American foreign policy is a Jewish plaything

So says an Establishment Jew


American foreign policy has become the plaything of the Israeli lobby in Washington--at least that is the opinion of many observers, not the least of which is Mark Bruzonski, who is himself Jewish. Mr. Bruzonski is the former Washington representative of the World Jewish Congress, founder and, currently, chairman of the Jewish Committee on the Middle East. Bruzonsky's organization boasts for its Advisory Committee such luminaries as former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, M.I.T. Professor Noam Chomsky and a seemingly egalitarian mix of Jewish and Middle Eastern Arab college professors and scholars.

In a recent Pacifica Radio interview Bruzonsky flatly stated that "Middle East policy in the United States, under the Clinton administration, is largely controlled and manipulated by the Israeli lobby."

"I, myself, represented the World Jewish Congress many years ago." Mr. Bruzonsky added, "I am intimately familiar with how these things work. When I did represent the World Jewish Congress I arranged meetings on behalf of Jewish organizations at the White House. But I have never seen a Washington where practically every official is linked intimately to the Israeli-Jewish lobby. ... It's an unprecedented situation, it's a terribly dangerous situation...."

--Thanks Willie Martin


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