Breaking News: Shocking ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal!

On May 25, 1998, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rendered a written decision that "Truth is not a defense" - in other words, that the truth of any material on the Zundelsite is ***irrelevant*** to CHRC proceedings!

The Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyers and the intervenors's lawyers were on their feet and objected over 30 times when they thought truth was becoming an issue in the cross-examination of Dr. Schweitzer.

Says Ernst Zundel: "This leaves us in a very difficult position. Frankly, what is there to do or say if truth is not relevant - or even ***forbidden*** to raise it in one's defense? Truth in history is thus outlawed?"

Here is a telling excerpt from this nine-page CHRT ruling:

". . . consistent with a focus on effect rather than intent, it is the effect of the message on the recipient, and ultimately on the person or group vilified, that is the focus of the analysis. The truth in some absolute sense really plays no role. Rather, it is the social context in which the message is delivered and heard which will determine the effect that the communication will have on the listener. It is not the truth or falsity per se that will evoke the emotion but rather how it is understood by the recipient. The objective truth of the statement is ultimately of no consequence if the subjective interpretation, by virtue of tone, social context and medium is one which 'arouses unusually strong and deep-felt emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification'. Therefore, in our view, whether the message is true or not is immaterial. Whether it is perceived to be true or credible may very well add to its impact, but its actual basis in truth is outside the scope of this inquiry."

To download the entire document, please click here.

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