Shadow Government -Exposed 90% are Jewish and/or have dual citizenship with Israel

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SHADOW GOVERNMENT - EXPOSED GS-14 and GS-15 Employees in Bunker Duty share common characterisitic: Religion By: Hal Turner March 1, 2002 9:16 AM

Washington, DC -- On February 28, 2002, it was revealed that President George W. Bush activated the "Continuity Of Government" (COG) emergency plan . This plan was designed during the Cold War to assure continued operations of the federal government in the event of nuclear attack against Washington, DC.

The plan requires top level bureaucrats from the most important federal agencies to live and work secretly in bunkers which are hardened against attack. The bureaucrats generally have the seniority rank of (General Services) GS-14 and GS-15. The bunkers are equipped with food, water and air filtration systems. They can generate their own electricity. They have computers, secure communications, satellite uplinks. . . .everything needed to assure that the bare-essentials of the federal government continue to operate no matter what happens to Washington.

Government employees manning these bunkers enter for 90 day shifts. Once inside, they remain inside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants are forbidden to bring their family members and cannot tell anyone -even their families - where they are going.

In the event an attack against Washington, DC wipes out most or all of the regular government, the people in these bunkers will have complete control of the US federal government.

While at the outset, such a plan seems proper, there is allegedly a dangerous aspect to it: According to sources who claim knowledge of the participants, over 90% of the bunker personnell share two common traits: They either hold dual citizenship (US & Israel) or they are Jewish.

Before anyone screams "Anti-Semite!" we should consider a few facts from recent history:

1.) After the attacks of September 11, the US Justice Department discovered and crushed a major spy ring. Federal agents arrested over 100 members of this ring - all Israeli nationals - for spying against the United States. This story was reported by FOX News Channel, which placed transcripts of the investigative report on their web site, then mysteriously PULLED the story with no explanation. I have copies of those transcripts available here .

2) Two hours prior to the Spetember 11 attacks, two employees of a company in Israel received anonymous "instant messages" which told of the pending attacks. The employees told Israeli police about the messages, but Israel never sent word to the US until AFTER the planes crashed.

3) In the days immediately after the attacks of 9-11, it was widely reported in Arab newspapers that 4,000 Israeli nationals "called-out-sick" from the World Trade Center on the day of the attacks. This claim was angrily denounced by the Israeli government. No less than President Bush himself proclaimed to a joint session of Congress that 113 Israelis died in the attacks. Days later, it was revealed by various New York newspapers that only 13 Israelis died. 13. . . . .out of 3,000 dead. . . . . in buildings housing the worlds largest banking, securities and international trading firms -- industries renouned for Jewish participation???

4) Past precedent: The bombing of a hotel by Israeli Mossad Agents and the attack against the USS Liberty by the Israeli Air Force in 1967.

So here we are in 2002 under terrorist attack. The United States Government is fully prepared if Washington, DC is destroyed, confident in the knoledge that COG will prevail. But COG may, in fact, be ZOG - Zionist Occupied Government.

If our elected federal government should end up destroyed, it seems worrisome that so many of the people assuming control of our nation are folks with loyalty to another country.

President Bush would do well to order an immediate review of this situation and assure that COG means " Continuity Of Government " or better yet "Christian Occupied Government" rather than anything else.

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