Interview with Aaron Zelman of JPFO


> "Jews" want to disarm Americans?
> There is a "Jewish" conspiracy against America?
> "Jews" control America's media?
> "Jews" have a death grip on America's government?
> "Jews" are left-wing, liberal, anti-gunners?
> "Jews" use the cry of anti-semitism as a weapon to suppress truth?
> "Jews" prevent a free press in America?
> "Jews" are against freedom?
> "Jews" want total people control?
> "Jews" are liars?
> "Jews" want to put Americans under tyranny?
> "Jews" are responsible for America's problems
> "Jews" must leave America if America is to survive?
> PUBLISHED BY: Scriptures for America, P.O. Box 766c,
> LaPorte, CO 80535
> by Pastor Peter J. Peters
> Appearing in the June 1990, issue of S.W.A.T. magazine was an article
> entitled "J.P.F.O. IN DEFENSE OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP". The article
> consisted of an interview with Aaron Zelman, a Jew, who was reported
> as forming a new, national organization: Jews for the Preservation of
> Firearms Ownership (J.P.F.O.). According to the editor's note at the end
> of the article, the interview had first appeared in the American Survival
> Guide magazine in November of 1989, and was reprinted with permission
> in S.W.A.T.
> In that interview, Mr. Zelman seems to have made some confessions of
> tremendous magnitude concerning the Jewish question in America.
> Confessions that the casual reader would initially not grasp, and most
> kosher conservative leaders and pro-gun organizations are afraid to
> publicly acknowledge.
> You can read the words of Mr. Zelman and decide for yourself if he did
> not in reality say, "thus and so", or in other words if he did not
> inadvertently confess that.... ! We have printed portions of the interview
> with Mr. Zelman as it appeared in S.W.A.T. magazine. Then we have
> printed what appears to be the inadvertent confessions and followed up
> with our own comments.
> The reader is reminded before he or she responds in a Pavlovian
> conditioned manner, with accusations of anti-Semitism, to remember
> that Mr. Zelman said it, I didn't, and he is a Jew. Dare you call a Jew a liar
> and risk being labeled anti-Semitic yourself?
> I have personally found that whenever one speaks the truth concerning
> any Jewish, un-American, and anti-Christian activity in America one is
> viciously attacked, labeled and smeared by the media, and harassed by
> certain government agencies.
> As a second witness to what can happen to one who discovers and
> speaks out on the Jewish issue in America, I would direct the reader to
> Col. Gordan Jack Mohr. Col. Mohr is a highly decorated war hero, a
> defender of America and freedom, who survived communist torture and
> a firing squad and has lectured in over 3,000 communities in 49 states
> and five foreign countries.
> As a well-known, fundamental Baptist and lay evangelist he has spoken in
> some of the most prestigious and largest Baptist churches in America
> and for twelve years was on the America Opinion Speaker's Bureau .
> When he discovered the truth concerning certain anti-American and
> anti-Christian Jewish activities in America, and began to write and
> lecture concerning the same, the Baptist doors closed to him, the
> Speaker's Bureau no longer had use for him and the IRS has come after
> him. Mr. Zelman confesses Jewish control in media and government, but
> Col. Mohr's experience shows it also exists in our churches and
> conservative organizations. Col. Mohr's address is 113 Ballentine Street,
> Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520.
> Thus it's understandable (but not excusable) why many conservative
> pro-American leaders and groups refuse to address the truth
> concerning the Jewish issue in America. Such leaders and groups (and
> the people who support them) need to be reminded that it is the truth
> which shall set us free (John 8:32). To keep truth from our people for
> fear of the Jews is to help those who wish to enslave us. To deny truth is
> to deny Christ, for He is the truth (John 14:6). The servant is not above
> his master, and our Master, Jesus Christ, courageously spoke the truth
> when He exposed the ungodly activities of Jews (see John 8 & Matthew
> 23). To such leaders and groups I say, "it is time to be brave and do your
> duty".
> Presently, hate laws which are anti-free speech and worship are being
> considered by American legislators. Such laws exist in Canada and forbid
> the speaking of truth concerning Jewish activities. For the sake of any
> jury who may someday be asked to examine this writing in light of such
> laws, I ask that you remember, Zelman said It, I didn't.
