The Sorry Behavior of Amnesty International

By Ingrid Rimland


ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

May 29, 2002

When Amnesty International was besieged - for decades! - by all kinds of prominent people from various countries, even many former "enemy states", to speak up on behalf of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Deputy and certainly a Prisoner of Conscience who had his freedom violated since 1941, Amnesty International did not lift one little finger on his behalf. This morally-tained agency that likes to cast itself as a defender of all the politically persecuted underdogs and is constantly straining to seize the moral high ground - was not swayed to help Hess in 45 years!

Likewise in the Zundel case where a man known as a lifelong pacifist again was denied his freedom of speech by judicial persecution because the Canadian Holocaust Lobby kept shrieking like the proverbial banschee (sp?) on a spit. Let no one say that Amnesty International didn't know. The agency was repeatedly approached on Zundel's behalf. Thousands of letters, emails, phone and fax calls, even personal representations were made - nada!

So here we are today. Some stone age dictators, we are now told, were swayed - by bribes by any chance? - to release and pardon their victims as a result of letter writing campaigns, but what we get is smoke and mirrors.

Amnesty International likes to cast itself as the Defender of the Underdog because that brings the goodies in - that keeps the swanky offices and hefty salaries. But Amnesty International sat on its big fat butt for 20 years without as much as a reply in Zundel's case except to mutter piously that revisionists were nowhere persecuted in reality and only fancied being victimized - and when the public and financial donors pressure became too great, and Amnesty's one-sided engagement for trendy leftist causes and people became too glaring - they acted: By changing their "rules of engagement"!

Those "worthy of support" all of a sudden had to be the politically correct (!) Marxists, the anti-colonialists, those embroiled in the Third World liberation struggle. On the other hand, those struggling against buckets of lies and on behalf of historical truth, those nationalist and ethnic freedom seekers for their race and for their kin still did not qualify.

Not even those "threatened by genocide" were deemed possessing the necessary qualifying criteria for support.

Amnesty International has a clearly visible political agenda. Tens of thousands of well-meaning financial contributors have been conned. Very little effective, fair, politically neutral work has been accomplished by those hypocrites! You might - might! - get help if you are leftist, marxist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist. It also helps if you are colored.

If you are a German or European ethnic, struggling for white rights and liberation from emotional and mental abuse, you are plain out of luck. Rudolf Hess rotted in solitary confinement for 47 years, only to be murdered in captivity by extra-judicial execution. What a disgraceful, monumental sham!

Israel will continue to torture, and the Guantanomo outrage will go on.



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