaugural Ball: Eros Day, 2005

John Ross
Zapatista Literary Llife

Suzan Mazur
Unspooking Frank Carlucci

M. Shahid Alam
America's New Civilizing Mission

Frederick B. Hudson
Jack Johnson's Real Opponent: "That I Was a Man"

Mike Whitney
Bush's Grand Plan: Incite Civil War in Iraq

Tom Crumpacker
A Constitutional Right to Travel to Cuba

Bob Burton
The Other Armstrong Williams Scandal

John Callender
La Conchita and the Indomitable 82-Year Old

Lila Rajiva
Christian Zionism

Saul Landau
An Imperial Portrait: a Visit to Hearst's Castle

Doug Soderstrom
A Touch of Evil: the Morality of Neoconservatism

Poets' Basement
Davies, Louise, Landau, Albert, Collins and Laymon



January 14, 2005

Robert Fisk
"The Tent of Occupation"

Lee Sustar
Bush's Social Security Con Job

José M. Tirado
The Christians I Know

Dave Zirin
The Legacy of Jack Johnson

Sheldon Rampton
Calling John Rendon: a True Tale of "Military Intelligence"

Tracy McLellan
Under the Influence

Yves Engler
The Dictatorship of Debt: the World Bank and Haiti

Tom Barry
Robert Zoellick: a Bush Family Man

Website of the Day
Ryan for the Nobel Prize?



January 13, 2005

Mark Chmiel / Andrew Wimmer
Hearts and Minds, Revisited

Joe DeRaymond
The Salvador Option: Terror, Elections and Democracy

Greg Moses
Every Hero a Killer?...Not

Dave Lindorff
The Great WMD Fraud: Time for an Accounting

Jorge Mariscal
Dr. Galarza v. Alberto Gonzales: Which Way for Latinos?

Christopher Brauchli
Gonzales and the Death Penalty: the Executioner Never Sleeps

Gary Leupp
"Fighting for the Work of the Lord": Christian Fascism in America



January 12, 2005

Robert Fisk
Fear Stalks Baghdad

Josh Frank
The Farce of the DNC Contest

Jack Random
Casualties of War: the Untold Stories

John Roosa
Aceh's Dual Disasters: the Tsunami and Military Rule

Carol Norris
In the Wake of the Tsunami

Mike Whitney
Pink Slips at CBS

Alan Farago
Can the Everglades be Saved?

Paul Craig Roberts
What's Our Biggest Problem in Iraq...the Insurgency or Bush?



January 11, 2005

Tom Barry
The US isn't "Stingy"; It's Strategic: Aid as a Weapon of Foreign Policy

James Hodge and Linda Cooper
Voice of the Voiceless: Father Roy Bourgeois and the School of the the Americas

Linda S. Heard
Farah Radio Break Down: Joseph Farah's Messages of Hate and Homophobia

Derrick O'Keefe
Electoral Gigolo?: Richard Gere and the Occupied Vote

Gila Svirsky
A Tale of Two Elections

Harry Browne
Irish "Peace Process", RIP


January 10, 2005

Ramzy Baroud
Faith-Based Disasters: Tsunami Aid and War Costs

Talli Nauman
Killing Journalists: Mexico's War on a Free Press

Uri Avnery
Sharon's Monologue

Dave Lindorff
Tucker Carlson's Idiot Wind

Dave Zirin
Randy Moss's Moondance

Dave Silver
Left Illusions About the Democratic Party

Charles Demers
Plan Salvador for Iraq: Death Squads Come in Waves

William A. Cook
Causes and Consequences: Bush, Osama and Israel



January 8 / 9, 2005

Alexander Cockburn
Say, Waiter, Where's the Blood in My Margarita Glass?

