[In] a book called ‘Russian Messianism:
Third Rome, Revolution, Communism and After’ by a
British scholar, Peter Duncan, that features an
informative section on Dostoevsky’s views on the Jews.
The section focuses primarily on Dostoevsky’s ‘Diary
of a Writer,’ which contains a chapter from March 1877
called ‘The Jewish Question.’ [...] The following
quotes from Dostoevsky’s ‘Diary of a Writer’ are from
pages 38-40 of ‘Russian Messianism.’

“And surely the truth is that the Yid (Zhid) has again
begun to rule everywhere, and has not only ‘begun to
rule,’ but never even stopped ruling.”

The dislike of the Russian for the Jew “arises not at
all from the fact that he is a Jew, not from any sort
of racial or religious hatred, but it arises from
other reasons, where the guilt lies not with the
native people but with the Jew himself.”

Those in the Russian borderlands would say that the
Jews “have been moved for so many centuries only by
pitilessness towards us and only by the thirst for our
sweat and blood.”

Duncan writes that Dostoevsky believed that “[t]he
Jews were more prejudiced against Russians than the
Russians were against Jews. The Jews looked forward
to world domination; this required them to maintain
their own close-knit identity. If they were given
equal legal rights, but allowed to keep their ‘State
within a State,’ they would be more privileged than
the Russians. The consequences of this situation were
already clear in Europe.” Dostoevsky states:

“Thus it is not for nothing that everywhere there [in
Europe] the Jews are reigning (tsariat) over the stock
exchanges, not for nothing that they control capital,
not for nothing that they are masters of credit, and
not for nothing, I repeat, that they are the masters
of all international politics, and what will be in the
future is known also to the Jews themselves: their
reign is approaching, their complete reign!”

Dostoevsky nonetheless claimed that he would support
“full and final equalization of rights” for Jews but
with the qualification, “insofar as the Jewish people
themselves will show their ability to accept and
exercise these rights without detriment to the native

In what is perhaps his strongest statement on the
Jews, Dostoevsky perceived that the Jews were behind
the socialist movement in both Europe and Russia:

“The Yid and his bank are now reigning over
everything: over Europe, education, civilization,
socialism – especially socialism, for he will use it
to uproot Christianity and destroy its civilization.
And when nothing but anarchy remains, the Yid will be
in command of everything. For while he goes about
preaching socialism, he will stick together with his
own, and after all the riches of Europe will have been
wasted, the Yid’s bank will still be there. The
Antichrist will come and stand over the anarchy.”