> In this writing, we have not given the definition of a Jew since Zelman
> himself has not, nor have the Jews themselves. (It should be mentioned,
> for the purpose of those programmed in the Judeo-Christian churches of
> our land to believe the Jews are God's chosen people, that by their own
> writings they admit they are not.) In the 1980 Jewish Almanac, on page
> 3 under the heading A Brief History of the Terms for Jew one reads:
> "Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to
> call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew." In other words, the
> modern day people who call themselves Jews are not the Israelite people
> of the Bible. (The Jewish author, Arthur Kostler proves this in his famous
> book (and past best seller) The Thirteenth Tribe; it can be ordered from
> Scriptures for America and tells who most of them really are.)
> The following quote comes from page 127 of the 1980 Jewish Almanac:
> "Hardly a major Jewish community has not been expelled by its HOST
> country. ," But it is not told why they have been kicked out of so many
> countries so many times. Mr. Zelman's confession seems to give that
> answer.
> It would seem that Mr. Zelman would agree with the late Henry Ford
> once said in 1922:
> "It is rather surprising, is it not, that whichever way you turn to trace the
> harmful streams of influence that flow through society, you come upon a group
> of Jews? In sports corruptionÄa group of Jews. In exploitative finance a group
> of Jews. In theatrical degeneracyÄa group of Jews. In liquor propaganda a
> group of Jews. Absolutely dominating the wireless communications of the world
> a group of Jews. The menace of the moviesÄa group of Jews. In control of the
> press through business and financial pressureÄa group of Jews. War
> profiteers, 80 percent of themÄ Jews. The miasma of so-called popular music,
> which combines weakmindedness with every suggestion of lewdness Jews. And
> organizers of active opposition to Christian laws and customsÄagain Jews."
> "It is time to show that the cry of 'bigot' is raised mostly by bigots. There is a
> religious prejudice in this country, there is, indeed, a religious persecution,
> there is a forcible shoving aside of the religious liberties of a majority of the
> people, and this prejudice and persecution and use of force is JEWISH and
> nothing but JEWISH."
> "If it is 'anti-Semitism to say that Communism in the United States is Jewish
> so be it, but to the unprejudiced mind it will look very much like Americanism.
> Communism all over the world, not in Russia only, is Jewish."
> Lastly it should be said that this writing is not copyrighted and permission is
> given to reprint all or any part if for nonprofit educational purposes. Credit
> need not be given. Just get the truth out. The S.W.A.T. article was and is
> copyrighted and has been printed and used in this writing in conjunction with
> title 17 United States Code section107. (Emphasis the Author's)
> Peter J. Peters
> Pastor of the LaPorte Church of Christ and
> Evangelistic head of Scriptures for America
> P.O. Box 766
> LaPorte, Colorado 80535
> by Pastor Peter J. Peters
> Q. Aaron, what can JPFO do to defend gun ownership that is not being
> done by other pro-gun groups?
> A. Jim, it is obvious that one of the major problems we gun owners face is the
> heavy influence (some call it a stranglehold) of left wing. Liberal Jewish
> antigunners in the media and government.
> The Confession: Jews have a heavy influence (and even STRANGLEHOLD) in our
> media and government. Jews are left-wingers, liberals and anti-gunners.
> Comment: Many others have tried to warn Americans that Jews control our
> media and government, but have been ignored by a Pavlovian T.V. conditioned
> populace. Now a Jew is giving the same warning. Will he be ignored also? To
> have a STRANGLEHOLD is to have a DEATH GRIP. If death grips are not broken,
> the victim dies.
> JPFO can do what needs to be done: forcefully challenge these individuals
> without the fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. The other pro-gun groups do
> excellent work, but they must daily tiptoe around the truth for fear of the anti-
> Semitic label, which would be used by the liberal media in a blink of the eye and
> without mercy. . . To emphasize my point: Can you imagine a representative of
> any pro-gun group saying what I have just said in this interview, even though it
> is the truth ? It's not that they would not want to, it 's just they're afraid of
> being clobbered by the "anti-Semitic weapon!"