John H. Summers
Chomsky and Academic History

Greg Moses
Getting Real About the Draft

Walter A. Davis
Bible Says: the Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism

Victor Kattan
The EU and Middle East Peace

John Bolender
The Plight of Iraq's Mandeans

Robert Fisk
The Politics of Lebanon

Fred Gardner
Situation NORML

Joe Bageant
The Politics of the Comfort Zone

Mickey Z.
I Want My DDT: Little Nicky Kristof Bugs Out

Ben Tripp
CounterClockwise Evolution

Ron Jacobs
Elvis and His Truck: Out on Highway 61

Saul Landau
Sex and the Country

Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Time to End the Blackout

Ellen Cantarow
NPR's Distortions on Palestine

Richard Oxman
Bageantry Continued

Poets' Basement
Gaffney, Landau, Albert, Collins

January 7, 2005

Omar Barghouti
Slave Sovereignty: Elections Under Occupation

Kent Paterson
The Framing of Felipe Arreaga: Another Mexican Environmentalist Arrested

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Old Vijay Merchant and the Tsunami

David Krieger
Cancel the Inauguration Parties

Gideon Levy
New Year, Old Story

Dave Lindorff
Ohio Protest: First Shot Fired by Congressional Progressives

Christopher Brauchli
Privatizing the IRS

Roger Burbach / Paul Cantor
Bush, the Pentagon and the Tsunami



January 6, 2005

Brian J. Foley
Gonzales: Supporting Torture is not His Greatest Sin

Greg Moses
Boot Up America!: Gen. Helmly's Memo Leaks New Bush Deal

Petras / Chomsky
An Open Letter to Hugo Chavez

Alan Maass
The Decline of the Dollar

Dave Lindorff
Colin Powell's Selective Sense of Horror

Jenna Orkin
The EPA and a Dirty Bomb: 9/11's Disastrous Precedent

P. Sainath
The Tsunami and India's Coastal Poor



January 5, 2005

Alan Farago
2004: An Environmental Retrospective

Winslow T. Wheeler
Oversight Detected?: Sen. McCain and the Boeing Tanker Scam

Jean-Guy Allard
Gary Webb: a Cuban Perspective

Fred Gardner
Strutting, Smirking, As If The Mad Plan Was Working

David Swanson
Albert Parsons on the Gallows

Richard Oxman
The Joe Bageant Interview

Bruce Jackson
Death on the Living Room Floor




January 4, 2005

Michael Ortiz Hill
Mainlining Apocalypse

Elaine Cassel
They Say They Can Lock You Up for Life Without a Trial

Yoram Gat
The Year in Torture

Martin Khor
Tragic Tales and Urgent Tasks from the Tsunami Disaster

Gary Leupp
Death and Life in the Andaman Islands


January 3, 2005

Ron Jacobs
The War Hits Home

Dave Lindorff
Is There a Single Senator Who Will Stand Up for Black Voters?

Mike Whitney
The Guantanamo Gulag

Joshua Frank
Greens and Republicans: Strange Bedfellows

Maria Tomchick
Playing Politics with Disaster Aid

Rhoda and Mark Berenson
Our Daughter Lori: Another Year of Grave Injustice

David Swanson
The Media and the Ohio Recount

Kathleen Christison
Patronizing the Palestinians



January 1 / 2, 2005

Gary Leupp
Earthquakes and End Times, Past and Present

Rev. William E. Alberts
On "Moral Values": Code Words for Emerging Authoritarian Tendencies

M. Shahid Alam
Testing Free Speech in America

Stan Goff
A Period for Pedagogy

Brian Cloughley
Bush and the Tsunami: the Petty and the Petulant

Sylvia Tiwon / Ben Terrall
The Aftermath in Aceh

Ben Tripp
Requiem for 2004

Greg Moses
A Visible Future?

Steven Sherman
The 2004 Said Awards: Books Against Empire

Sean Donahue
The Erotics of Nonviolence

James T. Phillips
The Beast's Belly

David Krieger
When Will We Ever Learn

Poets' Basement
Soderstrom, Hamod, Louise and Albert





December 23, 2004

Chad Nagle
Report from Kiev: Yushchenko's Not Quite Ready for Sainthood

David Smith-Ferri
The Real UN Disgrace in Iraq

Bill Quigley
Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti

Mickey Z.
Crumbs from Our Table

Christopher Brauchli
Merck's Merry X-mas

Greg Moses
When No Law Means No Law

Alan Singer
An Encounter with Sen. Schumer: a Very Dangerous Democrat

David Price
Social Security Pump and Dump

Website of the Day
Gabbo Gets Laid


December 22, 2004

James Petras
An Open Letter to Saramago: Nobel Laureate Suffers from a Bizarre Historical Amnesia

