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Picked it up on Arianna Online. Long winded is loaded with this stuff,
whoever he is. wrote:
> Ed: This was a great piece. Did you write it, or who is "Long Winded" that
> posted it? -j
> Subj: FYI
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> Subject: A more goyim friendly version
> Posted by: Long Winded on Tuesday, 18 May 1999, at
> 12:19 p.m.
> Imagine that a robber walks into a bank, points a pistol at a
> teller, hands her a bag,
> and demands that she put all the money from her cash drawer in it.
> At first she
> protests, but then, after he threatens to shoot, she fills the
> robber's bag with cash.
> And then imagine that, as the robber walks out of the bank with his
> bag of loot, the
> bank guard opens the door for him, smiles at him, offers to hail a
> cab for him, and
> tells him to come again soon. After that it's not difficult to
> imagine that he probably
> will.
> That's about the way it's been with the Jews recently. Two years
> ago they put a
> gun to the head of the Swiss people collectively and demanded
> billions of dollars in
> reparations for Swiss bank accounts they claimed had been owned by
> Jews who
> disappeared during the Second World War. The Swiss initially
> protested that
> unclaimed Jewish bank accounts from the 1930s and 1940s amounted at
> most to a
> few million dollars, not to billions, and besides the war ended
> more than 50 years
> ago and claims should have been filed long ago. The Jews threatened
> to shoot,
> figuratively speaking, by having their bought politicians in the
> United States prevent
> Swiss banks from doing business in America. Eventually they walked
> away with
> $1.25 billion in loot, with the Swiss apologizing for not having
> coughed it up sooner.
> After that sort of success with the Swiss one could hardly expect
> the Jews to give
> up extortion and go straight. So anyway, they were back again soon,
> with
> demands against the Volkswagen Company for having used Jewish
> workers during
> the Second World War and providing them only with room and board
> but not paying
> them union-scale wages. One might think that these Jewish workers
> would be
> grateful to Volkswagen for keeping them alive during the war,
> feeding them, and
> giving them a roof over their heads, when so many German civilians
> had only
> bombed-out ruins to live in. Well, if you thought that, you just
> don't understand
> Jews. The Jews told the Volkswagen Company that if it ever wanted
> to sell any
> more cars in America, it had better cough up -- soon. And the
> bought politicians
> and the media bosses in America began rattling their sabres and
> talking loudly
> about sanctions of various sorts against Volkswagen. And so, like
> the Swiss
> banks, Volkswagen coughed up the money.
> Then the feeding frenzy started, just as I told you it would two
> years ago, when I
> predicted that after the Jews had cleaned out the Swiss they would
> go after other
> victims in a long list. Volkswagen wasn't the only company which
> had used
> involuntary labor during the war. The Jews went after Daimler-Benz
> and BMW and
> Siemens.
> And Switzerland wasn't the only country where Jews could claim that
> Uncle Abe
> had stashed some of his loot sixty years ago, before the war. So
> they sued banks
> in France and in Britain and began moaning and whining in the media
> that the
> banks were being "insensitive" to poor, deserving "Holocaust
> survivors," who
> suddenly had remembered Uncle Abe's millions and needed it -- now!
> And then
> they remembered the insurance companies in Italy and Switzerland
> and Britain and
> elsewhere from whom they could claim that Uncle Abe once had had a
> life-insurance policy. Then they remembered that the Swedes owed
> them gold, and
> the Danes and the Norwegians. Even the Poles, whom the Jews had
> ruled as
> Bolshevik commissars for nearly 50 years after the war, owed them,
> they claimed.
> The racket has worked the same in every case: pay us, or we will
> have our bought
> Gentile politicians pass laws making it impossible for you to
> continue doing
> business, and our people in the media will paint you as monsters
> who want to hang
> onto the profit you made when poor Uncle Abe and Aunt Sara were
> crammed into
> gas chambers, and then the gullible Gentile lemmings won't buy your
> products. If
> you give us any trouble or resist our demands we'll make an example
> of you, the
> way we did with the Swiss banks. Just pay us the few hundred
> million dollars we're
> demanding now, and we'll leave you alone. Otherwise, it'll end up
> costing you a lot
> more.
> And it has worked every time. Not one banker or businessman has
> stood up to
> them and flatly refused to pay. Not one president or prime minister
> has said to
> them, "All right, Jew boys! You try a boycott against my country,
> and we'll organize
> a boycott against Israel. We'll round up all the Jews in our
> country and send them
> packing." Not one has called the Jews' bluff. They've all
> calculated that it is
> cheaper to pay the gangsters than to fight them, and so they pay.