> The Confession: Pro-gun groups tiptoe around the truth concerning the left
> wing, liberal, Jewish influence in America and their anti-gun sentiments.
> People (including pro-gun groups) FEAR being labeled anti-Semitic.
> The anti-Semitic label is nothing more than a WEAPON, used by Jews, WITHOUT
> MERCY, against people who would be brave enough to tell the truth.
> Comment: It is truth that sets us free (John 8:32) and to fearfully tiptoe
> around truth is to avoid freedom and victory. The reason for the
> ineffectiveness of pro-gun organizations rests in the fact that they refuse to
> identify and acknowledge their enemies.
> Q: What are your personal reasons for starting JPFO?
> A: There are a small percentage of Jews, like myself, who are staunch
> supporters of gun ownership, but our side of the story is censored by the
> liberal Jews who heavily influence the mass media and government.
> The Confession: Most Jews are against gun ownership. Because of Jews there
> is no free press in America. Jews HEAVILY influence the mass media and
> government.
> Comments: If a small percentage of the Jews are for gun ownership, then most
> of the Jews are against gun ownership. If the Jews censor the other side from
> being told, then the media is bias and there is not a FREE press.
> Another reason for forming JPFO is to combat the growing anti-Semitism in
> America, partly caused by antigun Jews. Hopefully, we will succeed in reaching
> non- Jewish gun owners in letting them know that not all Jews want to take
> their guns away from them. We may even possibly educate some Jewish
> antigunners and convert them to the pro-freedom, pro-American, pro-gun
> viewpoint; however, I'm not very hopeful that will happen.
> The Confession: Most Jews are AGAINST freedom, are ANTI-American, and
> ANTI-Gun: And most will never be changed or converted concerning such
> sentiments.
> Comments: In my opinion, Mr. Zelman is telling us the real reason behind his gun
> organization. It's not so much to save our weapons, as it is to save his people
> from a possible American backlash. Should someone say Jews are anti-gun they
> can, in turn, point out Mr. Zelman and his organization and say "not so, see
> there". If most Jews are not pro-American and pro-freedom then that means
> most are ANTI-American and ANTI-you.
> Q: Can you tell us some of your plans for JPFO?
> A: JPFO is preparing a series of advertisements that challenge liberal Jewish
> positions on gun ownership. The ads are designed to attack and destroy the
> myths and lies that liberal Jewish commentators, writers, actors, and
> politicians spew forth every opportunity they get...
> The Confession: Jews are liars. Jewish commentators, writers, actors, and
> politicians lie every opportunity they get.
> Comments: "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of
> your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand
> in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he
> speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies. " (John 8:44)
> "Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming,
> even now many antichrists have arisen; from this we know that it is the last
> hour. . . " "Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This
> is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son." (I John 2:1 8,22)
> The content of the ads is simple, but direct and will effectively put Jewish
> antigunners on me defensive and make them nervous about their place in
> America,. . .
> The Confession: Jews should be made to feel nervous about their place in
> America.
> Comments: Mr. Zelman evidently thinks they should be made to feel nervous
> about their place in America since he's designing his ads to do so.
> It is also hoped that the ads will have a positive effect and will increase gun
> ownership, as well as educate people that a heavily armed citizenry is essential
> to thwart tyranny, the kind we have being pushed on us now or any future
> tyranny the liberal want to force upon us.
> The Confession: Jews want to push TYRANNY upon us.
> Comments: Remember, Mr. Zelman has already told you the left wing liberals
> he speaks of are Jews. Thus, when he says liberals want to force tyranny upon
> us, he is in reality saying Jews want to force tyranny upon us.
> Q: What would non-Jewish gun owners have to gain by supporting JPFO?
> A: Christians are the bedrock of America. This nation and all its goodness exists
> because Christians have, from its earliest beginnings, sacrificed their lives,
> their fortunes and even their children to horrible wars, to forge this wonderful
> and free country. But as we speak, an insidious liberal conspiracy, Jewish and
> non-Jewish is at work to destroy every shred of liberty and freedom we gun
> owners hold so dear.
