Black Men Can't Jump

(7/7/04) If one was to judge by the amount of medals given out at the Olympics the first question that would come to mind is "Why can't black men jump?"  That would be a normal response to the fact that nearly all of the medals awarded in the "high jump" event in the history of the Olympics have been won by persons of white heritage.

What to make of this seeming contradiction?  We are regularly bombarded with propaganda that "White Men Can't Jump."  It is part of the common lexicon. Sportscasters, and players often refer to the supposed fact that "white men can't jump."  However when Olympic medals are on the line (and in international track meets) white men are the BEST jumpers.

True, black athletes dominate in the LONG JUMP, an event which measures distance traveled in the air after running a while, but really, when people talk about jumping they really want to know: how high?  And when it comes to jumping high --- white athletes dominate.

Curious that in America the white athlete is considered an earth bound slug, unable to jump and soar like the black athlete.  This image is reinforced by the NBA, which limits the number of great white jumpers by: A) selecting few white players at all.  B) only selecting large, bulky, white players.  C) ignoring that many white basketball players are fine jumpers: Brent Barry, Keith Van Horne, Andrei Kirelenko, and Dirk Nowitzki, just to name a few.

Jumping skill is emphasized in the NFL too, at the receiver position, where whites are limited in number by the same caste system at work in the NBA.  White receivers are also excellent jumpers but it is never pointed out because everyone knows (all together now): white men can't jump.  I'll note that Stuwart Sweigert, a rookie safety selected by the Oakland Raiders, had the second highest vertical jump at the NFL combines this year. But really, what's the big deal?  Whites out-jump everyone in the world as a matter of record.

Why the disconnect between public perception and actual performance?  Mostly it is due to the media, which has a large incentive to trumpet the physical superiority of black athletes.  Also, political and social leaders use the myth of black physical superiority to advance their agenda.  The black man as superman allows propagandists to do all kind of things.  Black male under-achievement in nearly all other areas can be covered up.  White males can be made to feel impotent in comparison even though their achievements in virtually all other areas of society is superior.  Finally, the multi-cultural enthusiasts have plenty of salesmen because all of the high media exposure athletes are black.

Black sprinters, it is true, are currently dominant.  Also the long distance races are dominated by Kenyans.  Disturbing discoveries of performance enhancing drug use by sprinters and long distance runners is coming to light which may wreck the reputations of many formally highly regarded athletes.  Doping aside, black men and women are excellent sprinters. The reason for that is no doubt genetic.

Most people feel it is OK to attribute superior physical qualities to people of African descent.  The primitive nature of the African continent contributes to this stereotype.  Many black people, although certainly not all, have less subcutaneous body fat then whites/asians and appear more muscular.  Note that muscular appearance does not correlate to strength.  If that were true then all of those grotesquely muscular body builders would be among the strongest men in the world.  They are not. Solid looking eastern Europeans win most weight lifting contests and they are, of course, white.

I guess the stereotype of Africans running around the jungle for the last few millennia while white people have been kicking back creating the modern world is what makes people think they have an "edge" in athletics.  I'm not exactly sure what running they were doing though.  There aren't many animals in Africa slower then a human, no matter how fast they are, so I don't know what they were running from or to.  The Kenyan's success at long distances is supposed to be attributed to them being "cattle herders."  I can't imagine people running around all day long herding cows, but of course white people domesticated horses and dogs for the job---so who knows?  I might also add that if ancient African life was so helpful for modern athletic success then why don't Africans ever win the javelin throw? 

Scientifically black success in sports is usually attributed to them having a higher percentage of "fast twitch" muscles.  While you can find out a lot about "fast-twitch muscles" you can't find anything about comparative measurements by race, which would prove the theory.  Unfortunately people are reluctant to discuss physical racial differences, with many "experts" denying they even exist.  No doubt they are paranoid it will lead to an accusation of lesser black intelligence so they choose to ignore any racial differences at all. Oddly those same experts can determine a cadavers race by DNA, skull shape, jaw position, etc. so you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

White people are the worlds best swimmers, gymnasts, weight lifters, high jumpers, and run competitively at most distances over 100 meters (the last 200 meter gold medal winner was Konstantinos Kenteris of Greece.) White's are the worlds best throwers of everything; discus, hammer, javelin, shot, even baseballs and footballs. The soccer players of the white countries of Europe are considered the best.  White athletes are the exclusive leaders in hockey, golf, tennis, auto racing, horseback riding, shooting, archery, kick boxing and many other sporting activities too numerous to mention.  Black athletes dominate in only basketball, football, sprinting, marathons and boxing.

Looking impartially at the evidence at hand it is obvious that white athletes are superior to the athletes of other races.  It is only through the endless, grinding, propaganda of those that practice racial discrimination against white people, that this truth is not obvious and celebrated.  At we choose to acknowledge and celebrate this truth.  Sign up and join us.