Jewish Power - Some Quotes

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"Whatever their situation, however, in almost every country about which
we have information, a segment of the Jewish community played a very
vital role in movements designed to undermine the existing order."
-- Jewish authors Stanley Rothman and S. Robert Lichter, in their book
"Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians and the Left," 1982/1996, Transaction
Publishers, page 110, softcover edition. Available nationwide at Barnes and
Noble booksellers; price: $26.95, softcover only.
This situation also applied to pre-Hitler Germany, say the authors, here
[and yes, this explains a lot, doesn't it?]:
"Jews played a decisive role in the pacifist and feminist movements, and in
the campaigns for sexual enlightenment. The left-wing intellectuals did not
simply 'happen to be mostly Jews,' as some pious historiography would have
us believe, but Jews created the left-wing intellectual movement in Germany."
On anti-Jewish feelings in pre-Hitler and Hitler-era Germany; "Roots of
Radicalism," page 85, softcover.
And here:
"Most importantly, however, they [Jews] violently attacked everything
about German society. They despised the military, the judiciary, and the middle
class in general." On Jewish attacks on "traditional" values in pre-Hitler
Germany; "Roots of Radicalism," page 85, softcover.
Here is another Jewish author mentioning Jewish leftism:
"In effect, they [Jews] provide the single biggest source of money for liberal
political causes." On Jews funding the majority of leftist causes in America;
book "Jewish Power," by J. J. Goldberg, 1996, page 25, softcover.


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