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Understanding Jewish claims better

stdvmon.gif (12685 Byte)Jewish claims for a forced labor although only 5 percent of forced labor was Jewish

The German economy is faced with ever increasing demands for "Holocaust-protection money" which is to be paid, after all, by the working-class.

Due to the globalization of industry and commerce most of the German and European businesses with branches in the US are subject to extortion. If a company refuses to pay monetary tributes to Jewish organizations they will run the risk of having their assets confiscated, as the Swiss Banks were told in no uncertain terms. Just like the little pizza-bakery, grocery, restaurants etc. in New York and other major cities had to pay monetary-protection to the Mafia not to have their stores destroyed or worse, get killed, so the "Jewish World Congress" demands billions of dollars from foreign companies to do business in the USA. In other words; they have to pay "Holocaust monetary-protection" contributions.

Whole industrial complexes are demanded as "payments" as in the case of DEGUSSA, a German gold smelting plant, according to German video text # 119, ARD/ZDF Sat Aug. 22,1998, 18:33:11. "Everyone knows that many of those companies had no ties to the precious owners but are vulnerable to holocaust-extortion because of the company's name carry-over. Less than half of the forced-labor was employed in agricultural fields. So, what's happening here? All those in international business should know that such "holocaust-fonds" will turn into bottomless pits." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct. 23,1998, p. 17) 4)

The Jewish World Congress recently demanded all usable agricultural land to be transferred into Jewish possession and a special holocaust-tax from all Germans. "And there are many more companies which can be tapped financially, e.g. the agricultural industry. That indicates that not just individual companies are targeted for financial-claims, but German society as a whole." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Aug. 21, 1998, p. 14).

Such special taxes will be enormous and impossible to sustain over the long-run, which will have painful consequences as a precedent not only for the Germans, but for the world. German insurance companies paid-out all insurance contracts to Jews by the end of 1939 more than was paid in, are now paying billions of dollars to the Jewish World Congress. "Alliance has paid-out many insurance policies to Jews until 1939 ... Furthermore, the Federal Republic of Germany has paid-out the rest of the policies. There are only eight cases left were a settlement is still open, which Alliance is going to satisfy. Each claim is approximately 10.000 DM. The US-based accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, could not find any more legitimate claims." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Aug. 21,1998, p. 14)

And this claims are made after Israel [Ignatz] Bubis, the leader of the Jews in Germany, had to admit that only 5 percent of the forced labor employed were Jewish. Bubis own words were: "95 percent were not Jewish" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Nov. 16, 1998, p. 45)

In effect, when the German Insurance companies pay-out these bogus claims, they are defrauding all their German clients, for using money that they paid in but is then paid-out to the Jewish World Congress and Israel. Therefore, every German client, either, will get a lot less dividends for his life-insurance or nothing at the end. Today, no policy-holder in Germany has had anything to do with Jews, the Jewish holocaust or Israel and owes nothing, not a penny, to Judaism or Israel.

Same with all the banks. Anybody who has a savings account has nothing to do with the holocaust or the Jews. Still, at the end the Germans will lose their meager interest to a large extend (low interest rates) and perhaps their life savings, because the banks embezzle their savings for Israel. Even Mr. Bubis called the Jewish attorney Ed Fagan in New York money greedy, who, together with his Jewish companion in Germany, Michael Witti, is suing for billions of dollars for so-called Jewish forced labor.

This all is taking place despite the fact that all claims for restitution for forced labor, private assets, bank accounts, insurance policies and such, were agreed and already satisfied by the Adenauer administration. Even claims against former East-Germany were paid-out by West-Germany.

Right after Adenauer's death the demands began to shoot up. From the agreed sum of 3 billion Deutsche Mark total liability (excluding foreign aid to Israel, military- and industrial aid, unrepaid credits and loans, going into the billions), Israel, as of today, has received over 150 billion German Marks. 30 million alone were embezzled by the former leader of the Jews in Germany, Nachmann, which the German government also had to replace.

In 1989 the Kohl-government agreed to make restitution payments until the year 2030. Payments after 2030 would then be re-negotiated. Besides Fagan and Witti there are many other Jewish attorneys who want to get in on the money scheme and are filing their own claims for so-called forced-labor-clients, going into billions. "This week it was announced that US-attorney Melvin Weiss has filed a class action suit against several German banks. According to Fagan, Weiss is not interested in a joined venture." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Nov. 7, 1998, p.. 14) Looks like this will go on forever.

What did the Jewish columnist Chaim Bermant say, who has, unfortunately, has passed away: "What provoked the anti-Semitic backlash was not only the stories about the money in Swiss banks but a torrent of allegations - still in full spate - about Jewish bullion and Jewish billions ins Sweden, Spain, Britain, America, Argentina, Brazil - in fact in almost every country with an established banking system. This gives the average reader the impression that Jews everywhere were steeped in gold ... Let us examine the facts. Nearly 80 per cent of Jews who perished in the Holocaust lived in Russia and Poland. Russian Jews, living under Communist rule, had nothing. Polish Jews had next to nothing ... We are thus left with about 300,000 Jewish families who had been living in central and western Europe, most of whom were in fact recent immigrants from the east and therefore fairly impecunious ... Which leaves us finally with a few thousand families, some of whom may have deposited a few thousand dollars in overseas accounts to which there are no claimants ... But to talk of hundreds of billions and of mountains of gold is, I believe, is spurious ... In America, the World Jewish Congress, the prime mover on this matter, has been acting like a bloody-minded-bailiff ... Senator Alphonse D’Amato ... has pursued the issue with a clamour as to make even the WJC seem muted and refined ... Whenever the subject of Jewish money comes up [in Britain], Lord Janner appears on television as chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust, leaving the impression that both, education and the Holocaust are all about money ... Now the inevitable has happened and some Jewish groups, and not a few Jewish individuals, have fallen out over yerusha (inheritance) even before the will has been read or a cent has been paid." (Jewish Chronicle - London - Aug. 15, 1997, p. 19)

A Goy (non-Jew) will never understand why Haim Landau was happy about 6 million "murdered" Jews. Landau was part of the team that negotiated with Adenauer the German payments to Jews. When the negotiations ended Landau could not help calling-out in Yiddish to Schmuel Dayan (Mapai): "A glick hot unz getrofen (lucky us) - six million Jews were murdered and we can get some money." (Tom Segev, The Seventh Million, Hill and Wang, New York 1994, p. 222/223) 12) Yohanan Bader, who also belonged to the Israeli negotiaters, was asking worried: "Suppose they [the Germans] pay you for six million Jews, but when the reparations period is over ... where will you get six million more Jews so that you can get more money?" (Tom Segev, as before) Bader's fears were groundless as we can see today. The payments will run indefinitely.

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