To Hell With Russia

By the Dixie Danceking


There are those who think that Russia (the former USSR) offers hope for the resurrection of the white race. It does not. Russians may be aware of the Jewish problem in a way that most Westerners are not, but that hardly qualifies them. The journalist Donald Day once stated that the only thing wrong with Russia is the people who live there. That was true in Day's time; it remains true today. Russia, with or without Jewish domination, has always existed only tangentially related to the Western orbit. The masses of Russians throughout the centuries have always been peasants, dumbed down, illiterate, drunken, stupid, slovenly and lazy. Whatever contact Russia has had with the West has come from foreigners imported into Russia. Italian architechts built the Kremlin, Peter the Great built St Petersburg under the influence of the French sun kings. The nobility of Russia in the centuries after Peter was infused with Baltic Germans. None of this in any way affected the great mass of Russians. They remained the same inert mass of human rabble which they had always been Even during the peak of Russia's 'Enlightenment' under Queen Catherine (a German princess of Anhalt-Zerlast), major peasant uprisings took place under Pugachev. The soul of Russia remained utterly irredeemably barbaric -- and is still barbaric today. At only one brief moment in her history did Russians have hope of Westernization -- and that was in the 1865-to-WW1 period when Western, and particularly AMERICAN -- capital flowed into Russia in vast quantities. That period saw an amazing increase in Russia's industrialization, literacy and standard of living -- without doing much to de-barbarize the mentality of the average Russian. All this came to an end with the catastrophe of 1914 -- and the Jewish takeover three years later. Those who imagine that the average Russian's awareness of Jewish intrigue shall make Russia the center of white renewal delude themselves. Russians are white, Asiatic barbarians. They are also anything but racially homogeneous. They have been intermixed with Tartars and Mongols for centuries. They are surrounded by Moslem client states who wish to break free. Russians have never shown any talent for self-government and can only impose their own heavy-handed ways on those they enslave. Russians, in short, have nothing to offer themselves -- or others.



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