Programming Tools - 32bit

LPM 2.0 with PAISLEI 1.0

Sly Installer

    Download Sly Installer 2.2 for Win9x/NT4 (540 kb)
    Updated: Nov 23, 1998
    Author: Neil Caldwell
    Description: "Sly Installer is an interface application for installing applications from a CD-ROM. A must for anyone who burns CD's. Now with customizable background."


    Download CodeBank 2.2 for Win9x/NT4 (0 kb)
    Updated: Nov 22, 1998
    Author: Robert Jones
    Description: "CodeBank gives you a place to keep your favorite, functions/procedures for easy retrieval."


    Download OnTopOCX 1.0 for Win9x/NT4 (10 kb)
    Updated: Nov 22, 1998
    Author: CMeProducts
    Description: "How do I set the form to be permanently on top? Easy use OnTopOCX.ONE line of code is all you need bring your form to the foreground and keep it on top of all the other open windows. No messing with the API."


    Download Spelly 2.3 For Windows 9x/NT4 (182 kb)
    Updated: Oct 28, 1998
    Author: Yonat Sharon
    Description: "An add-in to Microsoft Developer Studio. Adds the ability to spellcheck source code and comments, including identifiers with under_scores and MixedCase. Can check HTML text while ignoring the tags."

Bloodshed Dev-Pascal

    Download Bloodshed Dev-Pascal 1.2 For Windows 9x/NT4 (2.93 mb)
    Updated: Nov 12, 1998
    Author: Bloodshed Software
    Description:"Free environement and compiler for the PPascal language. Includes a debugger and a setup creator. Compatible with TP 7.0 in some points.."


    Download Hackman 3.1 For Windows 9x/NT4 (3.5 mb)
    Updated: Oct 10, 1998
    Author: TechnoLogismikh
    Description:"Powerful hex editor and disassembler. Supports 6 monitors, search and replace, can encrypt, decrypt and decode, compare files. This major update introduces many new features that assist editing files."

Inno Setup Express

Expert System Builder

    Download Expert System Builder 3.1 For Windows 9x/NT (784 kb)
    Updated: Sep 27, 1998
    Author: Paul Caswell
    Description:"Expert System Builder is a MS Windows application that uses fuzzy logic to allow non-programmers to build their own artificially intelligent applications.  It uses natural language to determine the most likely answer to a given problem. "


    Download GkSetup 1.62 For Windows 9x/NT4 (1.1 mb)
    Updated: Sep 05, 1998
    Author: Gero Kühn
    Description:"GkSetup is a powerful Setup Creator package that compresses your data, shows your Readme & License Texts, Collects User Information, registers your shared DLL´s autmatically and adds your keys to a users registry. It has a built-in automatic uninstaller and supports custom language DLL´s. French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and a Hungarian DLL are already included. The package is FREE for non-commercial users. Commercial users have to send one copy of their software to the author of this package."


    Download RegEnum 0.2 for Win9x/NT4 (199 kb)
    Updated: Sep 01, 1998
    Author: Greg Lorriman
    Description: "Aids comparison of values from different or sibling sub-keys (which is difficult to do with Regedit). Also aids use of registry info for documentation purposes."

Progress Circle ActiveX Control

    Download Progress Circle ActiveX Control 1.0 for Win9x/NT4 (26 kb)
    Updated: Jul 30, 1998
    Author: Don Dueck
    Description: "Created in VB5, the Progress Circle acts in much the same way as a standard progress bar does, only it's a series of segmented concentric circles instead of a bar. Great for something different."
    Not tested


    Download Abby 1.3 For Windows 9x/NT4 (21 kb)
    Updated: Jul 27, 1998
    Author: Yonat Sharon
    Description:" An add-in to Microsoft Developer Studio 97. Expands abbreviations like"abb" in good old vi. For example, w can be expanded to:
    while () {


    Download LookupErrornessage 1.0 for Win9x/NT4 (6 kb)
    Updated: Jun 26, 1998
    Author: NT Tools
    Description: "LookupErrormessage will translate the cryptic system errors to readable system error messages. It is a useful utility for Software Developers."


    Download AxMarquee 1.06 For Windows 95/NT4 (751 kb)
    Updated: Jun 11, 1998
    Author: Gary Goretsky
    Description:"AxMarquee.ocx version 1.0.5 lets you set any text to scroll across your form, it is very simple to use no codes required just set text property to any text you want to scroll, set scroll property to TRUE and set scrolling direction property to scrool LEFT to RIGHT or RIGHT to LEFT and you are done.
    P.S. Before installing new version of controll UNREGISTER and DELETE old AxMarquee.ocx and AxMarquee.oca files from your (NT) winnt\system32\ or (95) windows\system\ directory."


