The fly and the Israeli/Jewish/Talmudic mindset

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At first I thought it was a joke.



A  Fly Falls in a Cup of Coffee

The English
- throws the coffee away, asks for an apology, then leaves the café

The German
- invents a device that prevents flies from falling into coffee cups

The French
- writes a cookbook on how properly to serve flies as a delicacy

The American
- threateningly demands another cup of coffee

The Russian
- adds vodka to his coffee and gulps it down, then asks for another cup

The Mexican
- removes the fly and enjoys his coffee

The Chinese
- eats the fly and throws away the coffee

The dispossessed Palestinian
- drinks the coffee and eats the fly

The Israeli /Jew/Talmudist

  •  sells the coffee to the Americans and the fly to the Chinese
  •  cries that his security is endangered 
  •  accuses the Palestinians of implanting the fly in his coffee 
  •  pretends that Hezbollah , the Iranians and the Syrians are in the process of training terrorist fly squads 
  •  decrees this act as an affront to the rights of man, an act of anti-Semitism, a holocaust and an act of discrimination against the people of Noah's arch 
  •  orders immediately Mahmoud Abbas to arrest all flies and to forbid them from ever dropping into coffee cups 
  •  reoccupies the Gaza strip, cuts water and electricity and destroys all fly habitation 
  •   imposes on the Americans an additional much needed military assistance to fight the flies plus a few billion dollars in  compensation for being subjected to the anti-Semitism of flies





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