Initial Genetic Studies on Humans

Two of the Best Kept Secrets on Earth

By 1979 geneticists had traversed the globe checking the genes of every group of known people — the Maori in New Zealand, every Indian tribe in America, over 100 tribes in Africa, as well as the English, Germans, and Chinese, about forty different groups of people in and around India, also the European Alps and the Scandinavia area, and Christ-haters in Israel, America, and England, etc., etc.—and were impatiently waiting for other molecular biologists to finish laying out the DNA profile of Neanderthal Man (now considered an extinct ape).

Now understand, these genetic researchers were not attempting to find pure races, or even if there was such a thing as race; they’d already made up their minds that all humans were genetically kin and had evolved from rats, rabbits, and chimps. (See my study on Franz Boaz, the originator of the one-race theory) But they were set to prove—finally—that they had actually discovered the missing link in the "evolution of mankind." Their attempt to prove that humans are kin to Neanderthal Ape failed. The DNA profiles were miles apart. Neither were we kin to Chimps. Neither were the Neanderthals kin to apes or chimps. Neither were any of the apes genetically kin! And neither were any of the so-called humanoids discovered in the African deserts kin! In fact, the list of non-kinship goes on continually through all species.

The first Neanderthal skeleton was discovered in Neanderthal, Germany in 1856. Most anatomical (physical) anthropologists had discounted Neanderthal as even being in the line of the "ascent of man from apes to human," because its bone structure is so markedly different from humans. Nevertheless, desperate to prove their silly theory, and having painted themselves into a corner by claiming for years that Neanderthal is definitely an ancestor to humans, most evolutionists refused to fold, and instead bet the whole pot on our being kin to the extinct ape.

After twenty-five years of painstaking work, they finally finished the Neanderthal DNA profile in 1987. The results shocked all of them, and many evolutionists began questioning their faith; others outright rejected evolution. The world media ignored it almost completely.

They’d actually discovered years earlier that, for example, after studying every known species of monkeys and apes, that none was kin to the other. But it hadn’t stopped them from teaching the nonsense in our schools and plastering it all over our media quite regularly. This is one of the secrets that you don’t hear anything about.

Indeed, not only is it rare to ever hear about the results of these studies, but neither do you hear about the fact that geneticists have ascertained three original races, and physical anthropologists can identify those people without genetic testing. They can also identify all the races mixed in people just by looking at their hair color and texture, eye color, skin tone, teeth, and bone structure.

Because of the paradigms set up by these initial genetic studies, physical anthropology is so accurate that there’s a self-trained, female anthropologist in Ireland who can trace the lineage of any human just by the bone structure of their feet.

But quite obviously not everyone was happy with these initial studies, because of what they showed about the Christ-haters: that they were not one race but a multi-admixture of the original three and many of the sub-races created from the race-mixing that has occurred among all groups.

For the next several years after 1987, the Christ-haters in Israel took over the studies and they were the only ones who continued to produce genetic studies. One reason was to see how they got so racially mixed and another was to try and prove the early studies flawed and another was to bring up other subjects, such as genetic diseases, which would misdirect people from finding out what a racially mixed breed they truly are.

They have been, as usual, very successful with the latter. And today most people think they are the pure race which came from the Bible.

Dr. C. T. Kleist