Police State - The Patriot's
Code of Silence

By Al Lorentz

It is highly likely that, as the police state spreads an even more insipid net of ridiculous, freedom destroying laws and regulations, more and more of us are going to wind up running afoul of the law. This pains me deeply because many of you, like me, used to be considered the salt of the earth, but now with our Constitutionally minded, liberty loving ways, we are very soon going to be labeled 'Enemies of The State'.
Let me give it to you straight, you are more than likely going to wind up in the hands of the police state and be interrogated. I want to share with you the techniques that the enemy will use against you and combat proven techniques to resist this interrogation.
I am not advocating an attitude of animosity or hatred towards police officers or the local sheriff, in fact, many of these people are on OUR side and I am mighty glad to have them. I am however advocating caution and above all, a code of silence.
When you fall into enemy hands, whether it be as a US soldier into the hands of the enemy or as a patriot into the hands of the police state, your best weapon and defense is silence. More importantly, if you are part of any group of people whether it be a group of freedom loving, Constitution supporting patriots or just your local home church, silence can be your only defense.
In SERE school (Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape), we learned that if you started talking, instead of the enemy going lighter on you, they would come down on you much harder. Further, anything you said would not only be used against you, it would be used against your friends. If you share even the slightest bit of information, the enemy will take that information, add to it the things that they already know and then use it to break your friends down.
Many people unwisely try to talk themselves out of an arrest or a ticket. Unless you are the slickest salesman on the face of the earth, the chances of talking your way out of a ticket are slim to none. Once you are arrested, there is absolutely no need to try and talk your way out of the arrest. Once arrested, the cop has shown that he fully intends to book you or take you to the police station where charges will be preferred against you.
When you are arrested, the best thing you can do is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Push your teeth together, seal your lips and breathe through your nose. Say nothing except the following ăI want an attorney pleaseä. Answer every question, regardless of how ridiculous your answer may seem with that statement or something almost identical to it.
Interrogation, especially if more than one person is involved as a suspect, uses three factors to succeed. One is the fact that you are probably under stress, scared and a bit unsure, the cops know this and are going to use this to full advantage. Two is the fact that you are guilty of something (there are 10,000 laws on the books at the moment and Congress and our Justice Department are working overtime to make that number even higher), the cops just have to fish long and hard enough and they will eventually find something to get you on. Three is the fact that you and your cohorts who are obviously not hardened criminals do not have the finesse and savvy to have cooked up a story before your arrest.
That is why we must all agree within the patriot community that, when arrested, we will say nothing except through our attorney. Further, we should agree to never break faith with our friends. Believe me, if you are going to be convicted anyway, ratting out your friends wonât help your case. The DA is not concerned with justice, he is concerned with racking up an impressive number of convictions so he can be re-elected or move on to a more lucrative job. You are a notch in the DAâs gun· donât take your friends down with you.
It should be that we in the patriot community have a code of silence and stick by it ö if the police state are going to make arrests and convictions of fellow patriots, let them do it without us. That is what they get paid for, we are not trying to obstruct justice but neither are we going to assist them in destroying the few people we share common bonds of liberty and justice with either.
NEVER trust a federal agent. I am not alone in this view, I know many veteran cops who will say exactly the same thing. My cop friends, when talking to the feds have a common answer to anything a Fed says to them, even simple things such as 'hello' elicit the response of 'talk to my attorney'.
There have sadly been many instances of patriots groups being infiltrated by federal agents and then, when the group is arrested, the patriots turn on one another. This is not done because the patriots have no honor, it is done because they were tricked. Here is how the trick works.
The interrogator asks you some simple questions and convinces you that he is your buddy and just wants to help. He says that if you will just tell him some information, nothing that sounds very serious such as the names of your best friends, how long you have known them and any small details, he can tell the DA that you are cooperating. Once you start talking, it is hard to stop and soon he will have some juicy little tidbit of information, nothing severe but possibly just enough for him to do his next little trick.
