These miscellaneous items tend strongly to confirm
that the 09/11 strike "against  America" was, in
fact, much more a strike against one aspect of
America. Peoria, Illinois, remained untouched...
(But if 4,000 Iraeli workers at the WTC were at home with the
flu the morning of the disaster, then the Muslim strike failed
anyhow... which would explain the 5 Israelis shouting with
joy and mockery at the pile of rubble several hours after the
buildings collapsed....)

Frank Lowy, an Israeli who moved to Australia and is now the second
wealthiest individual on that continent, owns the 99-year lease for the
retail section of the World Trade Center. [See article this page] The owner
of the 99-year lease for the rest of the World Trade Center, costing $3.2
billion dollars, is Silverstein Properties (president: Larry Silverstein).
The lease was purchased from New York's Port Authority (chairman: Lewis
Eisenberg). Silverstein is a former president of the United Jewish Appeal.
[SMITH, D., Attacks Turned His Deal of Deals into Dust, Los Angeles Times,
Sept. 16. 2001]

 Most New York "real estate barons" are "white and Jewish." Tom Schactman,
Skyscraper Dreams: The Great Real Estate Dynasties of New York, Little,
Brown, & Co., Boston, 1991, p. 21 By 1982, "the great majority of the New
York landlords [were] Jewish." Jean Baer, The Self-Chosen. 'Our Crowd' Is
Dead, Arbor House, New York, 1982 p. 195 "Jews own roughly 80 percent of
New York City's businesses." Harry Golden, Travels Through Jewish America,
Doubleday & Co., Garden City/NY, 1973 p. 8-9

"If you live in New York, or any other major city, you are Jewish."
comedian Lenny Bruce, in Barry Rubin, Assimilation and Its Discontents,
Times Books/Random House, NY, 1995, p. 89

 "Jews fill top positions in the U.S. intelligence community. In the CIA
alone, intelligence sources say, Jews fill four of the CIA's seven
directorates and the agency is headed by John Deutch, a director described
by one Israeli intelligence source as being 'so traditional in his Jewish
outlook that he practically wears
kippa [traditional Jewish skullcap]." Dan Rodan, Not Forgiven, Not
Forgotten, Jerusalem Post, August 30, 1996, p. 2

Ari Fleischer is president George W. Bush's press secretary. Fleischer is
"active in a group of Jewish congressional staffers who study with the
Lubavitch Chasidic movement's Washington representative, Rabbi
Levi Shemtov." [from the Jewish online ethnic magazine: the FORWARD; THE
FORWARD FIFTY, 2000/2001] CONTEXT: "What emerged for me, from the study of
the first chapters [of Sefer Hatanya, the central works of the Chabad
ultra-Orthodox organization] and their antecedents was the discovery that
the main stream of Jewish thought is permeated by genetic spiritual
superiority of Jews over Gentiles, disconcertingly reminiscent of racist
notions of our time. Living in Israel for the past twenty years in a Jewish
majority that is no more sensitive to the feelings of minorities than
Gentile majorities are ... [with] Jews in their midst, I have come to
realize the vitality of Jewish racist notions, and I am more than ever
convinced that the hold Judaism will have on this and future generations
will be gravely impaired unless these notions are neutralized by an
internal reordering of traditional values." Moshe Greenberg, A Problematic
Heritage. The Attitudes Toward the Gentile in the Jewish Tradition: An
Israeli Perspective. Conservative Judaism, Winter 1996, p. 33 Worried about
publicity concerning the presence of so many Jews in the upper echelons of
the American government, one "senior official" in the State Department
refused to be interviewed for an article about the subject in 1997 by the
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, saying, "No good can come from this. Especially
because there are so many of us." "Although many current Jewish State
Department officials dismiss discussion about the Jewish character of the
State Department as fodder for anti-Semites and anti-Israel activities,"
wrote JTA reporter Matthew Dorf, "some have privately acknowledged that
one's upbringing can influence policy decisions." Matthew Dorf, Jewish
Telegraphic Agency, Focus on Issues: Indyk's Ascent Signals All Doors Open
for Jews in Foreign Policy, 11-11-97 "What the [Israeli] occupation [of
Gaza and the West Bank] is doing to us as human beings ... [is] something
that threatens to wreak irreparable damage to the fabric of our lives while
turning us into a brutal and insensitive society. Such a society is not one
in which I would want to belong to. And yet [American Jews] don't seem to
particularly bothered by that ... [For example, the] Israeli media revealed
that the director of the GSS [General Security Service] had ordered two
Palestinian terrorists killed without trial and had lied to an official
committee of inquiry ... In several of my talks in the United States, I
expressed the opinion that, even if the episode damaged Israel's image
abroad, it was crucial to bring it to light, because in a democratic
society not even the security apparatus should be allowed to be above the
law. Not a single American Jewish audience enjoyed hearing that. The almost
universal reaction to what I said was: Yes, but why wash our dirty linen in
public? ... When it comes to [Israel, American Jews] practically demand
that I should say to hell with democratic principles. It's not so terrible
if Israeli officials and government agencies take the law into their own
hands. It's not good, but there are worse things. And one of these is a
tarnished image. Indeed, I sometimes think that as long as Israel's image
in America remains decent and humane, you wouldn't care if in actual fact
we were a society of cannibals." Matti Golan, Israeli author, With Friends
Like You. What Israelis Really Think About American Jews, The Free Press,
NY/Oxford, 1992, p. 44

 "I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is
completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get
Congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli Embassy is
practically dictating to Congress through influential Jewish people in the
country." John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State in the Eisenhower
administration, quoted by ex-Congressman Paul Findley, Deliberate
Deceptions. Facing Facts About the U.S.-Israel Relationship, Lawrence Hill
Books, NY, 1993/1995, p. 105]

"I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to [the
Jews] ... They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going
on all the time. I got to the point where I wouldn't write anything down.
If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our
government, they would rise up in arms." Admiral Thomas Moorer, former
Chairman of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1984, quoted by Richard
Curtiss, A Changing Image: Americans' Perceptions of the Arab-Israeli
Dispute, American Educational Trust, 1986 p. 267

 "[The Jewish lobby] is so strong you wouldn't believe now. We have the
Israelis coming to us for equipment. We say we can't possibly get the
Congress to support that. They say, 'Don't worry about the Congress.' This
is somebody from another country, but they can do it." General George J.
Brown, former Chairman of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, quoted by
Richard Curtiss, A Changing Image: Americans' Perceptions of the
Arab-Israeli Dispute, American Educational Trust, 1987, p. 267