    Download DialKnob.ocx 1.01 For Windows 95/NT4 (784 kb)
    Updated: Jun 11, 1998
    Author: Gary Goretsky
    Description:"This control is easy to use and pretty much self explanatory. There is no source code samples included in this zip. "

    Not tested


    Download Led.ocx 1.01 For Windows 95/NT4 (784b)
    Updated: Jun 11, 1998
    Author: Gary Goretsky
    Description:"This control is easy to use and pretty much self explanatory. There is no source code samples included in this zip. "

    Not tested

CGI Expert Free C++

    Download CGI Expert Free C++ 3.04 For Windows 9x/NT (679 kb)
    Updated: Jun 10, 1998
    Author: Lars Akerman
    Description: "CGI Expert is a freeware components suite for C++Builder that makes CGI as easy as dropping a component into a form. Compatible with all windows based webservers. Live debugging and many other features."
    Not tested

CGI Expert Free Delphi

    Download CGI Expert Free Delphi 3.04 For Windows 9x/NT (429 kb)
    Updated: Jun 10, 1998
    Author: Lars Akerman
    Description: "CGI Expert Free Delphi is a freeware components suite for Delphi that makes CGI as easy as dropping a component into a form. Compatible with all windows based webservers. Live debugging and many other features."
    Not tested


    Download Biners 1.5 For Windows 9x/NT4 (124 kb)
    Updated: Jun 10, 1998
    Author: Mark Dickinson
    Description: "Biners is a program to convert a number into binary. It will convert numbers from 1 to 9999999999. It can also convert the number to Hex and generate binary lists from 1 to the number you choose. Fully supports Copy/Paste operations. Very flexible and easy-to-use. Includes output customisation. New to this version the fact that you can now generate multiple numbers per session, and a new Status bar to help you."


    Download Rinstall 3.53 For Windows 3x/9x/NT (184 kb)
    Updated: May 01, 1998
    Author: BERTHOU Raymond
    Description:"RInstall is a Windows install/setup program with many options. All source is available at authors page."


    Download ECLTray.ocx 1.01 For Windows 9x/NT (77 kb)
    Updated: Apr 21, 1998
    Author: ECLIPSE Development Software
    Description:"An ocx that will allow you to put your own Icon in the System Tray area. Responds to mouse events. Fully functional with Sample project and source code included (Needs VB SP3 runtime). Freeware."


    Download CBOT Knob 1.0a For Windows 9x/NT (1.4 mb)
    Updated: Dec 18, 1997
    Author: Digital Objects Software
    Description:"CbotKnob is an ActiveX knob control that allows manipulation of numbers with a variable scale, to input numbers without a keyboard, to position graphics; any application to control an object with numeric input. Written in VC++. This file contains a Visual Basic demonstration, the .OCX is available at


    Download SortDemo 1.0 For Windows 3.x9x (89 kb)
    Updated: Apr 13, 1998
    Author: Neptune Systems
    Description:"Comparison of several sorting methods. LoopSort, BubbleSort, ShellSort, QuickSort, DistributionSort. The way to a fast program is the proper algorithm, not clever code. Source code available free, released to public domain by author."


    Download IASM Intel Architecture Assembler v1.0 (48 kb)
    Updated: Feb 12, 1998
    Author: Rodrigo Augusto Barbato Ferreira
    Description:"IASM is a platform independent assembler developed for the Intel 80x86 family of microprocessors. It has a pretty simple syntax and will accept almost everything you input to it. No linker is necessary, the assembler will output a .COM file, although, IASM has a facility that permits you to generate almost any kind of file since it outputs every command processed.. IASM supports instructions from all the Intel family, from the 8086/8088 until the Pentium II, MMX and floating point also is supported. It generates both 16 and 32 bits code, it just depends on the .USExx directive, the default is 16.

    - Not rated yet -

MessageBox Maker (VFP5)

    Download MessageBox Maker (VFP5) 1.0 For Windows 95/NT (5 kb)
    Updated: Mar 18, 1998
    Author: Stuart Whitmore
    Description:"This is a Visual FoxPro 5 form that can be added into projects (but excluded from the build cycle), to help visually create MessageBox() code. Supports testing, including testing returned value, copies completed code into Windows clipboard"


    Download dZ80 1.31 For Windows 95/NT4 (694 kb)
    Updated: Feb 28, 1998
    Author: Mark Incley
    Description:"A Zilog Z80/Z180 Disassembler for Windows 9x and NT. Disassembles a raw binary image to a file. dZ80 correctly disassembles"undocumented", but often used instructions. Also supports opcode map files, to determine which addresses to disassemble. Can also create address and i/o port address references. Command line version and source available too from the dZ80 homepage"


    Download PEDasm 0.1b For Windows 95/NT (78 kb)
    Updated: Dec 20, 1997
    Author: Nicolas Witczak
    Description:"PEDasm is a Win32 command line tool wich disassemble binary files targeted for win32 X86 plateforms. It produces on output an asm source file that can in several cases be successefully recompiled with masm."

