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Press Release

October 1, 1996

To: Assignment Editor:

Zundelsite Holocaust documents deemed "hazardous to minors"

In an unprecedented decision that will reverberate again across the globe in the ever-more polarizing "Freedom-of-Speech versus Censorship" struggle, Germany's Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Claudia Nolte, has formally banned eight documents posted on the Zundelsite as "Literature Hazardous to Minors".

These "X-rated" articles are classical Revisionist documents featured by Ernst Zundel, a world-renown historical Revisionist located in Canada. Zundel's politically incorrect views have triggered one world-wide "cyberspace standoff" already that ended in defeat for Germany in February of this year when Zundel-Mirrors sprang up spontaneously at many universities worldwide to ward off politically motivated censorship of material that challenges the Holocaust.

This newest political move on the part of the Helmut Kohl government, too, seems designed to force Internet providers to restrict access to the Zundelsite, this time under the guise of "protection of minors" - a political absurdity and technical impossibility, since most minors accessing the Internet are using their parents' accounts.

This will effectively mean that German- based Internet service providers (including AOL's and Compuserve's local services) will actually have to ban all general access to the Zundel pages from their systems - unless they are willing to risk running afoul of the law.

"This is obviously a devious and clever move to censor historical facts and truths," says Zundel, known globally for his writings and broadcasts that challenge the conventional Holocaust version. "These Allied puppets don't want their population to see and to study what serious Revisionist scholars in many countries have compiled. See for yourself what the political hacks in Bonn fear! See if you think it is "pornography" or perfectly legal, if politically incorrect, material! You be the judge. Remember - emergency is the cloak the tyrant always wears! This time the 'emergency' is exposing minors to truth in history? It's all politically motivated. The Kohl regime, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, thinks it has the time and energy to involve the anti-pornography outfit of the Family Ministry, which has proven an abject failure in protecting Germany's youth from the vultures of the underworld who prey and exploit these innocent young victims? They have the nerve to censor free speech by indexing materials, essays and booklets widely available in other democratic states like Canada, the USA, England etc.?"

According to recent statistics, 50,000 German children under 18 years of age are living on the streets in abandoned houses, in parks, hostels, etc. and support themselves largely by dope dealing, prostitution, muggings and breaking and entering homes and cars.

"Today's Germany has to be the pornography and smut center of modern Europe," says Zundel. "Every person, young and old, living in Germany or visiting there, is daily confronted with the filthiest, most perverse, sexually explicit magazine racks in news kiosks, book stores and even grocery stores. Supermarkets are full of material displaying frontal nudity, close-ups of genitalia etc., accompanied by the most horrific, disgusting commentary and stories. The Bonn regime is rocked by scandal after scandal involving the financing of political parties. The headlines are replete with stories of graft, corruption, crime, prostitution, gang activities, assault and robbery, dope dealing and dope taking, pedophelia, homosexuality and violence of all kinds. The German regime seems unable to stem the slide into chaos and degeneracy. And yet, this very regime has dared to strike another blow at freedom of speech, the freedom to inform oneself and to inform others across frontiers. acknowledged and formally guaranteed by Germany when it signed the United Nations Declaration of the Human Rights Act under Article 19! What does it say? Here's what it says: 'Everyone has the right of freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.' That is precisely what I am doing. It is fashionable to call me a "Nazi" or a "Neo-Nazi". Consider the facts: There were 350,000 criminal acts committed in Hitler's Germany, including Austria, in 1938. There were 1.5 million crimes committed in 1955 and more than 7 million crimes committed in 1993, not even counting Austria. And the numbers are steadily climbing.

"The Bonn regime feels threatened by truth. German youths have nothing to fear by the truth they find on the Zundelsite - only liberation from a guilt complex deliberately induced into three generations of unsuspecting Germans by the so-called Allied "re-educators" and psychological warfare specialists after Germany's defeat in 1945. Kohl's Bonn regime is engaged in censorship of ideas they don't like - the very regime that was founded on the false premise that the German nation under Adolf Hitler attempted genocide. It's called "The Holocaust." This lie, once exposed, could have political repercussions for the Allied toadies who have besmirched German honor and recklessly squandered over $100 Billion on a reparations scheme which even the former president of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldman, called '. . . lacking a basis in international law.'"

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