> Honor means
> nothing to these businessmen and politicians. Principles mean
> nothing to them. All
> they care about is continuing to make money, continuing to stay in
> office.
> With this sort of attitude predominant among the Gentiles, one can
> hardly blame
> the Jews for turning to extortion on a larger scale than ever
> before. They are
> successful at it; therefore they continue to do it. And they don't
> limit themselves to
> Europe or to those who allegedly cooperated with the Germans in
> their demand for
> reparations. A few months ago they filed a claim against Britain
> for $600 million
> they claim the British government confiscated from Jews between
> 1940 and 1942
> when the British governed Palestine. Remember, the Jews were waging
> a guerrilla
> war against the British prior to 1948, when the British finally
> gave up and pulled out,
> letting the Jews slaughter the Palestinians and establish the
> Jewish state of Israel
> on Palestinian land. The Jews were kidnapping and murdering British
> soldiers in
> Palestine and assassinating diplomats. In 1946 the Jews used a
> terrorist bomb to
> blow up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which was the British
> government
> headquarters. This Jewish forerunner of the Oklahoma City bombing
> killed a large
> number of British civilians and military people. And now the Jews
> are demanding
> $600 million in reparations from the British!
> And of course, the Jews also are expecting payoffs from American
> companies.
> Both Ford and General Motors had subsidiaries working in Germany
> when the
> Second World War began. The Ford plant in Germany made military
> vehicles for
> the Germans throughout the war, and the General Motors subsidiary,
> Opel, did the
> same. And so now the Jews are claiming that both Ford and General
> Motors owe
> them a great deal of money because of that. The Jews already have
> filed a
> class-action suit against Ford in a Federal court in New Jersey,
> seeking hundreds
> of millions of dollars in wages plus interest for Jews who worked
> in Ford's German
> plant during the war. And because the businessmen who run Ford and
> General
> Motors today are the same sort as those who run the Volkswagen
> Company, they
> undoubtedly will pay off the Jews rather than risk having the media
> portray them as
> "insensitive" types who profited from the so-called "Holocaust" and
> now refuse to
> share their loot with the poor, deserving Jewish "survivors." Two
> hundred years ago
> the American motto was, "Millions for defense, but not one cent for
> tribute." But in
> those days Americans were made of sterner stuff -- and I assume
> that our people
> in Europe were too.
> Cash isn't the only thing the Jews are going after. They have
> decided that a
> substantial portion of the art treasures of Europe really belonged
> to Uncle Abe too
> 60 years ago and ought to be returned to the Jews now. It is true,
> of course, that
> during the war the German government had a keen interest in
> bringing as much
> Germanic art as possible back under German protection. They bought
> all the
> Vermeers and Rembrandts and Holbeins and Dürers and Halses and
> other
> Germanic art works as they could from owners in the conquered
> countries and
> brought them back to Germany. And when the works the Germans were
> interested
> in were in the hands of Jews, they often brought pressure to bear
> and obtained the
> works at low prices. The Germans, however, generally weren't
> interested in modern
> art -- certainly not in Jewish paintings by Chagall or Modigliani,
> for example -- and a
> great many such modern paintings ended up in the hands of Jewish
> art dealers. In
> fact, the Germans often had agreements with Jewish art dealers,
> swapping the
> modern paintings they weren't interested in for the Germanic
> paintings they were
> interested in. The biggest of these Jewish dealers, Georges
> Wildenstein, was in
> Paris, and he acquired an enormous number of modern paintings
> during the war.
> After the war he brought them to New York and later sold hundreds
> of them to
> museums and private collectors around the world. The Jews currently
> are engaged
> in a huge treasure hunt for those paintings now in Gentile hands
> which formerly
> belonged to Jews. The facts that most of these paintings were
> acquired by their
> present owners from Jewish dealers such as the Wildensteins and
> that many of
> them were legally purchased from their Jewish owners during the war
> are glossed
> over. All of these paintings are characterized by the Jews as --
> quote -- "art stolen
> from victims of the Holocaust by the Nazis," -- end quote -- and
> they want it all
> back now.
