Israel: Client State? (Welfare client, maybe)

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June 19, 2001

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The thoughtful summary below was sent to me as part of an e- mail exchange, apparently be members of the Reform Party, that started with a "Christian" woman complaining that Christians were too complacent about the Israeli "plight" and didn't support Israel enough.

There was some subsequent back-and-forth which ended with a statement by someone that "...Israel is a US client state."

Whereupon this fiery reply resulted by another member of this group:


How can you possibly claim that Israel is a US client state?

Consider a few counter-examples:

(1) Israeli lobbyists are a great power in the US Congress- -American lobbyists are unthinkable in the Knesset.

(2) Israel has intense racial control of its immigration-- Jewish lobbyists have played a major role in establishing a US immigration policy in which people can come and go as they please, and even hold dual Israeli-US citizenship (a kind of super-citizenship denied to native born Americans).

(3) Israeli militias like the Jewish Defense League bomb, kill and beat Americans with impunity--can you even image an American militia with comparable operations (i.e., beating up Jews) in Israel with such impunity?

(4) Israelis and their supporters in the US evaluate the legitimacy of Presidencies by the number of Jews in the cabinet (recall that there were so many Jews in the Clinton cabinet that even to mention it led to howls of "anti- semitism", while the Bush cabinet has been specifically denounced in the press for its lack of racial pure Jews (since Powell who is 25% Jewish does not count to "real" racially pure Jews))--can you even image the US evaluating the legitimacy of Israeli governments by the number of Christian-American dual citizens in its cabinet.

(5) Israelis torture Americans, lynch Americans, and incaracerate Americans in concentration camps as the US government remains silent and intimidated--in the United States, even an idle comment that is seen as critical of Jews or Israel can destroy a man's career.

(6) Israel trades freely with whom it pleases (for example, selling stolen US military technology to China)--the United States enforces sanctions against the enemies of Israel (e,g., Iran) even when these sanctions directly contradict US interests.

(7) Israelis operate a spy network on US university campuses and blacklist anyone who ever criticizes Israel, barring them from profession work forever--can you imagine the US operating a spy network like that in Israel?

(8) Israelis run drugs into the United States (recall Lansky and heroin, Harari and cocaine, Bronfman and alcohol during prohibition, and the new 100% Jewish monopoly of Ecstasy) and synagogues launder the money with almost perfect immunity-- can you even imagine a world in which Christians targeted drug sales to Jews and then had their churches launder the profits?

(9) Longtime US Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, is an Israeli citizen and former (?) Israeli intelligence officer-- can you even image the US being able to impose a Christian- American on Israel as its Ambassador to the US?

(10) Israelis control a vast slave trade in "Aryan" women (even boasting about it in a recent Amnesty International report, which quotes then Justice Minister Beilin who observes the slave trade is legal (he is lying, of course, it is the slave trade in non-Jews that is legal for Jews)) to supply their brothels in Israel and brothels they operate in dozens of countries--can you even imagine a slave trade in Jewish women sanctioned by Christian states?

(11) Two heads of the CIA (Deutch, Tenet) are Jews who have publicly voiced support for Zionism (the Jewish ideology of racial supremacy and allegience to the Jewish state of Israel)--could you even imagine the US imposing a Christian- American patriot on Israel as the head of trhe CIA?

Surely to be a client state, such a state should subordinate its interests to its patron state. And yet, Israel behaves to advance what is sees as Jewish racial interests to the exclusion of all other concerns: that is, it is sovereign, not a client. So, in Israel, Jewish gumen break into non- Jewish holy places and massacre people at prayer, and then these monsters are held up as heroes, with people naming their sons after him, and women visiting his shrine to ensure their fertility and the birth of sons who will grow up to be just like him (that is, Baruch Goldstein)--outside of Rwanda, what is seen as exemplary among Jews in Israeli is everywhere seen, if people can step back from their worship of Jews, as monsterous--certainly no one in America would allow, let alone praise, such conduct.

Claiming that Israel is a client state, rather than the fully sovereign state it truly is, excuses the crimes of the Jews by claiming that they are in fact the real victims of Americans. Americans are not the real criminals in Israel: it is the Jews. And excusing these crimes makes one complicit in these crimes, even is one poses as liberal and progressive...



Thought for the Day:

"It is with a pious fraud as with a bad action; it begets a calamitous necessity of going on."

(Thomas Paine)


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