Snow in the desert doesn't always mean coke in Vegas

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Then the Master,
With a gesture of command,
Waved his hand;
And at the word,
Loud and sudden there was heard,
All around them and below,
The sound of hammers, blow on blow...

Knocking away the shores and spurs,
And see! She stirs!

She starts -- she moves -- she seems to feel
The thrill of life along her keel...

And spurning with her foot the ground,
With one exulting, joyous bound,
She leaps into the Saudis' arms!

And lo! from the assembled crowd,
There rose a shout, prolonged and loud,
That to the Saudis seemed to say,

"Take her, O bridegroom, old and gray,
Take her to they protecting arms,
With all her youth and all her charms!"


Thou, too, ski on, O Saudis great!
Ski on, and make the poor man hate!
The swaying mass with all their fears,
With all their hopes of future years,
Is lusting for thy snow-filled state!

--HW Longfellow, with some help from the Birdman


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