Omar Barghouti
The Case for Boycotting Israel

Patrick Cockburn / Jeremy Redmond
They Were Waiting on Chicken Tenders When the Rounds Hit

Harry Browne
Northern Ireland: No Postcards from the Edge

Richard Oxman
On the Seventh Column

Kathleen Christison
Imagining Palestine

Website of the Day
FBI Torture Memos



December 21, 2004

Greg Moses
The New Zeus on the Block: Unplugging Al-Manar TV

Dave Lindorff
Losing It in America: Bunker of the Skittish

Chad Nagle
The View from Donetsk

Dragon Pierces Truth*
Concrete Colossus vs. the River Dragon: Dislocation and Three Gorges Dam

Patrick Cockburn
"Things Always Get Worse"

Seth DeLong
Aiding Oppression in Haiti

Ahmad Faruqui
Pakistan and the 9/11 Commission's Report

Paul Craig Roberts
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February 17, 2005

Do Americans Even Care?

Russia, Israel and Media Omissions


As is often the case with AP's coverage of news having to do with Israel, there's a serious omission in its reporting on the Russia-Israel connection even when it involves oil and the United States.

The day after the State of the Union Address, two Interpol fugitives attended the "National Prayer Breakfast" held in Washington DC. The day before that, these fugitives from the law were the guests of honor at an hour-long meeting of the International Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, invited by ranking Democrat Tom Lantos (Calif.)

You would think it would be hot news when wanted men being hunted by European police suddenly pop up in the US particularly on Capitol Hill and at events attended by the US president.

Yet, there was not a single AP story in the US on any of this. [1] Not a single national network television or radio news program even mentioned these facts. In fact, Google and LexisNexis searches four days after these events took place turned up only three newspaper articles on them anywhere in the entire country. [2]

Who are these fugitives from the law, wanted by Interpol, who are meeting at the highest levels of the US government? And why didn't we learn of them?

Therein lies the story. These two men, it turns out, are just the tips of a colossal iceberg. And this iceberg doesn't just have 90 percent of its mass hidden under water; this iceberg is almost entirely submerged.

They are Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, Israeli-Russian partners in the giant Russian oil company Yukos. They, along with a number of their cronies, are wanted by Interpol for allegedly bilking Russian citizens out of billions of dollars. To elude Russian prosecution, these men have taken up residence in Israel. [3]

As the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz explains: "In recent years Russian authorities began investigating [Yukos], its managers and major stockholders, many of whom are of Jewish origin. The probes caused several of the managers to flee to Israel, and resulted in Khodorkovski's [Yukos CEO] arrest and a Kremlin attack on Yukos."

The fact is that Israel is an important factor in the ongoing, nation-shaking power struggle now going on in Russia. Yet AP virtually never reports this connection. For example, a few months ago in a typical AP story on this power struggle, "Report: Russia again charges Berezovsky," [4] Moscow AP Bureau Chief Judith Ingram makes no mention anywhere that Berezovsky is an Israeli citizen, or of his many connections to Israel.

Such omissions by AP and large swaths of the American media leave Americans seriously disadvantaged in deciphering what is going on in Russia, and its profound significance for the world.

In order to make sense of this Russian power struggle, and to understand its importance to the rest of us, it is necessary to understand the usually omitted Israeli subtext. When this is understood, the friendship of such pro-Israel Congressional leaders as Rep. Lantos to fugitive Russian oil tycoons begins to make sense.

To explore this background it is often useful to turn to the Israeli press. In July a major Israeli publication, the Jerusalem Post, carried an article headlined: "Boris Berezovsky: Putin's Russia dangerous for Israel." Before describing what this contained, let us first go into a little of the background.


The Oligarchs

Boris Berezovsky is one of seven "oligarchs," as they are known both inside and outside Russia: massively rich, powerful manipulators who through violence, theft and corruption acquired a mammoth percentage (reports range from 70 to 85 percent) of Russia's resources, from its oil to the auto industry to mass media outlets.

At the same time, the group steadily gained control over much of the country's political apparatus. Using extraordinary financial resources and insider dealing, the oligarchs handpicked prime ministers and governmental leaders and barely even bothered to do this behind the scenes.