> There's an interesting double standard here. A messy divorce in the
> Wildenstein
> family attracted public attention last year to the Jewish family's
> business dealings
> in Paris during the war, and another Jewish family claimed that the
> Wildensteins
> have artworks that actually should be returned to them, because
> they were forced
> to sell them at fire-sale prices during the war. The Wildensteins
> told them to buzz
> off: the statute of limitations for such claims expired long ago,
> the Wildensteins
> asserted. Of course, no Gentile owner dares make such an assertion.
> But in fact,
> there are statutes of limitations for most claims. Dormant bank
> accounts typically
> become the property of the government after being unclaimed for 20
> years or so,
> but when the Swiss brought up that legality two years ago, the Jews
> went into their
> "persecuted victim" act, feigning outrage that the Swiss should try
> to let a mere law
> stand between the Jews and what they were claiming in reparations.
> Whenever the Jews, in order to remind the world for the
> six-millionth time of their
> "victim" status, have accused some elderly German or Pole or
> Ukrainian or
> Lithuanian of having mistreated Jews 55 years ago during the war,
> there is no
> question of a statute of limitations. If anyone mentions that
> legality, Jewish
> shrieking in all of their media quickly drowns him out. For an
> injury, real or
> imaginary, done to a Jew by a Gentile there is no statute of
> limitations, no matter
> how much time has passed. The Jews still celebrate every year in
> their Purim
> festival the revenge their ancestors took on the ancient Persians
> 2,500 years ago
> through their control of a corrupt king.
> Yet when the Polish government asked the government of Israel a few
> months ago
> to extradite a Jewish mass murderer, Solomon Morel, so that he
> could be tried in
> Poland for genocide, the Jews refused. "There's a statute of
> limitations for
> extradition," the Israelis told the Poles, "and you're too late."
> Morel was the
> Jew-communist commissar of a concentration camp in Poland after the
> war, and
> he had tortured hundreds of Poles and Germans to death. When he saw
> the
> possibility of retribution looming, Morel, like thousands of other
> Jewish criminals
> before him, fled to Israel. The horrifying atrocities committed by
> Solomon Morel
> have been described in the 1993 book An Eye for an Eye by John
> Sack.
> This same double standard applies to every sort of interaction
> between Jews and
> non-Jews. It is a fact that in wars people suffer losses. Usually,
> within a few years
> after the wars are over, people try to get on with their lives, and
> they consider what
> is past to be past. If other people behaved the way the Jews
> behave, then every
> Englishman whose family residence got hit by a bomb during the
> "blitz" of the
> Second World War would be clamoring now for the German government
> to
> reimburse him for the repairs that his grandparents had to make 55
> years ago --
> plus interest, of course. And if it's all right to go back 55 years
> for claims, why not
> go back 135 years and let all of the Americans whose ancestors'
> homes and farms
> in Georgia were burned by General Sherman collect damages from the
> U.S.
> government now -- plus interest, of course? Or why not go back 220
> years and
> demand that Tony Blair's government pay reparations to all of those
> Americans
> whose ancestors suffered property loss from the Redcoats during the
> First
> American Revolution -- plus interest, of course? I mean, if the
> Jews are allowed to
> keep score, without regard for time, why shouldn't everyone else?
> Why not set up
> some sort of World Court for Reparations? I imagine that there are
> a lot of
> Palestinians who would like to file claims against the state of
> Israel.
> The fact is that we would have international chaos if everybody
> behaved the way the
> Jews do. So this raises two interesting questions: Why do the Jews
> behave the
> way they do? And why do we let them get away with it?
> Well, I've already given an answer of a sort to the first question:
> the Jews behave
> the way they do because we let them behave that way; it's just like
> the case of the
> bank robber, who will keep coming back until the bank guard stops
> being nice and
> shoots the robber. But there's really more to it than that. No one
> else is even
> inclined to make the sort of demands on the rest of the world that
> the Jews do. The
> Jews really are different. Their religion provides a few clues in
> this regard. It is a
> religion which tells them that all the property of the Gentiles
> really should belong to
> Jews, that the Jews are entitled to it. It's as blatant as anywhere
> in the 60th
> chapter of the book attributed to their prophet Isaiah, where they
> are told to keep
> their gates open all the time, so that all the wealth of the
> Gentiles can be brought
> to them. "Thou shalt suck the milk of the Gentiles," the Jews are
> told. And if you
> think that doesn't really mean what it sounds like it means, you
> should look into
> the Talmud, where the Jewish sages, the Jewish interpreters of the
> Bible, explain
> to the rest of the Jews what it means. The Talmud tells the Jews
> that only Jews are
> human beings, that the Gentiles are just animals created by the
> Jewish tribal god
> Yahweh to be used by the Jews, like other animals are used. Because
> Gentiles
> are merely animals, they can't really own anything, and it is the
> duty of the Jews to
> make sure they don't.
