Manipulating crime and race statistics--probably the same thing is happening in the UK  ed.
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Subject: The FBI lies

The FBI says Whites were 58 % of
murderers in Los Angeles in 2002.
You don't believe it ? It's in the FBI's
Supplemental Homicide Report: File
listing 2002, pages 13 to 31. This is the
latest FBI data available, it was released
in March 2004.
In the column of race of the offender the
FBI counts of murderers are as follows:
Whites 314
Blacks 218
Asians     7
Because this is California, there is a special
column, "column E." California uses E to
list whether a person is "Hispanic" or not.
If Hispanic, it's marked with an "H," and if
it's not it is mark with an "N".
Guess what ? 288 of the 314 "Whites"
are actually "Hispanics" (really basically
Mongoloid, Asiatic-derived "Indians").
Leaving only 26 non-Hispanic "Whites",
(remember this government classification
includes European Whites, Arabs, North
Africans, Jews, Turks, Iranians, etc.).
Only Texas and California forward "E" to
the FBI. All other states just automatically
count Hispanic as White. When the FBI
compiles summary statistics comparing
Black and White killers they ignore E.
For example: The FBI's Uniform Crime
Report for 2002 says there were 5,579
Black killers, 5,356 White killers, and
274 other killers. In other words 50 %
of killers are Black, 48 % are White and
2 % are other race.
That is a lie.
When the FBI says "White," they mean
Whites and Hispanics combined.
Substitute the words "White and Hispanics
combined" for "White". Thus, 50 % of the
killers were Black, and 48 % were White
and Hispanic combined.
Lets review Los Angeles, after adjusting
the false "White" column for Hispanics:
   LA Killers in 2002: Source FBI
 Race               Number             %
White                  26               4.8 %
Hispanic           228            53.4 %
Black                218            40.5 %
Asian                    7               1.3 %
Total               539           100.0 %