In 1997 Yukos founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of the group and Russia's sometimes richest man (several of the oligarchs trade the top spot back and forth) told an interviewer before he was arrested and imprisoned by Putin last year:

"If we rank all the fields of man's activity by profitability, politics will be the most lucrative business. When we see a critical situation in the government, we draw lots in order to pick out a person from our milieu for work in power." [5]

Almost all of these oligarchs, it turns out, have significant ties to Israel. In fact, Berezovsky himself has Israeli citizenship a fact that caused a scandal of Watergate proportions in Russia in 1996 when it was exposed by a Russian newspaper. [6]

Do Berezovsky's dual loyalties really matter? Yes. In the realm of global dominance, Israel's interests and Russia's are considerably divergent. It is in Israel's interests to bring to power a regime in Russia friendly to Israel, rather than the current one under Putin, which Israeli leaders feel is supportive of its enemies. Not long ago, for example, Putin met with Syrian leaders an action highly disturbing to Israel.

Having an Israeli citizen at the highest levels of the Russian government is ideal, from Israel's point of view. In Berezovsky they had such a man. The Jerusalem Post article mentioned above is revealing. It describes Berezovsky as "the Godfather of the Oligarchs' and Kingmaker of Russia's Politics'" and reports Berezovsky's statement that "Putin's Russia is dangerous for Israel." Berezovsky goes on to assert that Putin "supports terror" in the Middle East through Russia's previous relations with Iraq and current relations with Iran. [7]

While Israelis may have been delighted at Berezovsky's position in Russia, It is not surprising that Russian citizens were somewhat less so. Finding that a powerful leader and member of the Russian Security Council was an Israeli citizen was disconcerting, at best.

As a result of the media uproar over Berezovsky's Israeli citizenship and other events, the Oligarchs' connections to Israel are widely known in Russia and elsewhere. In Israel they are covered frequently, often with adulation, including a recent hit Israeli TV series called "The Oligarchs."

"Some of its episodes," according to Israeli writer Uri Avnery, "are simply unbelievable or would have been, if they had not come straight from the horses' mouths: the heroes of the story, who gleefully boast about their despicable exploits. The series was produced by Israeli immigrants from Russia."

Avnery writes that the oligarchs used "cheating, bribery and murder," as they "exploited the disintegration of the Soviet system to loot the treasures of the state and to amass plunder amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. In order to safeguard the perpetuation of their business, they took control of the state. Six out of the seven are Jews." [8]

According to a Washington Post story by David Hoffman, the group bought and controlled Russian governmental officials at the highest levels. After financing Yeltsin's election in 1996, Hoffman writes: "The tycoons met and decided to insert one of their own into government. They debated who and chose [Vladimir] Potanin, who became deputy prime minister. One reason they chose Potanin was that he is not Jewish, and most of the rest of them are, and feared a backlash against the Jewish bankers." [9]

In Russia, the oligarchs are deeply loathed, considered villains who worked to bleed the country dry; during their reign many Russian citizens saw their life savings disappear overnight. A new term was coined for their dominance, "semibankirshchina" (the rule of the seven bankers), and they were widely known to have wielded small, murderous armies. There are rumors that Berezovsky, subject of the respectful AP article, was even responsible for the gunning down of an American journalist, Forbes Moscow editor Paul Klebnikov.

While no one has been charged with the murder of Klebnikov, who had written a book on Berezovsky, many suspect a Berezovsky connection. As a friend of Klebnikov wrote: "Experienced expatriates in Russia shared an essential rule: Don't cross these brutal billionaires, ever, or you're likely to go home in a box." [10]


The Chechnya Connection

There is evidence that Berezovsky's responsibility for death and tragedy may be vastly greater.

"Berezovsky boasts that he caused the war in Chechnya," Avnery reports, "in which tens of thousands have been killed and a whole country devastated. He was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective pipeline there. In order to achieve this he put an end to the peace agreement that gave the country some kind of independence. The oligarchs dismissed and destroyed Alexander Lebed, the popular general who engineered the agreement, and the war has been going on since then.

"In the end," Avnery writes, "there was a reaction: Vladimir Putin, the taciturn and tough ex-KGB operative, assumed power, took control of the media, put one of the oligarchs (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) in prison, caused the others to flee (Berezovsky is in England, Vladimir Gusinsky is in Israel, another, Mikhail Chernoy, is assumed to be hiding here.)"