The interrogator then goes into a separate room (you and your friends are all interrogated separately) and tell them that it's basically over for him that you just spilled the beans and then shares all the information you have given him interspersed with some details they already know and makes it sound as though you have accused your friends and are trying to cut a deal to save your own hide. The interrogator says but if you want to cooperate, the DA might 'listen' and then eagerly records everything your friends have to say. Each person he goes to in sequence tells more because he is convinced by now that the rest of the group is spilling their guts.
When all is over, the interrogator has the evidence he needs to convict you and guess what, there are no deals cut, you all get the maximum sentence. The sad part of it is, the reason they are asking you the questions is because they do not know the whole story and without your confession they probably had no real case (not that they wouldnât try something bogus of course).
There has been one case that I know of where the Feds infiltrated a patriot group and tried this technique. Because the group had already planned for this scenario though, they all said nothing and they all had confidence that nothing was being said. They knew when the interrogator came in and told them that the other guys had already talked, and shared details, that these details were obtained from other sources, not from the members of the group. Guess how many of the group the Feds convicted.
None - zero, zip, zilch.
Keep that in mind if you ever wind up in the bowels of some police station or in a Federal building in the hands of interrogators. These people aren't your friends, they don't like you and want to send you to prison or worse. Talking to them only makes it worse for you, despite how convincingly they lie and tell you otherwise.
Remember, you don't have to answer any questions, it is your right as a citizen, just give them your name, address, phone number and other pertinent information. Anything else, simply plead the Fifth Amendment. After all, the feds plead the fifth amendment when they were being questioned about their murdering rampage at Ruby Ridge, why shouldn't we, who have done nothing wrong, enjoy the same protection?
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Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
Great post - you really detailed it well. The authorities are not our friends nor protectors - and, yes, the DA's care nothing for justice - just racking up convictions. My eyes were opened too late to help a loved one regarding involving an incompetent cop and a dastardly DA.
A periodic reminder to 'keep our mouths shut' is good.
Thanks Anonymous Coward
11:37 pm EDT
Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
I have debated writing this article for months.
I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, and I have an extensive background in law enforcement. Even now, I have a number of conflicts which cause me great concern with how the information I am about to impart to you will be used. I do not want to enable the criminals in our society to thwart justice, but I am committed to protecting the innocent from what appears to be an explosion of police abuse. In a case like this, I choose to protect the citizens.
I will start with law enforcement contacts with regard to traffic stops for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that we are not to be forced to incriminate ourselves. The actual wording is that you cannot be "compelled" to be a witness against yourself. If you are stopped for suspicion of DUI, these are your rights, regardless of the laws of your state.
First, you are to deny having consumed any alcoholic beverages whatsoever. You are never to admit to having one or two drinks. If you admit to consuming even one drop of alcohol, you open the door to probable cause, allowing the police officer to search your vehicle for open containers. Next, you are never to submit to a field sobriety test. You are to refuse to do so. They cannot make you walk the line, balance or anything else. If arrested, you are to refuse to allow a blood or breath test,
regardless of what state law requires, such as revocation of driving privileges for a period of time. That is an attempt to compel you to be a witness against yourself. Supreme Court decisions in this area are quite specific with regard to your rights as follows
Lefkowitz v. Turley, 94 S. Ct. 316, 414 U.S. 70 (19 73).
"The Fifth Amendment provides that no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself. The Amendment not only protects the individual against being involuntarily called as a witness against himself in a criminal prosecution but also privileges him not to answer official questions put to him in any other proceeding civil or criminal formal or informal, where the answers might incriminate him in future criminal proceedings.?
McCarthy v. Arndstein 266 U.S. 34, 40, 45 S. Ct. 16, 17, 69 L.Ed 158 (1924), squarely held that "the privilege is not ordinarily dependent upon the nature of the proceeding in which the testimony is sought or is to be used. It applies alike to civil and criminal proceedings, whereverthe answer might tend to subject to criminal responsibility him whogives it.
