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Press Release

July 29, 2001

Americans for Self Determination

The battle lines were drawn outside the German embassy (Washington) today, with an assortment of right wing groups protesting the end of free speech in Europe, on one side of the street, and leftist counter demonstrators on the other. They were separated by an ever-growing number of police as tension mounted, and a bloody clash appeared to be brewing. There was some bloodshed at the start, but the police line held the rest of the day.

Glasgow, Saturday, July 21, 2001

Germany's illiberal example: It is unlawful in Ger-many to hold unpopular views on matters of public interest which are properly researched. Irving himself has been fined and banned from entering the country for expressing the view -- subsequently confirmed as fact -- that the gas chambers which tourists see today at Auschwitz were built in 1948 by the Polish communist government as propaganda artifacts.

Jeff Anderson was there with an ASD contingent to press demands for redress for the German Holocaust, which was the post war genocidal policies of the US government and its allies that reduced all of Germany to a death camp, and cost the lives of some 9.3 to 13.7 million innocent people, according to James Bacque, the foremost authority on the subject. Anderson wants the German government to raise the issue with the State Department's Office of War Crimes Issues. He said, "...it would be a blight on our national honor if the World War Two memorial goes up before formal apologies are made to the German people of Europe and arrangements for reparations are made."

On the subject of free speech in Europe, the main thrust of the demonstration, Anderson said, "...the lights are going out all over Europe, with tens of thousands being prosecuted in the 90's under Orwellian speech laws, and this moral disease is spreading to America...we must not stand for it."

Jeff Anderson is available for interviews.

Call 703-371-3560 or www.germanholocaust.org

According to the Annual Reports of the 'German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution' (George Orwell could not have invented a more sinister title) the German persecution machinery prosecuted the following totals of citizens for expressing politically incorrect opinions in Germany:

propaganda offences 1994:
propaganda offences 1995:
propaganda offences 1996:
propaganda offences 1997:
propaganda offences 1998:
propaganda offences 1999:
propaganda offences 2000:


innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims;
innocent persecuted victims

The figures are based on statistics provided by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA)
(Source: http://www.verfassungsschutz.de)

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