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Censorship On the Internet: How It Will Happen!

(Ernst Zündel)

Only naive people and intellectual lightweights will still prattle on about the Wonderful World of Freedom and all the "human rights" we supposedly enjoy.

Some of us in the forefront of true freedom of expressionãindividuals who are not just prattling on along politically correct party linesãknow full well that there is a global, intensely fought war on for the control of man's mind. And the Internet has now become the final battleground!

To all intents and purposes, save for token resistance here and there, the fight for freedom of speech, thought and inquiry has been just about lostãfor now. The forces who want to censor the final frontier of free thought are the same ones that bludgeoned, bought, sold, manipulated and, by fair means and foul, got hold of the print and electronic media as well as the movie industry a few decades ago.

Here is what happened in America yesterdayãsymbolically on July 4th, one minute after midnight!ã to one of the most important Revisionist sites:

". . . Valleynet was purchased by an eastern company. All accounts were to change to psnw - protosource network. The division manager is one - (Rick Horowitz). Mr. Horowitz apparently runs his own holocaust website. I have not visited it.

Whether he has acted alone or by the prodding of the SWC is open to question. I personally lean toward the SWC being behind this although there is no concrete evidence of this.

Dr. Toben (of the Revisionist Adelaide Institute in Australia) has written to me that SWC is complaining about the Adelaide Institute site causing an investigation in Australia . . . This appears to be a coordinated effort.

We were shut down at 1 second past midnight on July 4th. I will let you know more as the facts develop . . . "

Here is what happened less than 24 hours later to a similar Revisionist site - as important to Australia as CODOH is to America:

Adelaide, 5 July 1996

Please be advised that the Brisbane-based daily newspaper, The Courier Mail, has this day informed its readers that the Federal Attorney-General's Department is following up a complaint - lodged via the Australian Embassy in the U.S. by Rabbi Cooper of the U.S.-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre - that material on Adelaide Institute's website may be contravening Australian laws.

The Attorney-General's office has confirmed that it is investigating Adelaide Institute. Needless to state that we have as yet not been formally or even informally informed of any such investigations.

Various state-based newspapers also carried the story. Our Adelaide Advertiser rang us this afternoon and asked a few 'confirming questions'. The story may appear in Saturday's edition of the paper.

Adelaide Institute has likewise filed a complaint against the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and also against the publication and distribution of the Babylonian Talmud.

As Adelaide Institute expected such a move from overseas - interestingly we have not had any complaint filed from any local organisation - we are seeking legal advice as to what the next step will be once the formal papers arrive from the Attorney-General's Department.

We expect to be hit with the power of the newly proclaimed federal Racial Hatred Bill of 1995 which inserts new sections into the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Section 18D may protect our work. It states that nothing which is said or done reasonably and in good faith in the course of any statement, publication, discussion or debate made or held for an academic, artistic, or scientific purpose, or any other purpose in the public interest will be prohibited.

It is obvious to us that we shall be testing the strength of this new section. . . "

There are other methods to this new censorship drive. One such method is that the Unseen Hand will post viciously anti-semitic items on targeted websites or send out fake but virulently anti-Jewish and racist press releases, e-mail, or letters to targeted groupsãinforming them, or working even in cahoots with individuals within these organizations, who will then promptly run to prosecutors, courts, government regulators etc.

This was done to the Zündelsite in January through April of this year (1996) when all kinds of false, fake and doctored materials and press releases were electronically launched around the planet by the same forces now targeting CODOH and the Adelaide Institute.

This is really old hatãentrapment orchestrated by private organizations who have the ear of public officials. I was targeted for years with such tactics where anti-Jewish pamphlets were distributed in the streets of Toronto by the thousands.

The police investigated me. No charges resulted. Zündel didn't do it.

In 1994 Interpol was sicked on me because someone from Toronto had mailed letters to approximately 70 high-ranking German police officials, judges, prosecutors and politiciansãin poor English. I was suspected by the Bonn and Nuremberg prosecutorsãas if I would write to German officials in English about the Jewish conspiracy when I am fluent in German!

Toronto police came and interrogated me for Interpol. This investigation was later closedãeven in Germany. No charges resulted. Zündel didn't do it.

Similarly, Thies Christophersen, a well-known and outspoken European Revisionist, used to receive from anonymous sources Nazi armbands, booklets, newspapers and, especially, stickers in the mail. Invariably, the police would raid his home the day he received these items, looking for "Nazi propaganda."

Had they found even a few, he would have been charged, convicted and heavily finedãDM 8,000-10,000 is a standard fine in Germany for possessing material of "illegal", i.e. National Socialist content. Thies used to burn these itemsãbecause he knew better.

Now there is yet another way. As of June 26, the Swiss are investigating a 30 page English "Nazi propaganda" text posted apparently from Canada on a Swiss Info-Site. The Swiss authorities want to use this strange incident to test whether or not their "anti-Racism" law can be used as an instrument to get at, or shut down, the mysterious "Canadian Nazi propagandist."

Well, once again - Zündel did not do it.

The Swiss can as easily contact the Zundelsite in the USAãor any other Revisionist site. Furthermore, Zündel would talk to his Swiss cousins in German or French, which most of them understandãnot in English, a language used much less often in Switzerland.

What can we do? We can archive all our communication in a safe place. It is good practice to write only on specific typewriters so the police can verify easily that certain material does not come or was not typed on our machines. With today's computers and electronic data transmittal, things are more difficult, and we are almost solely left to rely on the vast body of the material we put out to show that some of this illegal and inflammatory material did not come from our brains. Context becomes all-important! Context is as important today as the old paper trail was yesterday.

Is there hope?

Yes, of course. No group in history was dominant forever. The Simon Wiesenthals and their front men do not live or last forever. Their power is peaking. They are exposing themselves and their nefarious schemes every day!

An exposed enemy of due process and true freedom is a damaged enemy. Public scrutiny and added exposure on the part of alternative media and conscientious indivuduals will do the rest.

Ernst Zündel

July 5, 1996


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