The privilege protects a mere witness as fully as it does one who isa party defendant." Maness v. Myers, 95 S Ct. 584, 419 US 449 (1975).
"...where the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incriminationis Involved ... This Court has always construed its protection to ensure that an individual is not compelled to produce evidence which later maybe used against him as an accused in a criminal action... The protectiond oes not merely encompass evidence which may lead to criminal conviction, but includes information which would furnish a link in the chain of evidence that could lead to prosecution, as well as evidence which an individual reasonably believes could be used against him in a criminal prosecution.
Hoffman v. United States, 341 US. 479, 486, 71 S. Ct. 814, 818, 95L. Ed.
1] 18 (1951). "
"In Kastigar v. United States, 406 U S 441, 92 S Ct. 1653, 32 LEd.212 (1972), we recently reaffirmed the principle that the privilege against self incrimination can be asserted in any proceeding, civil or criminal, administrative or judicial, investigatory or adjudicatory. Id., at444, 92 S.Ct., at 1656; Lefkowitz v. Turley, 414 US. 70, 77, 94 S. Ct. 316,322, 38 L.Ed. 2d 274 (1973)...
Miranda v. Arizona, 86 S.Ct. 1602, 384 US 436 (1966).
"We have recently noted that the privilege against self-incrimination --- the essential mainstay of our adversary system-is founded on a complex of values ... To maintain a fair state individual balance, to require the government to shoulder the entire load ... to respect the inviolability of the human personality, our accusatory system of criminal justice demands that the government seeking to punish an individual produce the&laqno;evidence against him by its own independent labors, rather than by the cruel,simple expedient of compelling it from his own mouth... ln sum, the privilege is fulfilled only when the person is guaranteed the right to remain silent unless he chooses to speak in the unfettered exercise of his own will."
"...there can be no doubt that the Fifth Amendment privilege is available outside. of criminal court proceedings and serves to protect persons in all settings in which their freedom of action is curtailed in anysignificant way from being compelled to incriminate themselves."
Please also note: The above, as stated by the Supreme Court, arerights and privileges as guaranteed by the Constitution, and anyone (including judges)who knowingly violates those rights may be civilly and criminally liable under several federal statutes. Please see: United States Code,Title 18 Section 241 (Conspiracy against rights), and Section 242(Deprivation of rights under color of law); Title 42 Section 1983 - Section 1986(Civil Rights). Most attempts to pursue action under these laws fail, but very skilled litigators with good factual circumstances can sometimes get some satisfaction. However, if more individuals were to understand the above rights and exercise them at the appropriate times, more successful litigation could be the outcome.
Okay, you got that? You cannot be forced to provide evidence against yourself, therefore you must not allow any tests whatsoever, be it field sobriety "walking the line", or a blood or breath test. Period. If you will follow these instructions, they have no case against you and they are also barred from taking away your driving privileges under the same Supreme Court rulings.
Now to more serious matters If you are contacted as a possible suspect, or even a witness, in any other law enforcement investigation, you are to say nothing. You are to say nothing even when your attorney is present. You are to say nothing, regardless of evidence of your guilt as presented by the law enforcement officers. You are not to try to explain away the circumstances of the evidence they present to you. You are to say absolutely nothing. No matter how tempted you are to try to talk your way out of the situation,you are to give them absolutely NOTHING to verify. If they ask you if the sky is blue on a clear day, you are to say nothing. You are to give them nothing whatsoever. Whatever evidence or witness information they have, you are to say nothing. Even denying any of their allegations can be used against you in a prosecution if it is determined later that you obviously lied.You are to stay MUTE.
The reason for this is quite simple: The evidence the law enforcement officers have is all they must be required to work with. Don&laqno;t give them anything more. The only time you should consider the option of telling your side of the story is to your attorney in privacy, or in a court of law if prosecuted.