> The Confession: America is not a Judeo-Christian country but rather a
> Christian country. There is a Jewish conspiracy. Jews are working to DESTROY
> liberty and freedom.
> Comments: Why do conservative leaders and religious leaders speak of
> a Judeo-Christian culture and ethic for America rather than the truth .
> Could it be they fear telling the same truth Mr. Zelman has told least
> they be labeled anti-Semitic?
> We must take a granite hard position that we will keep our firearms and
> enjoy our guns to our hearts' content, and if the antigunners don't like
> it, they can get me hell out of America! Let the war cry be proclaimed !
> Make no mistake about it, we are at war. "Armed citizens forever, liberal
> tyranny never. "
> The Confession: Jews should get the Hell out of America. Americans are
> at war with Jews.
> Comments: Mr. Zelman has already stated the left-wing liberal Jews are
> the antigunners and that they will not be converted or changed. Thus,
> one can understand why he suggests they get out of America. If
> Americans are at war with antigunners and the antigunners he speaks of
> are Jews then his confession is obvious.
> Q: It certainly appears that many liberal Jews view guns as a threat. Do you
> think they view gun owners as a threat as well?
> A: I believe the two go hand in hand. If one convinces themselves that an in
> animate object is a threat, then it is a small step to assume that people who
> own those objects cannot be trusted with them. This type of thinking would align
> itself with the Big Brother Government mentality that all antigunners promise
> to be the answer to solving the problem of crime. (From a previous comment on
> the same subject) . .. Finally, the ads will make it very clear that not all Jews
> distrust fellow Americans who own firearms as do the liberal Jewish
> antigunners.
> The Confession: Almost all Jews distrust fellow Americans who own firearms.
> Most Jews want Big Brother Government (which is another term for tyranny
> and communism)
> Comment: Most Americans do not feel uncomfortable with their fellow
> countrymen and neighbors owning firearms, so why would the Jews? Could it
> be because most Americans are not doing anything to their fellow Amerkans
> that would merit their neighbors using those weapons against them?
> Q: Should non-Jews be concerned about an increase in anti-Semitism and
> guard against it?
> A: Absolutely, but I bet most Christian gun owners haven't given it much
> thoughtÄand they should. Let me create a scenario for you. If firearms are used
> in the commission of any acts of overt anti-Semitic violence, there will be an
> enormous crying out by the liberal controlled media and government to ban all
> guns. Anyone who speaks out against the bill will automatically be labeled anti-
> Semitic. The possibility of a violent anti-Semitic act being perpetuated should
> not be discounted. I believe that gun haters would stop at nothing to achieve
> their goal. There is a growing body of information that strongly suggests me
> possibility that the Stockton schoolyard killings by Patrick Purdy may have
> been orchestrated by high government officials with the help of certain
> antigunners.
> The Confession: Jews may purposefully and secretly stage an act of overt
> violence against themselves in order to outlaw weapons.
> Comments: Mr. Zelman seems to put the pro-gunners in a lose, lose situation
> here. He has already established that antigunners are Jews and that progunners
> are at war with antigunners to the point of needing to be armed to oppose
> tyranny. Then he says any violent act against them will work to disarm the
> progunner, yet they themselves could stage such an act. When people are put in
> a lose, lose situation they are cleverly and effectively neutralized. Could this
> be Mr. Zelman's purpose here? (To more fully understand this neutralization
> process order "A Double Minded PeopleÄ Dialectical Materialism" from
> Scriptures for America P.O. Box 766c, LaPorte, Colorado 80535 available for
> a $0.50 offering)
> Q What would you like to say to liberal antigun Jews who may read this
> interview?
> A: Hopefully, the incredibly high percentage of Jews who whole-heartily agree
> with my positions and realize that pro-gun Jews must stand up and support gun
> ownership in America will join and support JPFO. For Jews who will not pin,
> and I suspect will viciously attack JPFO for telling the truth, I want to remind
> them to appreciate all the opportunities that America has given to its Jewish
> citizens and all that America has given to Israel.