> Now all of this Biblical stuff and Talmudic stuff is very old and
> quaint and might
> seem irrelevant to a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company by the
> Jews today.
> But this old and quaint stuff is the basis of the Jews' religion
> today. The religious
> Jews really believe it. And the non-religious Jews, the atheist
> Jews, behave as if
> they believe it. And I think that in a certain sense they do. I
> think this belief is in
> their blood. I think that this is what accounts for their almost
> incredible arrogance in
> their dealings with non-Jews.
> And of course, there's not just belief: there's also calculation.
> They understand that
> the success of their current effort to swindle the rest of the
> world out of every cent
> they can depends on three factors: it depends on their control of
> the mass media;
> it depends on the unprecedented degree of political corruption
> which exists almost
> everywhere in the Western world, on the unprecedented degree of
> democracy; and
> it depends on the confused and demoralized state of Gentiles
> everywhere.
> There never before has been a time when the Jews have wielded as
> much open
> power as they do today. No previous government in the United States
> has had as
> many Jews in positions of power as the present Clinton government.
> And that's
> pretty much the way it is everywhere in Europe too. The Jews around
> Clinton are
> mirrored by high-ranking Jews around Tony Blair in Britain. In
> Russia, the Jews not
> only hold most of the key posts around the alcoholic and ailing
> Boris Yeltsin, they
> have one of their own as prime minister. And nearly everywhere
> except in the
> United States the Jews have succeeded in having laws passed making
> it illegal for
> a patriot to tell his countrymen what the Jews are up to. In
> Britain, in France, and
> in Germany hundreds of patriots are rotting in prisons today
> because they dared to
> speak the truth about the Jews. In Switzerland the Jews succeeded
> in having
> similar laws passed before they began extorting money from the
> Swiss. Only in
> Russia today are any significant number of patriots speaking out
> against the Jews
> and daring the government to try to silence them.
> And I suppose it seems reasonable to the Jews that when they have
> so much
> power they should use it to their advantage. They should go for
> everything they can
> get. The opportunity may pass. And they are going for it,
> everywhere and in every
> way. It's interesting to note that this display of unbridled greed
> and arrogance has
> made even some of their fellow Jews a little nervous. Charles
> Krauthammer, a
> Jewish writer for the Washington Post, the second most powerful
> Jewish
> newspaper in the United States, wrote a column last month which
> begins with the
> words, and I quote: "The pursuit of billions in Holocaust guilt
> money has gone from
> the unseemly to the disgraceful." -- end quote -- Krauthammer
> refers to the whole
> racket as a "Holocaust shakedown." It's not that Krauthammer
> doesn't think the
> Jews should have all the money they can get from the Gentiles. It's
> just that he's
> appalled by the reckless display of naked, unprincipled greed as
> more and more
> Jewish shysters -- that's what Krauthammer calls them -- trample
> each other in
> their current feeding frenzy. What if the Gentiles notice? What
> will the Gentiles
> think?
> Now, the unfortunate fact is that no non-Jewish writer for a major
> newspaper would
> dare to write what Krauthammer wrote. Not even in the United
> States, where it's
> still legal to write such things. They're all afraid. For two
> generations the Jewish
> media have conditioned them by instantly and loudly accusing anyone
> who opens
> his mouth of being a "racist" or a "hater" or an "anti-Semite."
> They've been
> conditioned to run for cover whenever they hear one of those
> accusations. And that
> is the answer to our second question, why do we let them get away
> with it?
> Their media control keeps the couch potatoes confused and unaware;
> the corrupt
> politicians who have come to characterize our democracy are always
> ready to front
> for them and betray the people whose interests they are supposed to
> be
> representing; and those among us who are perceptive enough and
> independent-minded enough to understand what is happening are
> nearly all too
> cowardly to speak out. So it is easy enough for me to predict that
> the Jews will
> keep coming back for more -- and more -- and more -- until they
> either have it all,
> as in Russia today, or what Charles Krauthammer is concerned about
> happens,
> and the Gentiles notice. But really, the former outcome is much
> more likely
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