Because you have stayed mute, giving law enforcement nothing in addition to the extrinsic evidence and witness information at hand, the burden of proof available to the district attorney is severely limited and will most often result in a dismissal of charges unless their evidence and witness input is overwhelming and compelling enough for a grand jury to return a bill of indictment. And even if bound over for trial, the jury will be limited to consider only that evidence and witness input.
When you are given your Miranda Rights wherein you are informed that anything you say can and will be used against you, take it to heart If you say absolutely nothing, NOTHING can and will be used against you in a court of law.
There are literally thousands of people behind bars today who tried to talk their way out of a law enforcement contact. Don&laqno;t fall for the ploy. Law enforcement officers are trained to bluff you into making denials or statements. They will appear friendly and reasonable. They will appear willing to help resolve the matter. They will tempt you to talk about it and appear sympathetic. Don&laqno;t fall for it. Say nothing. Give them nothing.
Deny nothing. Give them NOTHING. Stick your tongue between yourteeth and bite down - HARD. You are to be a marble statue. You do not exist.You have no past, you have no address, you have no name, you have no social security number. You are to give them nothing whatsoever to work with.
This includes whether you understand your miranda rights. When asked if you understand your rights, either say no or don&laqno;t say anything. Spending a night in jail is preferable to incriminating yourself.
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Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
Anonymous Coward-
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation of how things work. I am sure that there are other tricks and methods that they use to get information from people.
You mention your Miranda rights - Aren&laqno;t they doing away with them now??? I thought I saw an article that was talking about that???
Any thoughts on what to do for vehicle/home searches?
Thanks again! CON JOB
12:02 am EDT
Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
The US has just complained to Canada that it cares too much about civil liberties and democracy.
Well Dubya has certainly pulled his pants down around his knees with that statement.
Hey, is, is that his mini-me or is it cold out? Llahsram4
9:01 am EDT
Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
Thank you neverknwo. Sound advise that most of us haven't considered. And you're right about the police. Most of the locals are good guys. They're underpayed family men just trying to do a dangerous job. But the alphabet boys are another story. If you haven't read Unintended Consequences, you should. A free download is available at Sierra Times. Stay safe and stay quiet. Fla Cracker
9:17 am EDT
Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
The drivers licensing and traffic regulatory scheme is a fraud!
The first indication begins in Florida Statutes(FS). Note that the traffic regulatory scheme is evidenced at FS Title XXIII Chapters 316-325, but CRIMES are recognized at FS Title XLVI Chapters 775-896.
Hence the traffic regulatory scheme does not possess "REAL" CRIMINAL Violations, furthermore traffic violations are not torts either, as torts are found at FS Title XLV Chapters 766-773. So just what jurisdiction do the regulatory traffic schemes fall under?
It&laqno;s a blended extra-constitutional 4th Branch admiralty jurisdiction that does not apply to most Citizens. IOW it is FRAUD on it&laqno;s very face that is illegally and unconstitutionally enforced. Read Art. I, sec. 2 FLa. Const.
SECTION 2. Basic rights.--All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to PURSUE HAPPINESS, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property; except that the ownership, inheritance, disposition and possession of real property by aliens ineligible for citizenship may be regulated or prohibited by law. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.
So just how am I to freely pursue happiness, an inalienable right if I must be licensed to do so? Lazy_Sam
2:13 pm EDT
Re: Police State: The Patriots Code of Silence
As a general "Contrarian" and States' Rightist, I expect sometime to be confronted by the Enforcers. Is there somewhere where I can read about exactly what the Law rightfully expects of me? I mean, for instance, if an officer comes up to me and demands my "identification papers" (even if I have done nothing) do I have to show him my ID? If I don't carry an ID and I am asked to identify myself or tell where I live, do I have to respond? I am 55 years old and have never been in trouble with the police or the Gestapo but the way things are going, I expect to. Any references? <>   



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