Programmer's File Editor (PFE)

    Download Programmer's File Editor 0.07.002 For Windows 95/NT (588 kb)
    Updated: Jan 10, 1998
    Author: Alan Phillips
    Description:"PFE is a large-capacity, multi-file editor. Although it's primarily oriented towards program developers and contains features like the ability to run compilers and development applications, it also makes a very good general purpose editor for any function at all . It's got all the standard sort of editory things, all the things you expect in any editor. Save files in UNIX or DOS form."

Resource And Code Explorer

Microsoft Help Workshop

Code Print

    Download Code Print v.1.0 for Win95/NT (144 kb)
    Updated: Jul 03, 1997
    Author: Steven De Toni
    Description:"Code Print is a utility that allows you to print code in syntax hightlighted form; code is printed in bold, italic, and underline for C, C++, and Java languages. Makes reading code that mush easier. Archive comes with the code, do with it what you will."

Extended Color Setup for Delphi 3.0

    Download Extended Color Setup for Delphi 3.0 - v.1.0 for Win95/NT4 (144 kb)
    Updated: Aug 27, 1997
    Author: VulcanSoft
    Description:"This utility lets you set and save custom colors for Delphi 3. It's been written for those of you who have more than 16 colors available and got frustrated with the limitation of possible settings in Delphi."

Multi Patch Compiler/Processor

    Download Multi Patch Compiler/Processor 1.10 for Dos/Windows (26 kb)
    Updated: Jun 07, 1997
    Author: Chris Wood
    Description:"Multi Patch Compiler/Processor' was developed to make direct data changes to various files on disk, i.e. to make amendments to saved games files, as oppose to using a save game editor.
    'Multi Patch Processor' patches the files listed in 'filename.MPC', using various patching techniques.
    The real breakthrough is having one processor, and many much smaller distributable compiled '*.MPC' files, so making the chore of editing Hex addresses directly in programs a thing of the past."

GUID Generator

    Download GUID Generator 1.0 for Win95 (146 kb)
    Updated: May 14, 1997
    Author: Paul Sobolik
    Description: A GUID, or Globally Unique IDentifier, is Microsoft's name for a UUID, or Universally Unique IDentifier, which is a highly unique 256-bit number. GUIDs are used extensively in Microsoft's OLE standard to identify classes, interfaces and so forth.
    PSobolik's GUID Generator generates one or more GUIDs and presents the results in several formats useful to OLE programmers. These formatted results can be printed, saved in a text file, or copied to the clipboard.
    PSobolik's GUID Generator is similar in function to Microsoft's utility, GUIDGEN.EXE, but with a windowed interface.


    Download 3D-Visulan 3.52 for Windows 95 (0.9 mb)
    Download Source Code of 3D-Visulan ver.3.52 for MSVC++4.2J (909 kb)
    Updated: March 18, 1997
    Author: Kakuya Yamamoto
    Description:"3D-Visulan is the first 3D rewrite-rule-based language, in which both programs and data are expressed by 3D-bitmaps. A few novel features make it powerful enough to construct 3D applications such as the Turing machine and the 3D Space-Invaders game."
    Not tested


    Download PViewPlus 0.96 for Windows 95 (141 Kb)
    Updated: Oct 29, 1996
    Author: Brad Stowers
    Description: PViewPlus is a little more useful version of the PView utility that comes with the Win32 SDK. It shows the DLLs, threads and heaps that are used by the selected process. All lists have sortable and rearrangeable columns. Also included is a Delphi 2.0 import unit for the new ToolHelp32 functions that provide all this useful information.

Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition


    Download Version 1.0 for Windows 95 (217 kb)
    Updated: June 21, 1996
    Author: Microsoft
    Description: RegMaid is a utility designed to help clean up invalid Registry entries caused by deleting OLE projects created with Visual C++ and MFC. RegMaid accomplishes this by providing information about entries that are believed to be problematic within HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: CLSID, ProgId, TypeLib and Interface sections of the Registry.

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