> The Confession: Jews viciously attack those who tell the truth. Jews are
> unappreciative of what America has done for them.
> Comments: If an incredibly low percentage of Jews agree with Mr. Zelman's
> position then almost all Jews think alike and oppose such a position. To say
> Jews need to be reminded they should appreciate what America has done for
> them is to say Jews are unappreciative of what America has done for them.
> I urge them to repudiate their un-American political agenda and to publicly
> denounce their associates, Jewish and non-Jewish, who are hell-bent to
> destroy freedom and liberty. If they refuse to refute their gun hate, then I wish
> they would get the hell out of America before their liberal antigun views fuel a
> virulent anti-Semitism that spreads to all Jews!
> The Confession: Jews have an un-American, anti-freedom political agenda.
> Jews are un-American and hell bent to destroy freedom and liberty.
> Comments: Again Mr. Zelman seems to give the real reason behind his
> organization. That is to stop what he fears could become a fiery eruption and
> virulent spread of anti-Semitism. He seems to have already said that they
> won't change. Thus, he seems to be saying "Get the hell out of America or else..."
> One more thing. Many liberal Jews mistakenly believe that the police will
> protect them against angry armed Americans. The police, for the most part,
> support an armed citizenry. The police are sworn to uphold the Constitution and
> that takes precedence over defending left-wingers who are seen as anti-
> Constitution. Frankly, I don't know of any police officer who is willing to die so
> that the Constitution can be destroyed.
> The Confession: Many Jews believe a police state is their protection. Jews
> have reason to fear an angry armed citizenry.
> Comments: If people who heavily influence the media and government believe
> police are their protection, then such people will continually push for a large,
> strong POLICE STATE . Could this be the purpose in the government's war on
> drugs? Could this be the reason for so many Jewish Hollywood and T.V. cop
> shows and movies? Mr. Zelman seems to also be giving a prophetic warning to
> any policeman (or law enforcement person) that may fight against their fellow
> Americans in favor of un-American Jewish causes. He seems to be warning
> them that if they do THEY WILL DIE.
> Q: What do you think are some of the causes of Jewish involvement in the
> antigun movement?
> A: The most vocal of liberal Jewish antigunners do indeed understand why they
> want Americans disarmed, as it is a crucial step for total control of people's
> lives and destiny, which is the ultimate goal of the liberal political agenda.
> The Confession: The Jews want total control of the people's lives.
> Comments: Total control of people's lives can never come about until the
> people themselves are totally disarmed. Americans sense the people
> control of Big Brother government getting stronger every year, but
> have not had political or religious leaders brave enough to tell them who
> is promoting it.
> Q: You've mentioned the liberal Jewish influence in the media. Can you give
> us some insight?
> A: Two of the most powerful newspapers in America have a long history of
> liberal antigun views: the New York Times and the Washington Post
> both publications are vehemently antifreedom, antigun ownership Their news
> and wire reporting services create articles for daily papers throughout
> America, which then impacts on what news they want you to see in the
> newspaper or on television or hear on radio.
> Liberal Jewish antigunners also make up a large percentage of the writers,
> directors and producers that create the antigun message for most of the
> mindless pap that appears on television or other forms of electronic
> programming.
> If effective measures are not taken immediately to destroy this media
> conspiracy against us, then I predict legal firearms ownership will cease to
> exist in just a few years in America.
> The Confession: The Jews control America's media and that is why it is
> vehemently antifreedom and antigun ownership. There is a Jewish media
> conspiracy. If the Jewish media is not DESTROYED (soon) then legal firearm
> ownership (or the Second Amendment) will soon cease to exist in America.
> Comments: It is difficult to determine if Mr. Zelman is telling freedom loving,
> gun owning Americans to execute media personal that would write, broadcast
> or air antigun propaganda or what? He uses the word DESTROY and has already
> said they will not change. Perhaps he means the media should be bought up by
> progun, pro-American people. Then again, if it's a media conspiracy, the
> conspirators will not sell (even if others had the money to buy, which at this
> point seems highly unlikely) and he does previously indicate progunners are at
> WAR against tyranny and need to be armed. Could it be he's warning Jewish and
> non-Jewish media personnel, such as reporters, news commentators, etc. that
> it's dangerous for them to prostitute themselves to Jewish causes?
