Looks Like Chicken, But....

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The Chinese are no stranger to food shortages, which is another way of saying 'people surpluses'. Inhibitions -- or ignorance, if you will -- has kept Americans and other Uro-Pee-Ons from discovering the delights of things the Gooks have gobbled for centuries. One is fetuses, which are consumed for health purposes in Chinkland, and hey, don't complain about cannibalism if you have ever eaten a hangnail. Another is rats, which are said to have closed the 'food gap' in the wake of recent Asiatic Bird Flu epidemics, and which much resemble their rodent brethren the squirrels that were eaten by early Americans in the form of squirrel stew. Rats, of course, are scavengers, and that may make their meat less acceptable than the nutophagous squirrelae, tho it has been said that the flavor problem may be solved -- as Southerners have learned in the case of opossums -- by feeding the beasts on 'clean' food for a couple of weeks before the Final Solution. And, if one is a Rambo, he can eat the rodentiae whole, as Canadian author Farley Mowat in his wonderful book Never Cry Wolf tells us is necessary for proper nutrition if you, like wolves, are going to make your entire diet of them. Below one will be treated to the intimacies of the process of turning rats into a very delicious-looking dish, and possibly one which you have seen -- if not actually eaten -- at your local Chinese eatery. Ah so!


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