Information on Purim

By Michael Hoffman


It's Purim - Anniversary of the Massacre of 40 Palestinians and Israelis are Celebrating the Murders

Whenever a date in German history comes around on the calendar pertaining to a mishap that befell Jewish persons, the media repeat the story in excruciating detail, but when it comes to commemorating Jewish atrocities against Arabs, the newsies develop amnesia.

This past week marked the observance of the Jewish Feast of Purim, a time of pagan, Halloween-like cavortings. When gullible Judeo-Christians witness Purim they become confused, so stark is the contrast between this Babylonian bacchanal and what they've been told about "Old Testament" rabbinic Judaism by their lying preachers.

Six years ago, on Purim, 1994, Israeli Army Major Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 40 unarmed Palestinian men and boys while they knelt in prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque at Hebron's Machpela Cave.

A Jewish book praising Goldstein's mass murder, Baruch Hagever ("The Blessed Man"), has sold thousands of copies among Israelis. It includes an article by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, who declares that what Goldstein did in murdering Palestinian civilians constitutes, "a fulfillment of a number of commands of Jewish religious law."

Among Goldstein's good deeds, as enumerated, are "...taking revenge on non-Jews, extermination of the non-Jews who are from the seed of Amalek...and the sanctification of the Holy Name."

On Wednesday, March 22, 2000, Israelis held a Purim party at Goldstein's grave, celebrating his killings.

There is not one word about this outrage from "our news" media, the same pontificating pundits who ceaselessly lecture about "human rights" and "Holocaust" awareness, yet care nothing for the human rights of those whom the Israelis holocaust on the unsung sixth anniversary of a racist mass murder.



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