> If the government doesn't trust us to be able to defend ourselves, what is the
> government planning that we don't know about? How much longer before
> domestically produced semi-auto weapons are banned if George Bush and his
> buddy Howard Metzenbaum, the notorious liberal Jewish gun-grabber, have
> their way?
> The Confession: Americans won't like what's going to happen to them if they
> continue to allow the Jewish controlled government to disarm them.
> Comments: Mr. Zelman has already indicated there is a Jewish gun-grabbing
> conspiracy and here he seems to be implicating George Bush in the conspiracy.
> Someone has wisely said, "American people can no longer trust a government
> which no longer trusts them to own firearms."
> Q: Why do you think there is such a concerted effort to disarm Americans?
> A: I think the liberal controlled government has made such a mess out of our
> environment, the budget deficit, the AIDS epidemic, public education, you name
> it, that when you look at what the future appears to hold and you look at the
> present mess, the first thing that comes to the mind of a liberal is, "Get rid of
> all the guns, or we might be the target of everyone 's anger!" We need a new
> form of government. One with as little intervention in our lives as can possibly
> be and, obviously, one enlightened enough to realize the wisdom of a heavily
> armed citizenry and stringent criminal control.
> The Confession: Americans need to get Jews out of government (i.e. we need a
> new form of government). The Jewish controlled government is responsible for
> the environmental mess, AIDS epidemic, and public education mess.
> Comment: Remember Mr. Zelman has already identified the liberals he speaks of
> as Jews. Thus, when he says liberal controlled government, he is saying
> Jewish controlled government. When he speaks of "the mind of a liberal", he is
> speaking of "the mind of a Jew". It seems he is saying there is no future unless
> Americans get rid of the Jewish controlled government. It seems he is saying
> when this happens there will be little government intervention in our lives.
> Q: Do American Jews fully understand the danger of a disarmed America and
> the effect it would have on the security of America and Israel?
> A: Some do, but the majority of American Jews who make up the liberal antigun
> crowd do not. A disarmed America would be a weak America and a weak
> America cannot help Israel continue to survive, much less any other
> democracy. Once Americans are disarmed, a political party could come to
> power in America that is hostile to Jews and Israel. With increased foreign
> ownership, we Americans must be ever vigilant of this possibility. Without
> continuing American aid, Israel would perish.
> The Confession: Mr. Zelman has not started his national gun organization
> because he's pro-American, pro-freedom, and pro-gun but because he is a
> Zionist, who is PRO-ISRAEL.
> Comments: Mr. Zelman has already stated nearly all Jews are un-American,
> anti-freedom, anti-gun ownership, unappreciative, are pro-tyranny, pro-
> people control and pro-big brother government and that they most likely will
> never change. But, he would have everyone believe he is a different kind of
> Jew. However, he gives himself away when he tells why he's for an armed
> America. To him an armed America is a strong America and a strong America
> means continuation of blood sucking, economic aid to the parasite country of
> Israel. He seems to know a weak host means slim pickings for its blood sucking
> parasite.
> Is Zelman an America-first type of guy, or Israel-first Zionist? He has already
> stated he won't get money from the Jews and then in turn flattered Christians
> from whence he'll get his money, all with the true intention of preserving the
> Zionist state of Israel, where it is against the law to even pass out a Christian
> Bible on the streets.
> The parasitical, bastard state of Israel, that delights in murdering innocent
> Arab women and children (the Jews there have all the guns) and is vehemently
> anti-Christian, is a JEWISH state. Mr. Zelman has already told us the Jews are
> anti-freedom, un-American, and desirous of total people controlled Big Brother
> Government (some just call it communism). Then he says he wants a strong
> America, so a state full of Jews can receive economic aid. Maybe Mr. Zelman is
> not a different sort of Jew after all. But we can at least be grateful to him for
> having made such eye opening confessions. Confessions that came right from
> the horses mouth, so to speak.

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