Yet, apart from the Washington Post, American media report on almost none of this. Instead, US coverage largely portrays Berezovsky and his crowd as American-style entrepreneurs who are being hounded by a Russian government whose actions are, to repeat the media's commonly used phrase, "politically motivated."

US news stories, even when they occasionally do hint at questionable practices, tend to use such phrases as "brash young capitalists" to describe the oligarchs. [11] For example, a long series co-produced by FRONTLINE and the New York Times referred to these men as "shrewd businessmen," and asked "what it's like to be young, Russian and newly affluent?" [12] Massive violence, dual loyalties, and control of resources are rarely, if ever, part of the picture.

When AP Moscow bureau chief Ingram was asked for this article about Berezovsky's Israeli citizenship, she claimed to know nothing about it, a curious contention for someone who has been an AP news editor in Moscow since 1999. When Ingram was queried further, she hung up the phone.

An examination of Ingram's reporting on the Berezovsky story cited above raises serious questions. Though she is located in Moscow, Ingram interviewed only two people for her news story: Berezovsky, who is in London, and Berezovsky associate Alex Goldfarb, in New York. One wonders why she interviewed none of the Russians residing around her.

Similarly, one wonders why not a single AP story has identified Berezovsky's considerable connection to Israel.

Further, nowhere does Ingram's article convey the ruthlessness of the oligarchs' actions, or the significance of their holdings, including control of its media. Unnoted in Ingram's report is the fact that her subject and fellow oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky have been two of Russia's most powerful media tycoons.

Before Putin's crackdown, according to the Washington Post, oligarchs had succeeded in seizing "the reins of Russia's print and broadcast media, vital to the evolution of the country's fledgling democracy and growth of its nascent civil society." Berezovsky crony Gusinsky, who is close friends with Rupert Murdoch and was about the launch a satellite network, fled to Israel when it appeared he would be arrested." [13]

Somehow, AP's bureau chief seems to have missed all this.


Does this matter to Americans?

AP is the major news source for the thousands of news outlets around the country who cannot afford to have their own foreign correspondents. When AP chooses not to cover something, its omission is felt throughout the nation. When national news networks and others leave out the same facts, the cover-up is almost total.

Russia, despite its current turmoil, contains enormous power. Its natural resources are gargantuan: it possesses the world's largest natural gas reserves, the second largest coal reserves, and the eighth largest oil reserves. It is the world's largest exporter of natural gas, the second largest oil exporter, and the third largest energy consumer.[14] Russia's significance on the world stage now, as in the past, is immense.

Similarly, the United States is currently the most powerful nation on earth. It is therefore essential that its citizens be accurately informed on issues of significance. Israeli citizens, Russian citizens, and citizens of nations throughout the world know the information detailed above. It is critical that American citizens be no less well informed.

For years, the neocons' push for war against Iraq was largely uncovered by the US media. For even longer, the neocons' close connections to Israel have gone largely unmentioned in mainstream American news reports. As a result, very few Americans know to what degree many of those responsible for the tragic US invasion and occupation of Iraq have been motivated by Israeli concerns.

The omission in coverage of Iraq has been profoundly disastrous, both for the Middle East and for Americans. In fact, it is quite likely that only history will show the true extent of this disaster. It is deeply troubling to see the same kind of omission occurring on Russia.

Alison Weir is Executive Director of If Americans Knew


[1] Interestingly, an AP report sent out only on its Worldstream wire (i.e. to Europe; Britain; Scandinavia; Middle East; Africa; India; Asia; England, but not to US papers) contained information on this at the end of the report.

[2] Washington Post: "Prayer Breakfast Includes Russian Fugitives" (overall, the Post has been an exception to the general blackout on this subject); the Seattle Times, which ran the Post story, and the New York Times, in a short story on page 12 on Sunday, three days after the event. Interestingly, the NY Times story was filed from Moscow (not Washington) and quotes a "spokesman" for the two men, Charles Krause, who has worked as a correspondent in Israel for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer. In the Times story Russian attempts to prosecute these men are described as "politically motivated."

[3] This is a wise move, since Israel is known for never extraditing Jewish citizens, no matter what their crime. Even requests for such cooperation by the US, which gives Israel over $10 million per day, go unheeded by the Israeli government. Private citizens wanted for committing murder in the US, for example, are not returned for trial.

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